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Wounded but healing, tourist Tune Laubscher was tripped off his bike

Phuket Rope Trick Robbery Tosses Patong Tourist on Rainy Night Ride

Friday, August 1, 2014
PHUKET: A South African tourist has told Phuket police that a trip rope was used to throw him off his motorcycle in a Patong downpour last weekend.

The tourist, Tune Laubscher, 42 on Monday, was knocked unconscious and suffered facial wounds that may leave him scarred.

It was last Saturday and the newly-arrived Mr Laubscher, who runs an advertising agency in Cape Town, was riding his rented motorcycle back to his resort about 10pm, after an afternoon at the beach and a night out watching rugby.

''It's difficult for me to say precisely where i was because it was pouring with rain at the time,'' he told Phuketwan last night.

''I remember going flying and banged my head. I must have been unconscious for a while. When I got up and went back to pick up my bike, my wallet was gone.''

Bleeding profusely and hardly comprehending what had happened, local residents helped him to Patong Hospital where nurses treated his wounds.

The following day, he reported what had happened to Kathu Police Station. But because Mr Laubscher could not say precisely where the rope had been strung across the road, there was little they could do.

One lasting concern is that he may lose his good looks - as a model, that matters. More surgery may be necessary, but for now he is going to the hospital every day to have his wounds treated and dressed.

''I withdrew 20,000 baht from an ATM on Saturday and left 10,000 baht at the resort,'' he said. ''So they got what remained of the other 10,000 baht plus all my credit cards and ID.

''I really don't have a clue whether the people who attacked me were two feet tall or eight feet tall, or where it took place exactly.''

Mr Laubscher, who arrived on Phuket on his own, has since teamed up with a friend and says that's helping him to cope with the trauma.

He also has praise for Patong's locals. ''They couldn't have been more helpful,'' he said.

Patong Region 8 police volunteer Wal Brown said it was the first incident he'd heard of in Patong where a rope had been strung across a road, but that such a dangerous technique had been employed previously elsewhere in Thailand.

Lone tourists on motorcycles at night on Phuket have occasionally crashed in suspicious circumstances and been left with no money or ID. Often, the rider is left unconscious at the roadside and has no memory of what took place.


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Anyone caught doing this should get life in prison - the potential to kill someone is extremely high.

Posted by Ciaran on August 1, 2014 08:55


We are having a rash of these kinds of robberies in the Kata, Rawai, Chalong area right now. Late last night the military and Rawai tesseban security were set up at both ends of Vichit Rd stopping young Thai men. There was a table set up and they looked to be drug testing everyone.

Posted by NomadJoe on August 1, 2014 09:19


If it happened as he said and at 10pm, which is a peek hour in Patong, someone somewhere must have saw something.
Everywhere in Patong is busy around that time.

Posted by Tbs on August 1, 2014 10:39

Editor Comment:

Not in pouring rain, it's not.


More alcohol than a rope methinks..I know the rope trip is used at times but this doesn't add up..Did anyone actually see this alleged rope?

Posted by DwayneD on August 1, 2014 12:32


Isn't it possible that he simply fell down in the rain and that the wallet slipped out of his pocket?

Posted by Jonny on August 1, 2014 12:36

Editor Comment:

I think he'd know and wouldn't bother with a police report if that was so.


The tugs should be found and punished.
If locals helped him, they must know where it happened, because he must have fallen on the exact spot where the rope was.

Posted by Tinkerbell on August 1, 2014 12:43


See I told you so, crime rate is on the rise with all the loss of jobs on beaches and the visa crackdown is making things worse, this place is going to get very dangerous soon and after this latest visa mess im off to Vietnam where foreign money is welcome with open arms.

Posted by Andrew Ronayne on August 1, 2014 13:12

Editor Comment:

The crime rate is a constant problem everywhere, AR, and idle youth is always a part of that. I can assure you that South African tourists can teach you a thing or two about striking comparisons between Phuket crime and serious crime.


looking forward to things settling down under the Army , seems Thailand needs them .And well Bye bye Andrew Ronayne we will miss you

Posted by Neil kenny on August 1, 2014 15:26


@Andrew Ronayne

Yes, crime can be a bit on rise an account of those who just lost a job and is out of funds, but not for a long time:

there is ca,400-450k Phuket Thai residents , big part of them - appr.100-150k are temporary migrants from other provinces, and ca.200k foreigners , mostly workers from neighbor countries,
whole stock of labour in Thailand is ca,40million units.
workforce in Thailand is highly mobile - half of Bangkok leaving on holiday to their home province ,
unemployment rate in Thailand is consistently under 1%(and it is measured not by measure of people on benefits or officially registered but by number of job-seekers),

so if working places and "vendor opportunity" shrink in one region then it very easy - in the end - to move to another region and get job there.

Thus this'd losing jobs in Phuket rather soon will move forward.
I do not see a reason why unemployed will be stockpiled in Phuket for a long time .
And don't forget - most if them, virtually everyone, nowadays can get unemployment benefits, incl.those from informal sectors (vendors), if they paid a bit of tax ...

Posted by Sue on August 1, 2014 19:05


@sue what on earth are you talking about sue There is no such thing as unemployment benefits in Thailand it's a case of you don't work you don't eat you die I hate to break it to you but this is the cold hard reality no such thing as mothering state support systems around here.

Posted by Andrew wattson on August 2, 2014 02:12


@Andrew Wattson

Please, if you don't know the matter, you better research before you start to talk.

There are nowadays various kinds of social security benefits in Thailand, that are listed in the Article 54 of Social Security Act, incl.those of unemployment benefits for private formal sector.

To be eligible for unemployment benefits contributions should have been paid at least for 6 months during last 15 months before unemployment.
Unemployment benefits differs whether it is voluntary or involuntary unemployment situation:
- involuntary one: 50% of salary for up 180 days during 1 year, max.15kTHB/monthly (that us social security contribution object cap)
- voluntary one: 30% and 90days during 1 year.

Even expats who qualify are legible, recently some of them reported that they successfully claim unemployment benefits here after being laid odd.

Moreover informal sector workers, that form 50-60% of workforce , have an opportunity, basing on Social Security Act Article 40 and Royal Decree on Rules, Rate of Contribution, Contingencies and Eligibilities to receive benefits of Insured Persons to make voluntary monthly contributions 70-100THB , to be eligible for pension, sickness benefits 200THB/day, and some more, but no unemployment benefits for them - sorry that part is my mistake .
This part of system of recently - in 2011- overhauled , so I would say social security benefits system today in Thailand is on par with the West, and I guest USA have for some positions less generous relative benefits.

Since the comprehensive social security system was introduced only in 1990, there are benefits for old persons who are unreliable for pensions , 600-1000THB per month - anyway it is better then nothing.

Posted by Sue on August 2, 2014 05:52


Many more wrongs than rights in your recent posts, which I find hard to understand ??? but can't blame you as English is not your native language. Unemployment benefit for for tax paying foreigners is a falsehood, as it is for some Thais. Prior to meeting my wife, who was a surgical nurse in a large government hospital earning a salary of 11,000 baht and working some 80 hours per week, she was classed as having no civil service rank, as all Thai government nurses are. She was therefore not entitled to welfare benefits nor pension rights, although contributions were deducted from her salary. She decided to leave and look for a position in a private hospital. During a lengthy search and interview process she did not receive one satang in welfare. She eventually obtained a position in a leading Bangkok hospital, with a salary almost equivalent to that of a doctor (she was ICU nurse) with all pension rights and benefits, some of which were privately funded.
You have commented on DTAs (Double Taxation Agreements) some very misleading information, as a taxpayer cannot have more than one tax registration number, which is almost always in his/her country of origin. Thailand is a signatory to the DTA, so if Thai income is declared on his home tax return, the tax deducted in Thailand can be refunded. Thailand is not as far as pension income is concerned a recognized QROPS country, so that income can be taxed in Thailand and the QROPS country where the pension is based.. Possibly you get your information from so called tax advisers, who you should know set out to benefit themselves more than their clients. What was said by Andrew Watson was quite correct.
No swimming beaches in Bali? It would seem you've never been there.

Posted by Pete on August 2, 2014 09:26

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