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Phuket Resort Security Guard Attempted to Rape Me on Beach at Wedding Party, Says Aussie Tourist

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
PHUKET: An Australian tourist has told how she was attacked by a would-be rapist as she enjoyed a poolside resort party after a family wedding on Phuket last week.

News of the alleged rape bid has been slow to emerge because attempts have been made to suppress the story ''in the best interests of Thailand.''

But the Melbourne woman, who says she was almost a rape victim at an isolated, rocky beach near the Phuket resort, wanted to tell her story to Phuketwan to prevent the same thing happening to other women.

Phuket Police Commander Major General Pachara Boonyasit said today that a security guard from the resort had been arrested and charged.

The man, Somporn Chaipan, is now in Phuket Prison, said Captain Nuchalee Longkeaw of Phuket City police, adding that he denies attempting to rape the woman.

Commander Pachara said he would have revealed the details of what happened at the resort earlier, but he was told by one of his senior officers that the Australian Embassy did not want the media to learn about the case.

Phuketwan has been unable to contact the embassy today for comment.*

The young woman's husband, who had also been at the wedding last Tuesday when a cousin married, said today: ''We have stayed on Phuket to have this story told.''

Blood and urine tests should eventually reveal whether her drink was spiked, as she suspects.

The woman spoke to Phuketwan in a confident way, but was still recovering from scratches and grazes and bruises she says were inflicted in the struggle with the security guard, a contract worker at the resort.

She said there were about 80 people at the family wedding at the east coast resort. ''We were in a big family group. The ceremony was normal then it turned into an after-party . . . dinner, drinks.''

Many people enjoyed a plunge in the pool, fully clothed.

''It wasn't until very late that the problem started. There were probably 25 people left. The young people continued to party.''

She said the official staff finished their shift at 12.30am, when it became a private party. Two men in resort t-shirts remained at the bar.

''I was pretty drunk,'' she said. ''I went up them and said 'Hi, can I have a drink.''

The person bobbed down behind the boat bar to prepare the vodka mix.

She said she noticed another man in a faded cap and a faded resort shirt, with a walkie talkie, who had little grasp of English but kept saying: ''I'm security, I'm security, you're safe with me.''

She discovered later that the first two men she noticed were connected to the fire show, and not supposed to be up front at the party.

The third man, she said, was supposed to be mounting a security patrol at the beach.

Soon after, one man told her husband, ''You look a bit tired, maybe you need some sleep.''

About 10 minutes later, her husband headed off to their room, but she opted to stay on with her young family friends.

She noticed after another swim about 3am that the security guard was still there, while the other two men had left.

The security guard insisted he could take her ''home.''

''I was quite disoriented but I was very lethargic and it felt as though my body was going limp,'' she said.

''He sort of stopped me and kept insisting 'your home is this way,' pointing to the dark beach area.

''I was still insisting I want to go this way and before I knew what was happening he put his arm around me and directed me towards the beach, so quickly I didn't have a chance to react.

''I was stumbling. All of a sudden I was on the beach and he kept pulling me towards the dark coconut palms. Before I knew it, he was on me, he was holding me, pushing and pushing.

''His face was on me, he was kissing me and touching me.

''I was feeling I'd drunk too much, but it was a different feeling, a really heavy feeling that I've never felt before. He took me a little further.

''I remember being near a coconut palm and he started pushing me down. He took my underwear off. He took his pants off and I knew what was coming.

''I tried to push him away and thought I was turning back to the party but I was running towards the ocean, except the tide had gone out.

''I fell and scratched all one side of my body. I had no strength. I just fell in the mud.

''He dragged me out of the mud area back to the dry sand in the out-of-sight area. He may have thought I was going to pass out. I couldn't move. I felt out of my mind.

''I was in shock, like nothing I've ever felt in my life. He came and picked me up, then brought me back to the coconut tree and again tried to have sex with me.

''I was trying to kick him. I knew that I had to get out of there or I was going to get seriously raped. I screamed 'No! Get away from me! I go home now!' I pushed him out of the way and ran back towards the party.

''I kept running, couldn't find my room. I finally found it and my husband had left the card outside. He asked me what had happened.''

Her husband called reception but they did not understand what had occurred.

''We couldn't really tell anyone at the hotel staff because nobody spoke English. We had to wait for the morning.''

Later, her injuries were treated.

''I was traumatised. I didn't fully comprehend what had happened. It wasn't until later on Wednesday night that things started to come back to me.''

She said she gave blood and urine samples at a leading Phuket hospital and the samples had been sent to Bangkok for testing.

As soon as police were contacted, officers descended on the resort in numbers and tried to find the alleged attacker. The man was arrested on Friday.

''They told us he was found, hiding in the mountains,'' she said.

''We were so confused. We didn't know the law, the way things work here.''

There was a lineup later on the Friday and she identified the man. The woman then appeared at the court on Phuket to give evidence.

The couple were due to leave on the Saturday but opted to stay on to help with the case.

''They [the resort] hired that man, as a contractor, there should have been some sort of background checks or even police checks,'' she said.

''I want other people to be aware of these situations. As a tourist, I think I'm safe in a group of friends.

''It never crossed my mind that someone, a security guard, could pull you away from a party so easily. Not even one person was aware of it.

''We need to be careful. I believe he was watching and waiting to make his move.''

*Shorlty after the article was published the Australian embassy responded: ''In the case you have mentioned we asked the police to respect the privacy of the victim as we usually would in a case of this nature.''


Comments have been disabled for this article.


Why are you not naming and shaming the hotel who didn't have a clue what the guests were complaining about.

This is an utmost urgent case and the staff of this hotel were next to useless. They should be named and shamed.

As for the guard, I hope he goes away for a long time.

Posted by Tbs on November 12, 2014 18:03

Editor Comment:

The couple decided they preferred to not have the resort named. We have to respect their decision. Clearly, every resort that uses contract security guards has an obligation to make 100 percent certain that they apply serious character standards. This is not the first problem.


We couldn't really tell anyone at the hotel staff because nobody spoke English. We had to wait for the morning.

As an Englishman, owner of several small hotels in Phuket, AND a Tourist Police Volunteer, I hear this time and time again from foreign tourists who stay in Phuket.

It is not acceptable that a resort, (in this case it sounds like quite a large resort), has no fluent English-speaking staff on duty.

'Thank heavens you're English' is the exclamation that many of my hotel guests make when I greet them.

IMHO, it should be a requirement by law that all hotels of 3-star and above rating must provide a fluent English-speaking staff member at all times, (not the Tinglish speakers either).

I'm aware that many Chinese and Russian tourists visit Phuket as well, but I have found that the language of international communication is English.

Phuket has been a destination for foreign tourists for decades. How come the local population who are involved in tourism are still only able to string a few English words together?

As an aside, I moved to Thailand in 2002 with no knowledge of the Thai language. I can now speak, read and write Thai to a good level, having studied the language at my own expense. If I can learn Thai, surely it is not beyond the capabilities of the locals to learn English?

Finally, a large resort should also be aware of the Tourist Police hotline number - 1155. I appreciate that this hotline doe3s not always function to plan, but why did the hotel staff not contact the hotline for translation assistance?

Posted by Simon Luttrell on November 13, 2014 06:25


There is a English Proficiency Index.
A listing of 60 states.
!t is also examined what efforts are made to improve English skills.

If you google you see Thailand is 55.

Malaysia, 11, ok.

But Indonesia 26 and Vietnam 29.

Posted by Georg The Viking on November 13, 2014 09:49

Editor Comment:

In 12 years there has been no improvement on Phuket, except inside the best resorts where English and sometimes other languages are a strength. In the schools? There appears to have been no marked progress.


It is a shame that village resort at coconut island did not take any responsibility for such an horrendous crime, the news paper went too gentle with words such as would be rapist, he is a rapist and he ran off to the mountains because he knew what he did, he left all of his belongings behind and took only his fishing net , since he was Placed in custody he confessed to his crime, I know what I am talking about. I am so angry for what happened, I am very very close to the victim but I need to respect her wishes to remain anonymous, but if any good comes out of this is that you cannot trust anyone even if they are in uniform and employed by the resort you fully rely on for maximum protection!

Posted by Anonymous on November 16, 2014 00:01

Editor Comment:

Must you remain anonymous while making such accusations? That seems unfair. No point in expecting others to speak out openly if you're not prepared to do so yourself. That said, the attitude of one senior manager at the resort should be changed. Covering up crimes is despicable.


I am the father of the young woman Linda who was sexually assaulted on village coconut island, now we are back in Australia after a sabotaged holiday. 80 family members and friends have suffered greatly due to that unfortunate incident, my daughter and her husband have been given $A 1000.00 as compensation by Village coconut resort hoping this would go away and not shame them, but my indignation over that insult is still alive, I feel as the father of the victim they have ripped us all off they even charged for breakfast when it was supposed to have been included, they tried to justify their behaviour and begged us not to make it public as this would damage their reputation, but they deserve any consequence they get from this open statement I am making! Village say they subcontracted that security guard that has now confessed to the crime, but is not the resort finally responsible for whomever they employ either directly or indirectly? If so why did they not accept responsibility? I just would like at least a written apology to my daughter! And they should give her a proper compensation conmeasurate to the pain and suffering Linda went through! Not to mention the extra costs it caused the family as we had to extend the stays for many of us as Linda and Josh had to go to court and other police and hospital things! We all had to give them support, we had Linda's grandmother 82 yrs old with us and she had to stay back also as she could not fly on her own. Why does not Village coconut resort management compensate Linda for all of that as it was requested and made known to them . Well now Linda has to live with this detestable crime against her for the rest of her life, we the family are suffering with her, the perpetrator may be in jail but does not cure the hurt, Village resort may be raking in more money by other tourists, carrying on business as usual, but Linda wears the scares of coconut Island for ever with nothing to make it better, may their conscience be sensitized by such an heinous crime and have a sense of responsibility not just towards my wonderful daughter but to prevent future cases to protect other tourists from such crimes!

Posted by Joseph Tregambe on November 26, 2014 18:26


I just wanted to know if my comments re my daughter's sexual assaul by security guard on coconut island will be published on the paper? I would like to shame village publicly so it will protect other tourists, I failed to mention how we were taken by the short way to the island 5 minutes by long boat so as not to be on public eye the speed boat goes from the Marina to make a good impression to tourists but in reality the island is 5 minutes from mainland, so many bad people can come and go as they please by long boat, Joe Tregambe

Posted by Joseph Tregambe on November 29, 2014 07:22

Editor Comment:

Your comment have been published.

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