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Lee Aldhouse during an appearance in a Phuket police station over a hit-run

Phuket Murder: Aldhouse Back on Phuket About 7pm Saturday

Monday, November 26, 2012

Lee ''Pitbull'' Aldhouse will be arriving on Phuket about 7pm on Saturday on a flight from Britain with Intranee Sumawong, Executive Director of International Affairs at the Attorney General's Department, who will escort him back to Phuket.

Original Report

PHUKET: Wanted murder fugitive Lee Aldhouse is expected to be back on Phuket any time now to face trial, Phuketwan has learned.

Aldhouse, the first person ever to be extradited from Britain to Thailand, will appear in court on Phuket accused of the murder of former US Marine, Dashawn Longfellow.

His extradition could be complete within 10 days, Thai authorities in charge of the precedent-setting process told Phuketwan today.

''It's the first time a wanted British person has been extradited to Thailand so we have to set the standard in a proper fashion,'' an official said.

''I can confirm that all the documents from Britain have now reached Thailand. We are in the process of arranging tickets and organising visas.''

It's understood that a high-ranking Thai official will escort Aldhouse, 30, back to Thailand and to Phuket. The process is expected to attract international media attention.

Officials at Phuket Prison have been told to expect the new prisoner ''any day now.'' A special feature has been added to the jail: the large dormitories now have bunk beds.

Aldhouse, a Thai boxing fan who fought in the ring under the name ''Pitbull,'' fled Phuket soon after 23-year-old Dashawn Longfellow was stabbed to death on the holiday island in August, 2010.

The two had fought a fist fight earlier in the night at the Freedom Bar in southern Phuket, a fight that Aldhouse started and lost.

Fleeing Phuket, Aldhouse took a roundabout route via Cambodia before catching a flight from Singapore back to London's Heathrow airport, where he was arrested on an outstanding weapons charge.

Since then, the legal argument about whether he should be extradicted to Thailand has continued until Britain's High Court dismissed his appeal last week.

Officials in the Attorney General's department in Thailand oversaw the legal battle in London and were delighted to win the case.

One of the legal arguments concerned whether his rights would be breached by being housed in a Thai jail that did not meet international standards.

The population of Phuket Prison now numbers more than 2000 for a penitentiary built more than a century ago to house 750.

When Phuketwan inspected the dormitories during a dawn drugs swoop in February, prisoners slept on bedding on the floor.

But - perhaps partly as an outcome of the extradition legal debate as well as overcrowding - bunk beds have since been introduced.

Aldhouse will share the dormitory with between 40 and 100 other prisoners, some of whom are also awaiting trial. There is no provision for a separate ''remand'' section in Phuket Prison.

If he happens to be found guilty and is sentenced to more than 15 years, Aldhouse will be transferred from Phuket prison to a jail with higher security.

Although Phuket Prison is overcrowded, the jail director has a reputation for encouraging reform. As a ''white prison,'' Phuket has no illegal drugs, mobile telephones or hidden weapons, according to officials.

Other Britons who have done time there say the prison, with a high proportion of katoey ladyboys among them, produces its share of interesting moments.

Some of Aldhouse's fellow prisoners have breast implants and at times do not hesitate to show them to other inmates.

But the food is edible and facilities are kept as clean as possible, with some female prisoners working in a public massage facility and trusty male prisoners operating a car wash.

Family and friends of Dashawn Longfellow in the US have conducted a Facebook campaign for justice since his murder.

Today on the memorial site there were a couple of recent entries:

Marquis Longfellow: Hey bro just wanted to say happy thanksgiving we wish you were here

Michelle Elizabeth Bender: I hope the extradition and trial goes ahead without any further delay. Your family has been kept in limbo for way too long. The anguish of being grief stricken and waiting for justice to be served would be agonising. I hope the Thai court hand out the longest possible sentence.

CNN Report With Phuketwan

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Preparing visas for who...Why would a fugitive going on trial here being brought from Britain need a visa...?

Posted by Ted Davis on November 26, 2012 11:38

Editor Comment:

How many people come and go without a visa?


''I can confirm that all the documents from Britain have now reached Thailand. We are in the process of arranging tickets and organising visas.''

So will he be getting a special lifetime visa?

Posted by sky on November 26, 2012 12:00


Russians don't require a visa if staying for less than 30 days.

Posted by Rod on November 26, 2012 12:10

Editor Comment:

You mean a tourist VISA on arrival?


For what category of visa is a person facing a murder one rap (not to mention convictions in the UK) eligible? Non-Imm 'O'? Highly doubtful. The visas must be for people accompanying Aldhouse; maybe a lawyer and family members. Ed. The go part of come and go probably won't apply to the accused, though, one can never be too sure about such things.

Posted by Day on November 26, 2012 12:51

Editor Comment:

We have been told by the Attorney General's department that the paperwork includes a visa or visas. As the accompanying official will be a Thai, it probably does not apply to them. Odd how so many readers are instant experts when this is the first entry to Thailand of its kind . . . presumably, Mr Aldhouse would also be advised against overstaying.


Maybe it was answered somewhere, but why would Britain not put him on trail at home for his alleged murder. He is a British national, is he not? Would have been no need for the Americans to wrestle the British to expedite him...

Posted by Lena on November 26, 2012 13:31


Who cares about that completely uninteresting Visa formality? Crazy!
Important, he will face a judgement here and that is good!
I remember, that I was reading, after the murder in a news channel,
Aldhouse should have said to Longfellow,
"You BIG, but I am crazy!" and than the fight, in which Aldhouse was first, subdued started.
So, Longfellow comes now back, to stand trial, for his crazyness and stabbing!
I remember also, that it was said, that he was expelled from a Thai Boxing Training camp in Phuket because his bad behaviour and attitude which was not tolerated in that Gym!
"Nice" guy, that Aldhouse.

Posted by Alfred on November 26, 2012 14:20


@..Editor Comment:
"How many people come and go without a visa?"
Probably millions not heard of Tourist Visa Exemption? Passport holders of some 40+ countries are allowed to visit without a Visa..

Posted by davidj949 on November 26, 2012 15:30

Editor Comment:

Millions? Really? You mean that as well as 20 million expected documented arrivals by air and overland in 2012, plus Burmese, Laotians and Cambodians, there are ''probably millions'' arriving without visas? That's remarkable . . . where is the evidence?


I'm surprised he hasn't appealed to the European Court of Human Rights. He still can (and probably will) and if he does this will delay any decision on the matter for several years.

The Thai legal team will already be fully aware of this so maybe they know something we don't.

Posted by Samson on November 26, 2012 15:58



becausw the crime was committed in Thailand perhaps? How can he stand trial in the UK for a crime he is accused of in another country? It's standard procedure to extradite accused criminals to the country where the crime was actually committed.

Posted by christian on November 26, 2012 16:12


@lena.........why would a brit who allegedly commits murder abroad stand trial in britain, if a foreigner commits murder in london he will stand trial in london not in his own country...As for the visa he will still need a visa to enter immigration whether he is a tourist or going to face a murder charge......

Posted by Darren walker on November 26, 2012 16:17


Visa??? Maybe he will get one of those Thai Elite visas and permanent residency to boot?

Posted by Robin on November 26, 2012 16:50


@ ED..Editor Comment:

Millions? Really? You mean that as well as 20 million expected documented arrivals by air and overland in 2012, plus Burmese, Laotians and Cambodians, there are ''probably millions'' arriving without visas? That's remarkable . . . where is the evidence?

I dont have evidence , but surely if passport holders from 42 countries can legally come to thailand for anywhere from 15-30 days without needing to bother with getting a tourist visa first, they would indeed do so..Yes?
So as i said they can come here under the rules of Visa WITHOUT A VISA..FACT!Not remarkable at all...its very common.

What exactly are you disputing? Are you telling me that no-one uses this facility? ROD was also correct, but you wrongly pointed out a VISA on arrival.Russians are also privvy to visa exemption...

Posted by davidj949 on November 26, 2012 17:46

Editor Comment:

You and Rod are probably right, 949. Visa or entry date stamp, people get to Thailand. But in the case of Lee Aldhouse, we have been told a visa is required.


Hopefully, it will be a life-time visa (after a fair trial, of course).

Posted by Buster on November 26, 2012 19:20


Spent Songkran with this guy before all this happened. He was a "friend" of a friend, all non-Brits (I think everyone thought he was a bit of a d*ck) but as Brit to Brit he really scared me. He was so angry that people were throwing water ! And if I wasn't with some big muay thai dudes (good blokes) I would have been scared for my safety.
And as for him actually returning to Thailand, I still have doubts, no matter what the home office says (maybe they're tough on crime this week !).

And if he comes ... and gets a shorter sentence than everyone is expecting ... What would happen then ? Would he be deported or here to stay ? Because the latter would be disasterous for Phuket.

Posted by James on November 26, 2012 19:28

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