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Australian Mark Coutelas is held a second time by police on Phuket

Phuket Police Nab Aussie Expat Twice in Patong Over Drugs, Gun

Thursday, June 12, 2014
PHUKET: An Australian expat on bail over a gun and drugs charge has been rearrested in Patong on the holiday island of Phuket and accused of possession and sale of ya ice crystal methamphetamine.

Tourist Police nabbed Mark Robert Coutelas, 53, at an apartment in the Green Mango block in Patong's Nanai district about 3pm yesterday. Officers say they also found 2.94gm of crystal methamphetamine, some in a small box and more in the pocket of the suspect's shorts.

''The door was ajar when we got there and Mr Coutelas behaved suspiciously,'' a Tourist Police officer said, ''so we investigated by searching the apartment.''

Mr Coutelas was alone at the time. Tourist Police said an informant had told them a foreigner based at the apartment block was selling drugs to tourists.

The Tourist Police took possession of a Honda motorcycle and 36,000 baht in cash, handing over Mr Coutelas to officers at the Kathu Police Station. The Kathu station oversees Patong, on Phuket's holiday west coast.

Mr Coutelas was on bail at the time of the arrest after having been previously arrested on May 27 when regular police raided the same apartment.

At that time, he was allegedly in possession of an illegal handgun, ammunition and 0.53gm of ya ice.

Mr Coutelas was said to be sitting on the 9mm Glock 17 pistol when police entered the room.

A female friend who came to see what the commotion was said she and Mr Coutelas were ''dating.''

Mr Coutelas was out of police custody long enough to make adjustments to his Facebook page, which had contained photographs of a naked woman carrying a handgun and a bare-chested male wearing a horned devil mask.

One report at the time of the first arrest said that Mr Coutelas told police he was selling knives over the Internet.


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You would think that being on Bail might be a wise choice to not be playing with drugs and guns. This tool needs to be sent to jail or home. Makes thailand look stupid. Please explain how he made bail to start with? Also wonder if he will make bail this time....

Posted by jae on June 14, 2014 08:34

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