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The injured tourist is carried from Kata by friends and medics

Phuket Speedboat Cuts Swimming Tourist's Foot, Doctors Operating

Friday, December 2, 2011
PHUKET: A tourist swimming at Phuket's Kata beach today was struck by the propeller of a parasailing speedboat. One foot was badly cut, and a leg also hit.

The swimmer, Russian tourist Nikolai Nefedov, 51, was being prepared this afternoon for an operation at Vachira Phuket Hospital after being transferred from Phuket International Hospital in Phuket City.

It is believed his left foot was chopped at the heel and his right thigh was also severely cut.

The wounding of a Phuket tourist by a speedboat is likely to intensify calls for speedboats and jet-skis to be taken offshore, away from swimmers on the beaches, as proposed by Phuketwan last week.

Today's incident happened just before 1pm when the driver of the speedboat at the popular Phuket west coast beach failed to spot the Russian tourist in the water.

Near-misses are frequent at Kata, Karon and especially at Patong, where a new plan was announced at last week's meeting between government officials and Phuket honorary consuls to try to segregate the jet-skis and speedboats from the swimmers.

Boracay in the Philippines has solved the problem by isolating jet-skis and speedboats. They now operate from a pontoon out to sea, making the Philippines island a far safer destination for holidaymakers than Phuket.

It has been a busy few days at Kata beach, with a leading contender for King's Cup Regatta race honors, Ichi Ban, being stuck in the sand overnight by an unexpected storm.

It was a Groundhog Day moment for the vessel, which was one of about a dozen yachts beached on the same stretch of sand last year.

On Sunday another Russian tourist, Uriu Varnakov, 57, was pulled unconscious from the water at Kata and could not be revived.


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Every time I see a speedboat towing a tourist behind it, I am very astonished to see the driver ('captain' would be too high) alone in the boat. In Europe there must be a person constantly watching the towed person - even for private pleasure, let alone for commercial reasons. Motorised vessels should only be allowed to approach the shore at 90????, with speed not more than 5kmp.

Posted by dieterle on December 2, 2011 16:37


Looks like High Season's here again - stand by for more wacky tales of how tourists 'interact' with the locals. Within the week we've had an elephant incident and a speedboat incident - roll on the next jet-ski or tuk-tuk issue!!

Posted by Mister Ree on December 2, 2011 17:40


Not good news, hope he gets well soon, another reason why safety guidelines should be enforced, if not take them off the beach.

Posted by johndev on December 2, 2011 17:48


We have the same problem with the 20-30 daily speedboats at Similan Island National Park as boat captain want to impress tourist to drive at fast speed near the boulders.
Also the lack of mooring for speedboats is to worry as all drop anchor on shallow reefs.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on December 2, 2011 17:49


Last year in Karon, I got a tourist down the parasol as they miscalculated the rope to the speed boat. It could go very wrong, but luckily it went well.

Posted by Thaitourist on December 2, 2011 19:08


How much did the Tourist have to pay the Beachboys for damaging the boat's propeller?

Posted by Robby on December 2, 2011 19:33


When I was visiting a friend in his Patong Tower apartment lately I watched the beach for a few minutes. During about 10 minutes I saw four Jet-Skis crossing the safety lines in the sea and riding in the mid of the swimmers. Action should be taken in those cases.

Posted by Fritz Pinguin on December 3, 2011 09:37


It was 2003 when I first discovered Kata beach, May, just at the end of high season. I was amazed to see a vibrant coral reef so close to shore. The beach chairs were out but not too many , maybe two rows. Thai people where on the beach with their kids, some Swedes, Germans, English. People just laying around enjoying the water and beach. Now I come back 2011. on both sides of my beach chair are Russians, smoking cigarette after cigarette throwing them into the sand. Ordering beer after beer, the more inebriated they became the louder they became one man falling into my chair. The beach is dirtier now, more jet skis and speedboats mixing with swimmers and snorkelers trying to enjoy the water. I myself nearly had my head taken off by yes a Russian jet skier who ventured into the reef area. Surely I have nothing against Russians,but I do have something against the tours of 100% Russians coming week after week. They stay together taking up large areas of the beach. Sometimes I think, am I on a a beach in Odessa or Thailand?

Posted by Capealava on December 3, 2011 10:18


"Now I come back 2011. on both sides of my beach chair are Russians, smoking cigarette after cigarette throwing them into the sand. Ordering beer after beer, the more inebriated they became the louder they became one man falling into my chair".....Surely I have nothing against Russians." Really?!?

Posted by concerned in karon on December 3, 2011 12:07

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