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Patong's pedal patrol set to ride: they've attracted national attention

Phuket Police Get Wheel in Patong's Safety Zones

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
PHUKET: Patong police are getting ready for pedal patrols as the Phuket-wide Safety Zone project to protect tourists and residents takes a new turn or two.

Ten new bicycles are expected to offer Patong police and local volunteers a means of mingling close to the beach that pickups and motorcycles don't provide.

Phuketwan caught some police taking a spin yesterday around the car park at Kathu Police Station, which oversees Patong.

Tomorrow and Friday, there will be an induction course for officers and the volunteers who will combine to make up the pedal patrols.

And on Saturday, the Safety Zone pedal patrols will be launched by Major General Chalermkiat Sriworakan, Assistant to Thailand's Police Chief, at Phuket Graceland Resort and Spa.

''Well at least we will get some exercise,'' one officer told Phuketwan yesterday. ''It fills the gap between motorcycle patrols and police on foot.

''We will be able to move faster around some parts of Patong this way, along footpaths and down Soi Bangla when it's a walking street.''

Perhaps the Bangla photo touts carrying slow lorises and iguanas, and occasionally gibbons, will finally be caught. Drug peddlers also better watch out for the meddler pedallers.

The 10 bicycles have come from a 25,000 baht donation from private enterprise in Patong.

Police at the popular Phuket beach destination are hoping sponsorship will bring 10 more bicycles, plus helmets and uniforms for the pedal patrols.

The idea will be that a team of riders and police will be assembled in all six of Patong's Safety Zone regions.

From then on, more silent wheels will be turning to protect Patong.


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"Perhaps the Bangla photo touts carrying slow lorises and iguanas, and occasionally gibbons, will finally be caught"

I have reported these people many times to the police box at Bangla, and have photos of about 4-5 different people offering Loris' not to mention the lizard touts.

No one has done anything and now they start from 4pm.

The police should be present on Bangla all afternoon/evening.

Posted by Secret Squirrel on October 3, 2012 10:46


A commendable idea, hope it works...But.....

A fine example of safety standards portrayed by those that should be setting an example. Not.
Riding without a helmet, a bicycle is still a means of road transport, wouldn't cut it in OZ. Same as being on the phone whilst in control of a vehicle.

Posted by innocent bystander on October 3, 2012 12:24


Hmmmm IB - this is a posed publicity photograph - if you read the article helmets ARE on the way. I wish some of you would remember that this place is NOT the H&S Nanny State that you portray your Oz to be. This is Thailand, not Australia and if you want your standards applied there's always the airport. Some of us prefer common sense compromise as opposed to Govt's telling us what to do all the time. Funny how the term 'whinging Poms is popular with your bretheren but you seem to play catch up very quickly, 555.

Posted by Mister Ree on October 3, 2012 14:31


"We will be able to move faster around some parts of Patong this way, along footpaths and down Soi Bangla when it's a walking street.''

I would love to see that, riding along those footpaths !And Bangla at night is packed, better off on foot there. It will be a challange riding around in that April heat as well i guess.

Posted by phill on October 3, 2012 17:31


Of course it's a publicity photograph. that is precisely my point.
If a youngster sees that it's ok for a cop to ride without a helmet and talk on the phone at the same time, it must be the way to do it. Their folks do it, their friends do it so what prob. Bikes have handlebars, plural, using only one is not being in full control.
Hope it's not your kid who flips his bike, head on corner of the pavement with no hat.

Posted by innocent bystander on October 3, 2012 17:43


Secret Squirrel....nice thought but word on the street is that touts are forking over 1000 baht per night form the right to tout....nothing is going to change anytime soon

Posted by zig on October 3, 2012 19:16


Seems a good idea, but how woefully funded with donations and whatnot. How about a fleet of new and dedicated urban bikes, equipped with radios and location devices etc. Hard to take the BIB seriously if they look like handmedowns ....

Posted by geoff on October 4, 2012 02:31

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