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Phuket Street Assassination Victim  Worked in HR at Top Five Star Resorts

Phuket Street Assassination Victim Worked in HR at Top Five Star Resorts

Saturday, January 19, 2013

In a statement issued to media on Saturday, Hilton General Manager Andre A. Gomez said: ''We are deeply saddened by the death of Jintana Mahattanapak, and our heartfelt condolences go out to her family and friends during this difficult period. She was a valued employee at our hotel and will be deeply missed by her team and colleagues. We are reaching out to her family to offer assistance. The incident is currently under investigation with the local police, and we will cooperate fully with them. As the investigation is ongoing, we are unable to comment further.''

Original Report

PHUKET: The woman killed in a shoot-and-flee assassination in a Phuket street last night was the senior human resources manager at a five-star resort and a mother-of-two, Phuket police said today.

She was named as Jintana Mahattanapak, who lived south of Phuket City and worked at the Hilton Phuket Arcadia Resort and Spa on Karon beach, Phuket's largest resort.

She had previously worked at the Dusit Thani Laguna Phuket and the Anantara Phuket Villas, polic said, naming two other five-star resorts with exceptionally good reputations.

Resort staff who knew Khun Jintana were shocked by her death. Today friends and colleagues were speculating that she may have been in conflict with someone in the resorts industry.

Police have viewed security camera footage and now know that the getaway vehicle driven by Khun Jintana's killers was not a black Mitsubishi, as they believed last night, but a blond Toyota Vios.

An all-points alert has gone out to police stations on Phuket and in the surrounding region for the vehicle and its occupants.

Police believe the killer was in the passenger's seat when the Toyota Vios drew up alongside Khun Jintana's white Chevrolet in Chao Fa West Road, near the intersection with Kwang Road, about 8.08pm last night.

A single shot fired by the killer hit 42-year-old Khun Jintana in the head, killing her instantly as she talked on her mobile telephone.

The gunman overcame the difficulty posed by the tinted window of the car by firing at close range. The shot left a clean hole in the dirver's side window and shattered the passenger's side window as it left the vehicle.

Police are still unsure of the type of weapon used and now believe the killer could have used a thai pradit homemade weapon, which would discount the earlier theory that it was a professional ''hit.''

It would even have been possible for the killer to fire while at the wheel of the getaway vehicle, so police are uncertain as yet whether one person or two people were involved.

Police from the new Vichit Police Station, opened south of Phuket City late last year, are heading the investigation.

The shooting blocked traffic in Chao Fa Road West on the approach towards Central Festival Phuket in Phuket City last night. A large crowd of onlookers gathered to watch as forensics police combed Khun Jintana's vehicle.

Her Chevrolet continued running, into a light pole on the kerb. It is believed Khun Jintana's tabian baan was based on a property she owned in Yaowarat Road Phuket City.

Her killing comes just a few days after the annviersary of the last assassination in a Phuket street, when journalist Wisut ''Ae'' Tangwittayaporn, 44, was shot dead by a motorcycle rider on January 12 last year.

On January 13 this year, suspect Tossapon ''Sanya'' Keawket, 36, reportedly told police in Cha-Am that he was paid 13,000 baht to kill Khun Ae in Thepkasattri Road.

Once Cha-Am police have completed their investigation into an earlier murder, Khun Sanya will be returned to Phuket to assist with the investigation into who masterminded Khun Ae's killing and why.


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I just bought a phone for the same price of taking a life. Its just hard to understand . But i guess in poverty stricken countries people will do so much for so little.....

Posted by carvets on January 19, 2013 09:41


So So sad.. poor woman and my heart goes out to her kids and family..


Posted by robert on January 19, 2013 11:37


I worked with her at Dusit and can say that she was a very devoted lady in her job. She was many times between staff, owner and management solving and dealing to make all happy. But also at that time(both working in the management) we were pressured by a few idiots in the hotel simetimes for 100 baht bonus, it happens in every hotel, you just need one bad appel. HR and managment positions are dangerous jobs for locals and expats. As long as they scratch your car it is not to bad, but shooting a woman is uncacceptable. I hope they catch that idiot fast and sentece him to dead. I hope her family can go on with there live. Good luck.Rest in peace Jintana

Posted by Eric on January 19, 2013 13:05


Another wasted life. As she was the senior HR person what are the chances someone lost face over a trivial matter and acted like a petulant child in carrying out this act. The use of a home made weapon may add credence to this theory and we will probably read shortly that the killer was slighted by her in some way.

Posted by Mister Ree on January 19, 2013 14:05


Life is cheap in Thailand ... or the taking of life. But as in this case, the motive is unclear, & whether it was a professional or vendetta hit, all we can do is offer our condolences to family & friends of this poor woman. However, knowing the Thai liking for heavily tinted windows on their cars, it is to be hoped she wasn't the victim of mistaken identity.

Posted by Logic on January 19, 2013 14:22


Just wondering but, as she was on her mobile phone while driving, perhaps, this is a case of "road rage" rather than a personal dispute. Maybe, she drove in a way that annoyed the other car. Then, again, as she was an HR person, she may have ruffled some feathers at her job.

Posted by ron on January 19, 2013 15:12


Single shot from a Thai homemade? In Thai news they somehow see a possible connection to the assassination of the journalist. She having trouble with some guy from another province. But Ed will do not like this guesswork I guess.

Posted by Lena on January 20, 2013 16:02

Editor Comment:

We wouldn't support either contention without evidence and our advice would be that you shouldn't take either theory too seriously. Lena.

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