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The day the music died: karaokes on the shelf on Phuket last night

Phuket Plays It Again No More as DSI Raids 10 Karaoke Clubs

Saturday, July 27, 2013
PHUKET: A Department of Special Investigations team seized 10 karaoke jukeboxes from 10 Phuket karaokes in a crackdown on pirate music last night.

The jukeboxes were carried to Phuket Provincial Hall in Phuket City so the media could note the scale of the operation, if not actually hear the music.

The DSI raiders were from Region 8 headquarters, not members of the DSI team from Bangkok now in the process of establishing a Crime Crisis Centre on Phuket.

Nine of the karaokes were in Phuket City and one was in Kathu.

The karaoke clubs were named as Som-O Karaoke, Soifar Karaoke, Nong Mark Karaoke, Sila Karaoke,
Nong Joy Karaoke, Meayai Karaoke, Nampung Karaoke, Lomnur Karaoke, and Green Karaoke in Phuket City and a no-name karaoke in Kathu.

The raid was led by Udom Peachakud, the diregtor of the DSI in Region 8.


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How long have these places been operating and why did the LOCAL authorities not do their jobs before the DSI team turned up, when will they be hitting Patong that is the real tester to see if they mean business

Posted by scunner on July 27, 2013 18:09


Good start... I hope and pray it is not another 'pretending to do something' as I have seen over the last 30 years.
Hope they will go soon after the Tuk-Tuk and Taxi Gangs outside resorts intimidating management and guests.

Posted by Mr. K on July 27, 2013 19:41


DSI start in a worst way possible hitting those who can not defend themselves because they do not belong to any criminal organization..

Posted by dave on July 27, 2013 20:46

Editor Comment:

Read the article: ''The DSI raiders were from Region 8 headquarters, not members of the DSI team from Bangkok now in the process of establishing a Crime Crisis Centre on Phuket''


Great, impressive job ! Probably a kindergarten teacher could have done this. Illegal taxis and tuk tuks still hanging around all over Patong and Karon, witnessed by myself yesterday. When will authorities finally clear the roads ?

Posted by Resident on July 28, 2013 09:10

Editor Comment:

The operation was separate from other DSI activities. The Crime Crisis Centre is supposed to be open by Friday, August 9.


It looks like someone needs something to show off to the DSI team that will come from Bangkok.

Posted by Jakub on July 28, 2013 09:34

Editor Comment:

if the raid had been organised before the Bangkok DSI operation was announced, what would you suggest they do? Cancel it? Guesswork has absolutely no value.

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