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Promoting bicycles on Phuket would be one way of reducing road rage

Phuket Road Rage: Sword-Waver Drives Free

Sunday, January 24, 2010
A ROAD RAGE incident on Phuket involving a motorist waving a sword in a threatening manner has highlighted the need for greater control of illegal weapons.

The incident occurred about 9pm on January 14 in Phuket City, in a residential area close to the Slaughterhouse Intersection.

A woman was driving home, being followed in a second car by her boyfriend. As the woman was about to make a left turn, a car on her right cut across and turned left in front of her.

She tooted her horn, and the driver of the other car remonstrated with her. The boyfriend pulled over, too.

An argument developed over the rights and wrongs of the left-turn. The cars had all pulled over close to the home of the woman driver, and as voices were raised, neighbors came out to see what was happening.

The second driver returned to his vehicle, where his woman passenger was overheard saying to him: ''Beat her now.''

He returned to the argument with the other two drivers, the woman and her boyfriend, carrying a long sword. He then proceeded to wave it at them, in a threatening manner, they later told police and Phuketwan.

''Go to the police station,'' the swordsman said. ''I am a police officer. I can do anything I like.''

The driver's boyfriend said, ''I've already called the police.''

With that, the sword-waver returned to his vehicle and drove off.

After discussing the incident with neighbors, the woman driver and her boyfriend drove to Phuket City police station . . . to find the sword-waver and his friend just leaving.

A uniformed officer at Phuket City police headquarters heard their story and said there was little police could do. At the most, the incident would bring a 200 baht fine, the officer said.

The threat was implied, never carried out.

''What if he had wounded someone with the sword?'' the boyfriend of the woman driver asked. ''What if he had been waving a gun?''

His objections brought no response.

Phuketwan has based this report on interviews with the woman and her boyfriend, who both wished to remain anonymous.
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''Go to the police station,'' the swordsman said. ''I am a police officer. I can do anything I like.''

And there we see how power is used here !!

Posted by LivinLOS on January 24, 2010 12:16


I'd like to see the Police do a swoop on the tuk-tuk drivers one day. Having experienced personally what weapons some of the drivers carry there would surely be a good haul were the police to do a search of their vehicles.

Posted by Rex on January 24, 2010 12:53


Best line for use, if you break the law: "Go to the police station," the swordsman said. "I am a police officer. I can do anything I like."

And the second best is:
"Do you know who my father is?"
followed by:
"Do you know who my daddy is?"
followed by:
"Do you know who my uncle is?" etc.
and ending with this:

"I am possessed by an evil spirit, that flips to you if you go to the police. That's how I got it in the first place."

I wonder why the police man did not go for the 200 Baht. Is he the judge in the same time? I thought, he is only there for processing complaints, not to turn them away. There ain't no prosecutors here?

But could be good advice, if the other "self alleged" police man is a mean guy.

Are police men allowed to do road raging in private? Is that ok? In a lot of countries, that would mean, that he is mentally not fit for the police work.

Posted by Lena on January 24, 2010 18:14


This evening traveling to Patong to Surin about 1630 today, a driver in a black Toyota Fortuner was driving like a demon on ya ice, overtaking into oncoming traffic and two mini vans were trying to drive in the same silly manner. I said a prayer for their souls and carried on driving slowly towards Patong.

Lo and behold, where the elephant rides are, there was said Fortuner on its side, the crowds gathering and the food stalls on the left had their blinds closed with more action going on behind. I think on of the mini vans rear wheels were also buckled in the crash.

I said another prayer that I was not four minutes earlier at that spot, I might have been caught up in that mess. I ask when is there going to be better attitudes to driving and less of the ''who dares wins'' attitude?

Failing this I just see my new home of the last four years becoming a motorised killing field. Sorry for the innocent victims in this crash.

Posted by Have to be annon on this one on January 25, 2010 22:53

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