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Fake money is used by the Phuket gang in their fan tan fraud

Phuket Police Bust Gang Fleecing Expat's Wife of Three Million Baht

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
PHUKET: Police believe they have netted the Buffalo Gang, a crafty bunch of fraudsters whose most recent victim was about to be duped of three million baht.

The gang targetted the wives of expat men living on Phuket because the wives sometimes run businesses and have access to larger sums of money.

The latest victim - owner of a beauty shop in Karon, on Phuket's west coast, and married to an expat - was fortunate.

Police had been closing in on the gang and caught a woman gang member fleecing the beauty shop owner through playing a tradition game of fan tan.

The beauty shop owner met the female Buffalo Gang member when she offered to broker the sale of the beauty parlor.

Often, other gang members will arrive during the game, playing different roles. The victim is usually allowed to win large sums before being fleeced in the end.

The woman and her four male accomplices set up the victim in Karon yesterday but the police intervened and spoke to the beauty shop proprietor when she left the card game to buy something to eat.

Alleged gang member Supanee Sanganan, 46, confessed and gave police the names of other gang members.

So far the four men arrested have denied being involved. They have been named as Kamon Boonrung, 50, Somchai Somsuk,46, Pairoj naboon, 34, and Thanapol Kochadate,35.

Karon police are continuing the investigation.


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Makes a change from 'expat's wife fleeces HIM of 3 million baht'!

Posted by Mister Ree on May 14, 2013 15:37


Glad these fleecers have been caught
what i dont understand is how come every evil doer on phuket with rare failure confesses and makes full and candid admissions when confronted by police,not one seems to ever say not guilty or you prove that,the Phuket police should call a worldwide police convention as to how this occurs and share it with the world
ed @ readers any ideas?

Posted by slickmelb on May 14, 2013 19:28

Editor Comment:

One out of five people accused of being a 'fleecer' has confessed. The other four maintain their innocence. The Thai justice system at present allows journalists access at a stage of investigation that I can't imagine happening in New York, say, or London or Sydney. If you have a problem with that, i guess you perhaps might prefer to have justice administered by police behind closed doors, as it is in those cities. I have yet to hear anyone here advocate the need for secrecy, even the accused. Perhaps you're a biased westerner, with unjustifiable prejudices?

Thursday December 9, 2021
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