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A Marine Police dinghy brings the King's Cup crewman's body ashore

Phuket Postcard: Life and Death on Kata Beach

Wednesday, December 8, 2010
PHUKET'S busy Kata beach was a postcard picture this morning. Along most of the beach, tourists swam and strolled, or lounged back to enjoy the sun.

Some rode jet-skis, others were headed for an underwater dive close to the beach.

Several of the best-known resorts on the island front the beach, including the Kata Beach Resort, which is the centrepoint of the Phuket King's Cup Regatta each year.

Today at Kata beach, there was death among all the life. At the northern end, a Marine Police dinghy came ashore carrying the body of a regatta crewman.

The man, a Canadian, was too tall to fit into the dinghy, so one foot protruded. Around his neck, with Buddhist amulets, was a plastic card King's Cup race pass.

The cause of death of the 42-year-old man, overnight on board a King's Cup racing yacht anchored some distance offshore, so far remains a mystery.

The man's death was discovered about 8.30am today as other crew arrived on the yacht, ready for another day of racing. Fully clothed and still wearing sneakers, he was lying dead on a bunk.

Today's King's Cup racing had already begun around the time the arriving crew used a screwdriver to open the latched door to the yacht's bedroom.

The dead man had been enjoying the company of other crew at a regatta party last night, before he returned to the yacht about 9pm.

Today the Marine Police transferred the crewman's body to the quieter northern end of Kata at 11.16am, then onward to Vachira Hospital in Phuket City in an ambulance.

Back at Kata beach, the holidaymaking continued.

Last night's party was on the shorefront outside another landmark Kata resort, Mom Tri's Boathouse. Tomorrow is a rest day for the regatta, which concludes on December 11.

Phuketwan has been given the name of the man and the name of the yacht on which he was found, but will refrain from publishing details until Canadian embassy officials have notified relatives.
Phuket King's Cup Regatta Shock: Crewman Found Dead on Yacht, Police Board to Investigate
Breaking News The body of a crewman who was delegated to spend the night on a King's Cup racing yacht off Phuket was found dead by other crew members today. Police are investigating.
Phuket King's Cup Regatta Shock: Crewman Found Dead on Yacht, Police Board to Investigate

Phuket Murder: Extradition Plea 'This Week'
Breaking News The extradition hearing that could see wanted British kickboxer Lee Aldhouse returned to Phuket to face a murder charge will be held this week, a British newspaper reports.
Phuket Murder: Extradition Plea 'This Week'

Phuket's Uninsured Jet-Skis Outnumber Insured
Latest Two more deaths on a jetski at Patong are likely to intensify pressure to make Phuket's jetskis safe or get rid of them. Less than half the jetskis are insured, an investigation reveals.
Phuket's Uninsured Jet-Skis Outnumber Insured

Phuket PAD Set to Call for PM to Stand Down
Latest The split between the Democrats and the PA is growing wider and the yellow shirts now appear to be disillusioned with concessions over the Cambodian border dispute.
Phuket PAD Set to Call for PM to Stand Down

Phuket Air Traffic Smashes Record
Soaring High Phuket air traffic has surged through the six million passenger trip ceiling for the first time, with more to come. And a new weekly flight from the Middle East begins on Tuesday.
Phuket Air Traffic Smashes Record


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Does the Thai marine police not have body bags, bed sheets or tarps then? Left shoe up in the sun, how comforting for his family and friends. Twenty years in search and rescue, we were always prepared and treated the dead with respect.

Posted by Steff on December 8, 2010 23:17

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