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Boychuk (left) and Novichkov: wanted for kidnap on Phuket

UPDATE Phuket Police Hunt Ukrainian, Russian on Kidnap Arrest Warrants

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
UPDATING All Day, Every Day

ARREST warrants have been issued by the court on Phuket for Ukranian Olexandre Boychuk, 44, and Russian Aleksandr Novichkov, 57. Both are wanted for kidnap. Novichkov is also wanted for attempted rape.

Original Report

PHUKET: Police aim to seek arrest warrants from the court this afternoon for two men connected to the disappearance of two Russians on Phuket.

The decision to seek the warrants follows a meeting of senior police last night that included officers from Kamala and Cherng Talay as well as Phuket Police headquarters.

The Chief Investigator for Phuket province, Colonel Prawit Engchon, said today it would be premature and unhelpful to name the men or publish their photographs before the arrest warrants were issued.

The men could attempt to escape if they learn warrants are about to be issued, he said.

The case involves the mysterious disappearance of Russian woman Yana Strizheus and her boyfriend Alexei Slabinskiy, 39.

Ms Strizheus, who was discovered with wounds to her neck and wrists at a hotel at the weekend, is believed to have ended her silence and spoken to police about the incident.

Police want to apprehend the two men so they can establish whether the couple has been kidnapped and the whereabouts of Mr Slabinskiy, who is still missing.

Telephone calls demanding money from Mr Slabinskiy's relatives in Russia were made by Ms Strizheus earlier this month.


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The report doesnt make many sense, if the 2 "kidnappers" did really commit crime, they would escape once they had learnt that the woman was found in that hotel, they wouldnt wait around for an arrest warrant to be issued then attempt to escape. I still don't understand why she wasnt willing to talk to the police immediately and must wait until now to speak up.

Posted by Thai in Phuket on March 19, 2014 21:03

Editor Comment:

That's probably because you're not her, Thai in Phuket. All individuals react in different ways to traumatic situations.The whole story will be known eventually but until then, it's best not to guess about what really happened or why.

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