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The names of survivors are recorded after the Phuket dive boat sinking

Phuket Navy Sea Rescue Deal to Lift Safety

Thursday, February 4, 2010
GOVERNOR Wichai Praisa-ngob signed an agreement with Thailand's Third Navy yesterday to improve sea rescue services throughout the Andaman.

The agreement is designed to ensure better coordination and responsibility for various functions in future incidents and natural disasters.

The deal is expected to lead to the Navy becoming involved in future sea rescues and using its helicopters more frequently to find vessels in trouble.

On hand with Governor Wichai at the Metropole Hotel in Phuket City was Vice Admiral Choomnoom Ardwong, who took over as chief of the Third Navy in October.

Three Phuket village fishermen were rescued last week after having been missing for almost a week. A Navy helicopter spotted them in international waters.

In March last year, the capsize of a dive boat took seven lives but the 23 survivors were left to drift off Phuket's busy west coast for hours because no aerial search was mounted.

The survivors eventually managed to attract the attention of a passing fisherman and used his mobile telephone to call in rescuers themselves.

It the event of a major security alert in the Andaman provinces, Vice Admiral Choomnoom Ardwong is the man who has the responsibility of taking charge.
Tears as Phuket Wins Back Three Lost Fishermen
Latest The vastness of the ocean would have been among the thoughts going through the minds of three Phuket men lost at sea and contemplating death when they heard the sound of a helicopter.
Tears as Phuket Wins Back Three Lost Fishermen

Phuket Drownings Highlight Wasted Lives
Latest The toll of drownings and road toll victims on Phuket for 2009 acts as a reminder that safety is of paramount importance, say transport and public health officials.
Phuket Drownings Highlight Wasted Lives

Phuket Fears That Fatal Dive Could Happen Here
Latest A dive collision death off Pattaya should mean better safety education for speedboat and diveboat drivers around Phuket, says one expert, who fears uncertain conditions exist here.
Phuket Fears That Fatal Dive Could Happen Here

Let Phuket Rip: No Action As Drownings Mount
Latest Thai law is hampering the provision of a lifeguard system at Phuket's most popular beaches, prompting the likelihood that more needless drownings are inevitable in 2010.
Let Phuket Rip: No Action As Drownings Mount

Phuket's Sea Rescue to be Boosted by Boats
Latest Drownings on Phuket waters appear to have triggered a special budget allocation of 17 million to buy rescue boats that will serve the island and four other provinces.
Phuket's Sea Rescue to be Boosted by Boats

Aussie Dive Survivor Tells: 'I Walked the Walls'
Inquiry Call Phuketwan calls for an independent inquiry into the diving disaster and relates the nightmare experience of one Aussie diver who survived the sinking of the MV Dive Asia 1.
Aussie Dive Survivor Tells: 'I Walked the Walls'


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Search and Rescue depends primarily on communications. There is no dedicated VHF radio channel for Phuket SAR, because it doesn't exist. The normal (in any other part of the world) use of VHF Ch 16 isn't going to get any form of response, other than potentially from other expat boat users, because there is never anyone in a local facility capacity at the other end.

Posted by PAG on February 4, 2010 22:50

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