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Where the car plunged off the Phuket road, injuring two people

Phuket Mother and Daughter Injured in Horror Plunge from Damaged Road

Friday, December 12, 2014
UPDATING All Day, Every Day

Molly, aged 8, remained in a coma and on life support on Friday evening. Her mother was conscious after the crash and able to call in help. The pair were not wearing seatbelts.

Original Report

PHUKET: A woman and her daughter are in hospital on Phuket after the vehicle in which they were riding crashed off a section of road into a canal last night.

The girl is in intensive care with head injuries.

Authorities are struggling today to explain why there was no warning signage on the section of road that ended so abruptly near the Bang Jo prison farm in central Phuket.

Pakkamon Doungchayatemjarat, 38, who is believed to be married to a British man, suffered a broken arm and other injuries.

Her daughter's injuries are more serious.

The pair were travelling on the road about 11pm when they encountered a section where heavy rains and a canal have created a large chasm.

In darkness, the vehicle plunged over the edge.

Details have yet to emerge about who discovered the car in the canal and how they were rescued.


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Very Very sad, but spent all people in car safety belt ? Seat belt saves lives.

Posted by Bjorn Ronningen on December 12, 2014 13:29


Isn't that the same piece of road that collapsed a couple of weeks ago in heavy rain?
Still not fixed? Wow. Why has no one bothered to put up warning signs?
Are the authorities too busy confusing tourists about umbrellas? How hard is it? I also noticed the new U turn separation lane at the bypass road approach to Tescos Samkong is unlit. How long before someone ploughs through that one night?
So many traffic accidents and fatalities could be avoided here if an ounce of fore-thought were used.
This is inexcusable.
I hope they both recover fully and quickly. Especially the young child.

Posted by A local on December 12, 2014 14:10


What a completely ridiculous statement Bjorn- how do you know the people were wearing seat belts or not? I would suggest that belts were being worn or the injuries would have been more serious.

What is absolutely criminal is that this road had not been closed and appropriate warning signs posted.

'Authorities are struggling today to explain why' translates as 'well to be honest nobody really gives a ****, you should know'.

Posted by Mister Ree on December 12, 2014 14:16


Come on, there is not any authority 'struggling'. Sounds nice for bla bla, until authorities find out the injuries are not rally that ... You never will hear anymore why there was no warning sign. Authorities just keep 'struggling' until this is not any longer a publicity issue.

Posted by Kurt on December 12, 2014 16:36

Editor Comment:

Enough of the generalised bigotry, Kurt, or your comments won't appear.



Posted by Kurt on December 12, 2014 17:12

Editor Comment:

Kurt, your opinions have no value. They will be tolerated as long as you illustrate that you're not a bigot and occasionally say something positive.


Ashaming Thailand. I wish mom & kid a speedy and fully recovery.

Posted by phuketgreed on December 12, 2014 17:18


Mister Ree,
you are a funny boy Mister Ree, How many children you se every day use seat -belt in the car in Phuket or how many children whit now helmet on motorbike to school and from school and the Police give a s...? They only give thicket to Farang people in Chalong and Rawai.

Posted by Bjorn Ronningen on December 12, 2014 18:34


What are the local authorities DOING?????? obviously NOTHING......

Posted by DG on December 12, 2014 18:57


Regarding safety belts, it's written in the first part of the text that they were not wearing seatbelts.

Posted by christian on December 12, 2014 20:56


My prayers are with Molly and her mom. What an awful accident.
It is a inexcusable mistake to not close this road until repair. The people in charge of that should face severe penalties for letting its people down.
Normally there are signs in Thailand, sometimes very close by, but I never saw ever something like this without a warning. So dangerous. And not to expect in greater Phuket, where normally the government agencies act quite fast. Someone stole them? That would make more sense to me.

Posted by Lena on December 12, 2014 22:19


Its verry sad the girl past way.
So nice funny girl on the school.
R.I.P and condelance to her family

Posted by My hart go to the family on December 12, 2014 22:36


The picture gives a good view of how thin the layer of roadway actually is - almost as thin as the thin skin many of us possess from time to time..

Posted by farang888 on December 13, 2014 00:07


Anger doesn't even start to describe it!! A beautiful, beautiful lady of 8 yrs young with a huge heart and a radiant smile. This young lady is in a very critical condition.

How was this allowed to happen? The authorities should be pressed to answer to the parents and on this site.

Why was the road not already repaired?

Why not sufficient warning?

Why no lights for night time warning?

Why was the road not blocked off by hi vis plastic bollards? Easy and cheap.

Huge love to the daughter who needs all of our prayers.

Posted by Mickey on December 13, 2014 00:45


People safety obviously does NOT come before money or sunbeds and umbrella's!! A horrific accident that could so easily have been avoided if there was even a small amount of common sense by the government department responsible for the roads! My wishes for a full recovery for the little girl and her mother

Posted by Mr Wolf on December 14, 2014 08:17


Molly's life support machine was switched off at 9.15pm last night on the advice of the mecical staff.

Shocking, devastating news. So, so sad for a beautiful, warm princess of just 8yrs old.

RIP Molly.

My prayers and thoughts are with Gordon & O.

Somebody needs to be held FULLY accountable for this to try and ensure needless lives are not lost in the future.

Posted by Micky on December 14, 2014 09:05


Authorities are struggling today to explain why there was no warning signage on the section of road that ended so abruptly near the Bang Jo prison farm in central Phuket.
Be a struggle alright to explain total and utter negligence.

Posted by slickmelb on December 16, 2014 23:24

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