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The USS Ronald Reagan visited Phuket in September, 2009

Phuket Summit: Resort Hosts Navy Chiefs from 24 Countries

Friday, April 22, 2011
A HIGH-POWERED meeting of naval chiefs from 24 countries is to be held at the JW Marriott Resort and Spa on Phuket next week under tight security.

Details of the gathering, from April 25 to April 29, were made public today for the first time.

Holding talks with Thailand will be senior representatives from 19 nations: the US, Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Indonesia, Japan, Cambodia, Tonga, Malaysia, Brunei, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, China, Philippines, Korea, Singapore, Russia and Vietnam. UN bodies and four observer-status countries - India, Peru, Mexico and Bangladesh - will also be represented.

William J. Wesley, Executive Director for Plans and Policy, Commander, US Pacific Fleet, is expected to be attending. It may be no coincidence that the USS Ronald Reagan, world's largest aircraft carrier, is also planning a visit to Phuket.

Japan's March 11 triple disaster of an earthquake, a tsunami and a nuclear plant calamity is expected to be among the major talking-points as participants on Phuket hold specific talks under the banner ''Seapower - a Unifying Force for Good.''

Cooperative humanitarian assistance and a disaster relief workshop will be high on the agenda.

The USS Ronald Reagan formed part of the US relief team that was sent to help Japan in the wake of the ''triple whammy'' that devastated large areas of the country and killed more than more than three times the 5400 people who died in Phuket and Thailand in the 2004 tsunami.

Behind the scenes at the JW Marriott, the rise of China and India as sea powers across the Indian and Pacific Oceans is likely to be noted by US and Russian representatives in particular.

The gathering at the Marriott has the formal title of the Western Pacific Naval Symposium, which meets every two years. Previous gatherings were held in Sydney and Honolulu.

Phuket authorities have yet to clarify whether more intense security will be in place when the USS Ronald Reagan arrives to prevent a repetition of blockades by greedy local taxi drivers that have bedevilled previous US Navy visits to Phuket.

A new general manager, Irishman Tony Pedroni, has just been appointed at the five-star JW Marriott.
USS Ronald Reagan Heads for Visit
Latest Fresh from tsunami and quake relief work off Japan, shore leave on Phuket for the USS Ronald Reagan battle group brings official talks about local taxi drivers.
USS Ronald Reagan Heads for Visit

End Phuket Taxi Blockades Now, Urges PM's Office
Breaking News A letter from the Prime Minister's office calling for no repetition of taxi blockades arrived but failed to stop more protests, a crisis summit has heard.
End Phuket Taxi Blockades Now, Urges PM's Office

Thailand Probes Tourist Rip-Offs: Phuket Joins In
EXCLUSIVE Deputy PM Suthep Thaugsuban heads a high level 'scam summit' aimed at exposing Thailand's tourism rip offs and corruption, says Phuket Vice Governor Niwit Aroonrat.
Thailand Probes Tourist Rip-Offs: Phuket Joins In

Phuket Taxi Abuse: Cruise Line Slams 'Rip-Offs'
Latest Pressure to act on Phuket's taxi and tuktuk monopoly and rip off fares has increased with the criticisms of a cruise line that delivers thousands of tourists to the island.
Phuket Taxi Abuse: Cruise Line Slams 'Rip-Offs'

Phuket Wins Rave Reviews as Reagan Sets Sail
Latest Phuket went to the top of the ''favorite ports'' list among US sailors on shore leave. Visiting sailors from world's largest warship mostly enjoying one large thrill on land, too.
Phuket Wins Rave Reviews as Reagan Sets Sail


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Does "JW Marriott Resort and Spa" have it's own fleet of taxis available, or will they be relying on local taxis and tuk-tuks?

Posted by Mike Boyd on April 22, 2011 16:49


@Mike "tight security" likely = no local taxis. it'll all be limos, and if they block anything they'll get their heads pounded to burger meat by the cops.

it's "non-secured" travellers the taxi gangsters prey on. the difference is what happens when they block something.

if a van carrying tourists is accompanied by a number of tougher, more willing & enterprising gangsters than what the taxi guys can muster, that day is a wash, etc. until day 2.

really, all the solution is asking for is an increase in the "security" industry, not political reform.

Posted by JingJing on April 22, 2011 18:25

Editor Comment:

It seems you only understand muscle, JingJing. That's really lame. Do you really go through life supporting that kind of outlook on every problem? How disappointing for you.


JW Marriott are providing rickshaws with RPG's and rear mounted mini-guns ;o)

Posted by Phuket Kop on April 22, 2011 19:30


Mr. Editor,it has been proven over and over again that negotiation with the taxi mob does not work and to top things they are the ones who do the intimidation, so don't you think that counter intimidation will sort out this problem, as these taxi guys think everyone must be scared of them.

Posted by Wyn on April 23, 2011 13:33

Editor Comment:

You'll have to give me some cases where counter intimidation has succeeded, Wyn. I don't know of any. What it usually does is escalate the issue to a new level, increasing tension, and that always degenerates into needless violence.

Friday January 27, 2023
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