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Salvatore with his smashed Toyota Fortuna last night in Phuket City

Phuket Smash And Grab Raiders Active in City Streets: Restaurateur a Victim

Sunday, April 19, 2015
PHUKET: Police on Phuket fear a break-in gang is stealing from parked cars following a series of smash-and-grab attempts in Phuket City last night.

Among the victims was well-known restaurateur Salvatore Cossu, 65. An iron bar was used to smash a window on his Toyota Fortuna parked in Phang Nga Road last night.

''My passport and work permit were inside but fortunately these were not taken,'' he told police.

Another vehicle nearby was also broken into in similar fashion, with the owner losing four credit cards. A third car also suffered a smashed window.

The break-ins took place near the Kasikorn Bank.

''We believe more than one person is involved so people should be careful and park in the brighter-lit parts on Phuket City,'' said an officer from Phuket City Police Station.


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To leave passport and credit cards in a parked car must be the most stupid things a have heard about.

Posted by Retired roadworker on April 19, 2015 08:59


Police patrolling at night would be useful. No matter whether cars parked in brightly lit areas or not, no police presence = no deterrent.

I've been on Phuket for over 1 week now & not seen a single patrol vehicle (car or bike) after dusk. Only a couple of checkpoints at the places so well advertised that they deter nobody.

Posted by Logic on April 19, 2015 10:52


@ Retired roadworker: The most stupid thing that you will hear will be, if the police catches these thugs, the slap on the wrist that they will receive.

Posted by Carl on April 19, 2015 11:23


A sign of the times I think, with lower tourism in Phuket the knock on effect is huge with hotels etc getting very quiet and after this week it will be a very bad low season. Russian, crisis, lower Euro currency etc. People are already talking about the start of muggins, ladies kicked from their motorbikes etc

Posted by Welcome To Paradise on April 19, 2015 14:25

Editor Comment:

Unless you have some accounts from police or victims, you are just doomsaying by spreading false rumors, WtP. Stick with facts, not fiction.


Ed, I talk to many business owners in Phuket. Suggest you do the same before going into your superiority mode. Very boring!

Posted by Welcome To Paradise on April 19, 2015 15:49

Editor Comment:

Business owners are creatures of self-interest and born conspiracy theorists, WtP. The sky is always about to fall. The money tap is always about to turn off. The people are always about to rise up. Do you know any therapists? The kind who treat people who, because three car windows have been smashed, suddenly believe their way of life is endangered?


Ed, they were talking about this type of thing happening since the start of the year. Hey, take a drive around Rawai or Kata after 10pm tell me how many people you see spending money!

Posted by Welcome To Paradise on April 19, 2015 16:48

Editor Comment:

Perhaps people are spending their money before 10pm, or going to bed early? Habits change and destinations go in and out of fashion, WtP. This has no direct link to three broken windows in Phuket City.


@ Welcome To Paradise,.. Well, you are welcome in Chalong, Patak Rd, near Patak Village/Shell station. There the bars ( 500 meters from Police station) are open whole night till last customer left, with joy of the very loud music.

Posted by Kurt on April 19, 2015 19:01


Mr Salvatore Cossu is allowed to have colored copy of Passport and working permit with him, ( advice highest police Officer on Phuket), and leave the original documents in his safe at home.

Posted by Kurt on April 19, 2015 19:24


I never trust what a high person says as their answers are often coloured or could change upon descent.

Posted by Manowar on April 19, 2015 20:03

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