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The Australian ''taxi driver'' under arrest in Patong today

Phuket Police Arrest Aussie Working as a Taxi Driver in Patong, Armed With a Gun

Tuesday, October 1, 2013
PHUKET: Police in Phuket have arrested an Australian man for possession of a handgun - and for driving a taxi in Patong.

Details are still coming but Phuketwan understands the arrest took place at Phuket Graceland Resort and Spa when the man got into an altercation with a genuine Patong taxi driver.

The row began when the taxi driver, a woman, accused the Australian of being a time-share tout, say police.

Patong police arrested the man and handcuffed him in the middle of the road. A handgun and ammunition were found in the man's pickup

The Aussie was driving a bright red Fordwith red new-vehicle plates.

It's understood he had delivered one passenger earlier today then returned to Graceland in search of another customer.

Expats on Phuket have been talking about arranging their own pickups from Phuket international Airport to avoid the excessive fares charged by local Phuket taxi and tuk-tuk drivers.

It appears the Australian took it one step further and decided to become a taxi driver.

Earlier today, Phuketwan reported a case where an Australian tourist became embroiled in a confrontation with local taxi drivers when a friend - an expat on Phuket - dropped by to pick him up.

The case was eventually resolved peacefully, but problems continue with Phuket taxi drivers considered to be a law unto themselves.

Monday was the final day for Australia's honorary consul on Phuket, Larry Cunningham, who would usually be called in to protect the rights of the arrested Australian.

A replacement for Mr Cunningham is not likely to be appointed this year.


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Arrested for being a supposed taxi driver?
If I remember the words of a high [plice officer right -- That's difficult, we have to catch them in 'flagranti', only if he is driving paying people, he is violating law.-- plus understanding, that his car was empty, asside the gun, there can't be a charge for driving taxi, I think. Or there are more than the one law, of course. And having a unregistered gun, loaded, in the car. He should be out on bail, by now!

Posted by dingdong on October 1, 2013 20:42


Something does not sound right about this article.

What basis was there to determine that he was working as a "taxi driver"? Is picking up a friend classified as working as a taxi driver?

I'd be interested in knowing what information, other than claims from the taxi mob, was used by the police in their decision to arrest this man.

The police are quick to come to the aid (or at the whim) of one of a taxi mob while tourists are beaten with typically no help from the police.

Posted by gumps on October 1, 2013 20:58

Editor Comment:

Total nonsense, gumps. If you want to know more in a hurry and you're not prepared to take the evidence of the article and the photos, go somewhere else. . You're talking through your hat, or worse.


Look like some foreign predators love to be more idiote than local thugs....speechless...
The problem is that the Thai administration may not be able to separate the good ones from the bad expats and all the expat community will suffer with more controls for anything.....

Posted by Whistle-Blower on October 1, 2013 21:11


what a story.
how long did he expect to get away with that!

Posted by hulkster on October 1, 2013 21:18


What is pictured is an air pistol, not a traditional gun.

Posted by NomadJoe on October 1, 2013 21:29


just a handgun? how about crackdown on tukk tukk with weapons to?
i dont blame him beaing taxi-driver, i would rather go by falang taxi then thai taxi that is way overprice, this just show there is a market for people that dont like to use overpriced thai tukk tukks!
i always drive my friends and vice versa..
and if i go massage, the russians have cheaper price the thais..

Posted by Pukka on October 1, 2013 22:10


"Evidence of the article".

The article states he was arrested (in part) for driving a taxi. The article then states "It appears", "it's understood" that he was operating a taxi, etc.

This doesn't sound very conclusive to me. The fact he had a gun is unrefutable (if the gun in the picture was actually found in his truck) but the other than that is hearsay.

Sorry but I've lived here long enough to question what I read and hear.

Posted by gumps on October 1, 2013 23:06



Posted by gumps on October 2, 2013 20:27

Editor Comment:

We prove time and time again that our articles are far more accurate than your opinions, anonymous gumps - and for that matter, more accurate than other sources.

It's what they call a no-contest. Goodbye.

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