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Francis Alex Degioanni poses as a model on

Phuket Shooter Kills Expat Developer

Friday, February 20, 2009
Update: Bangkok Police on Phuket for Asean are now investigating the murder

A CANADIAN property investor was shot dead on Thursday evening in Patong, police have told Phuketwan.

He was named as Francis Alex Degioanni, aged 34. He was an island resident, a ''rich'' businessman, and a former Bangkok model, married to a Thai national.

Phuket's Governor, Dr Preecha Ruangjan, on Friday called for police to solve the case as fast as possible.

On Saturday, Phuketwan was told that senior Royal Thai Police from Bangkok had taken charge of the case.

Coincidentally, senior police were on the island for the weekend's important gathering of Asean fiance ministers.

Because the case involves an expat and what appears to be a professional killer, senior police decided to upgrade the investigation and take it out of the hands of local police.

Earlier, Patong's Kathu police superintendent Grissak Songmoonark said he was called to the scene of the shooting about 6.45pm on Thursday.

At 162/11 Soi Ton Village, off Sirirat Road, he found a black Toyota pickup with bullet holes in the driver's seat.

Police told Phuketwan on Saturday that the victim had been hit by eight shots.

When police arrived, Mr Degioanni was in the care of Kusoldham Foundation paramedics. It is believed he died at the scene or on the way to hospital.

Police found a gun in the pickup. Mr Degioanni carried a gun, police said.

The man's wife, Nanthawadee Phenjaroenwattana, told police that she was in the pickup at the time of the shooting.

Two men approached on a motorcycle as the couple reached their home, and one man riding pillion started shooting, she said.

Her husband was a property developer in Canada who came to Thailand to live two years ago.

He travelled quite often between Canada and Thailand on business.

Khun Nanthawadee said her husband eventually opened a property business in Bangkok, Mafar Co Ltd, with a branch on Phuket.

He bought a townhouse on Phuket and used the townhouse as an office.

He also bought three rai in the Patong hills and was building a seven-storey development, in three phases, on the property.

Building began in the middle of 2008 and phase II was about to start, Khun Nanthawadee said.

Police believe the motive could concern Mr Degioanni's business and valued his estate at about 100 million baht.

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"about 6.45pm on Thursday."
Why not 18:45. The old AM/PM system is dated. 12pm is confusing but 12:00 is crystal clear. right?
AM/PM Ante Meridiem/Post Meridiem
What a nonsense!
John K Lindgren
Editor: Certainly better in some ways but the am/pm system is the preference in Britain, Australia, US and Canada, except in the military. Either way, we fail to please everyone. Perhaps someone else would like to debate it?

Posted by John Koistinen-Lindgren on February 20, 2009 19:09


Who is right ???
How can there be so big mis-matches between your story and the one in Phuket Gazette !
The only you can agree on is that he where from Canada !! Different place, different no. of bullets etc. why not make it right ???
Editor: Our reporter talked directly to the superintendent of police late this afternoon. The Gazette credits two other news sources as supplying the article they published. Collecting the facts with a breaking news story of this nature is never easy. Different witnesses will have different recollections. We can vouch for what our reporter was told. [And we got it right. The victim was shot outside his Patong home/office at 6.40pm, not outside Panorama Condo at 8.40pm.]

Posted by PH Phuket on February 20, 2009 19:42


Are you aware that one of the most experienced International Integrity & Homicide Consultant Detectives Accredited in USA & Australia is in Pattaya right now?? at the Diana Garden Resort John W Ryan he has been teaching Cops in KL, Brunei etc.

Posted by Catharina on February 20, 2009 20:40


you guys take it easy and don't forget: Thailand is the Land of SMILE :)

Posted by Jow on February 20, 2009 20:50


It seems to me that an increasing number of people are being assassinated on the island. And most seem to have to do with business or property deals. The Governor is correct - this needs to be solved QUICKLY. This is very bad for Phuket.

Posted by happy on February 21, 2009 03:47


Thailand is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for homicide:

Posted by Phil on February 21, 2009 04:27


Murders with firearms:

Murders overall:

Posted by Phil on February 21, 2009 06:00


Driving, shootings, unregulated airlines, no braked busses, no tread- on-tires concrete trucks, electrocution, girlfriend's brothers, list is endless.
why does the US State Dept still support TLand as a " Safe " destination ?

Posted by Christy on February 21, 2009 09:14


Has it occurred to you the deceased is carrying a gun? Legally, residents arent allowed guns in Thailand. I am an expat living here for over 10 years doing legal business and i never needed a gun. If one gets involved in shady business such that he needs to carry an illegal gun for protection only after living in the country for two years, dont complain if you're on the recieving end. And if Thailand's too dangerous for you, you can always go somewhere else. =)

Posted by Linny on February 21, 2009 10:08


Firstly, sincere condolences to the family and loved ones of the victim.

Unfortunately breaking news always contains many inconsistencies as a story evolves (which is why it's best to refrain from making critical comments early on).

Credit to PhuketWan for constant attempts at first-hand reporting rather than simply quoting others (which many Phuket news sources often seem to do).

Although it may 'appear' Phuket and Thailand is extremely dangerous, in my home town of Vancouver alone, there were 16 shootings in January. The avg person visiting Thailand likely has more chance of encountering extreme danger in their own home towns than in Thailand.

Glad to see the Bkk police have reportedly taken over the case as this should lessen the chances of local influence. May the person or persons behind the hit be fully prosecuted and may the family find some sense of closure.

PhuketWan, keep up the great work, you're fast becoming my source for accurate Phuket news.

Posted by Daniel on February 21, 2009 11:46


John Koistinen-Lindgren absolutely a ridiculous post, has nothing to do with the subject

Posted by Nick on February 23, 2009 10:07


had read the news and even dont know him in personal but feel so sad for his family, R.I.P Mr. Degioanni.

Posted by NP on February 23, 2009 14:44


Has it occurred to you the deceased is carrying a gun? Legally, residents arent allowed guns in Thailand. I am an expat living here for over 10 years doing legal business and i never needed a gun. If one gets involved in shady business such that he needs to carry an illegal gun for protection only after living in the country for two years, dont complain if you're on the recieving end. And if Thailand's too dangerous for you, you can always go somewhere else. =)

Posted by Linny on Saturday February 21, 2009 at 10:08

Though I do not live either in Thailand or, in Phuket but I do agree with Linny's view. When someone is living outside his own country, must live under certain restrictions & rules. Failing which, provocates the local residents making an incident.

Posted by KK on February 23, 2009 15:27


Linny & KK: stop blaming the victim!

I don't know the specific details of this person, but has it occurred to you he may have carried a gun because someone was threatening his life?

Posted by Phil on February 25, 2009 05:53


if you can read, i am not blaming the victim or anyone. i am pointing out
a written fact that the victim carried a gun. that is not normal. and IF
my life is threatened, the last thing i'll do is to go buy an illegal
gun. =)

Posted by Linny on February 26, 2009 10:09


Start by cleaning up the streets, respect the traffic laws, stop the crazy drivers, who obeys the law here?

Posted by elizabeth on February 27, 2009 14:12


It boils down to who is on the take to turn a blind eye, and turn away from what. I also thought there laws against putting up bill boards everywhere, huh, I don't think so. My best view of Kamala bay is now obstructed by a giant 25 m silver board. I did not come here to look at junk boards, I love the natural beauty around here.This stinks, Govenor clean up your island now, not later please.

Posted by Graham on February 27, 2009 17:08


Listen, Listen Listen, Listen and wake up !

Posted by disapointed in phuket on February 27, 2009 21:57


Comparing Vancouver to Phuket is Apples and Oranges, Phuket has what MAYBE 500,000 people I think, per capita a much higher violent death rate. And then there's the road deaths, which one could also classify as violent.

Posted by Christy Sweet on February 28, 2009 19:14


Plenty comments but nothing gets done at all?

Posted by gordon on February 28, 2009 19:37


The police say its the worst case of suicide they have ever seen.

Posted by patklang on March 3, 2009 12:30


"3/1" Three-in-one

Another slow suicide method is "three-in-one" instant coffee
(made of low grade coffee dust) every day 4 cups. In five years you'll have diabetes and rotten teeth maybe alopecia too.
John K Lindgren
AM/PM, too!

Posted by john k lindgren on March 13, 2009 16:21

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