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Phuket Police List Deaths of 33 Expats

Phuket Police List Deaths of 33 Expats

Monday, May 24, 2010
PHUKET police have released the names of 33 expats who have met death on Phuket so far this year.

Barry Cutler Britain Fell down steps January 5 at home in Phuket City
No name male, nationality unknown found hanged January 6 in forest near Laem Ka Noi
Michael Malonzo Australia died January 15 in Siam Safari crash, Nakkerd Hill
Jean Hubert Doonay Belgium died January 24 Phuket Graceland of old age
Wolf Dieter Eugen Kbelheim Germany January 27 attacked with knife outside 7-Eleven
Richard Johnson US hanged February 5 at home in Rawai
Rudolf Ducke Germany February 7 road crash in Rawai
Lattner Ralf Germany February 8 heart attack at Patong
Gian Pietro Perone Italy February 10 heart attack in Patong
Gerhard Kurt Rodschinka Germany February 10 unknown cause at bungalow Rawai
Nathan Edward Australia February 14 Fall at Hilton Phuket Arcadia Karon
Apostolos Pentefountas Greece February 16 heart attack in Patong
Thetaz Dominique Sylvie Switzerland February 25 cancer at home in Patong
Tarmuji Indonesia February 26 road crash in Phuket City
Hoger Heiz Schunka Germany March 2 cause unknown at Happy House Karon
Donald Michael Craig Canada March 7 of chronic illness at Ao Sane bungalow
Joselito Macabio Vilegas Philippines March 11 road crash at Cherng Talay
Sorensen Henrik Love Denmark March 13 heart attack at resort in Patong
Dino Costa Italy March 19 cause unknown at Kamala beach in a dinghy
William Mann Britain March 22 of chronic illness at home in Kathu
Lindehoseberg Sonia Sweden March 28 drowning at Kata beach
Ludex Novax Netherlands March 27 heart attacks in hotel at Patong
Jean-Luc Boutot France March 27 of chronic illness at Rawai
Lars Evert Lennart Thor Sweden April 1 heart attack at Patong
Loh Ying Jie Singapore April 2 jet-ski collision at Patong
Rampanaux Jean Pascal Sweden April 13 heart attack at resort in Kamala
Simone Tenerello Italy April 17 struck with bottle by katoey in Patong
Mikka Olavialltonen Finland April 24 overdose of Viagra at guesthouse in Patong
John Grant Kerr New Zealand May 3 motorcycle crash in Patong
Sergei Poliakov Russia May 9 motorcycle crash in Patak Road Karon
Alexander Drobot Russia May 10 found in car cause unknown at home in Rawai
Lee Kam Yum China May 10 in car crash Cherng Talay
Pierre Antoine Giovanelli Switzerland May 12 of old age in Kamala
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Wow, an awfully high proportion of heart attacks in Patong. Take it easy guys!

Also, they seem to have left out Frank Visakay, who died in his Rawai home earlier this month from a chronic illness. Lest we forget...RIP!

Editor: Good point. Frank did not deserve to be overlooked.

Posted by L on May 24, 2010 18:53


Hm, looks like no women died?

Editor: Two women listed, Thetaz Dominique Sylvie and Lindehoseberg Sonia. But a much higher death rate for men. Phuket . . . a very safe place for women?

Posted by . on May 24, 2010 20:12


Besides Frank, the list is incomplete. I know for sure of one other tourist of natural causes.

Posted by Vfaye on May 25, 2010 09:28


heart attack capital of the world?

Posted by j on May 25, 2010 19:18


What a stupid and utterly patronising suggestion that Phuket might be a safer place for women because two out of 33 deaths of expats on the island were not male. To draw or even suggest such a conclusion shows no understanding of statistics or analysis. Does the editor ALWAYS attempt to put a positive spin on every story? What, exactly, was the point of this piece? Slow news day?

Editor: I didn't put that suggestion forward seriously, Susie. It's so obviously not true that nobody is going to take that (admittedly flip) comment the wrong way. Sorry if I misled you. Most places have Births, Deaths and Marriage pages. This is as close as Phuket has gotten so far to a comprehensive list of recent departures. In a developing country, this kind of information is looked upon with interest by many. To have statistics and analysis, you first need reliable raw data. Given that so many expats talk about unrecorded deaths and strange happenings, it's a useful step forward. If you take the time to read the site thoroughly, you will see that there are many issues on which we have never put any kind of positive ''spin.'' There are positives and negatives about Phuket and we don't go along with those who see only negatives. . . .or the positives. And we avoid wild generalisations.

Posted by Susie Leeson on May 25, 2010 23:10


....and another french expat killed in a motorbike crash in front of Lotus Chalong around two months ago, Cyril (do not remember his family name) is missing too.

Posted by J on May 27, 2010 09:09


John Kerr was my brother, so tragic, a huge loss to our family. My condolences to all these expat families.

Posted by Glenda Kerr-Butler on May 30, 2010 13:34

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