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Boonrit Boonma, rescued from the sea at Phuket's Nai Harn beach, arrives at hospital

Phuket Mass Rescue Saves Six From Drowning

Saturday, August 7, 2010
SIX school students were rescued from the surf off the southern beach of Nai Narn today in a dramatic mass rescue.

The six, all friends from the same Phuket City school, found themselves in difficulties at the southern end of the beach, near the passage that leads to a lagoon, about 2pm.

Locals who know the conditions at the beach well joined in to help bring all six safely to shore.

Two of the friends, who were on a picnic on a day-off from Phutthamongkolnimitr School in Phuket City, were admitted to Vachira Hospital in Phuket City. They are Boonrit Boonma, 15, and Kammolrat Daman, 14.

The two were being given oxygen and appeared to be responding to treatment.


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Can we get some more info for this story? Was there red flags up, was there lifeguards on duty? Were the students warned like all the westerners? Just curious.

Hope all a full recovery for all involved, and learn from this.

Posted by Lee on August 7, 2010 18:35


I think the problem is that there is no news in Thai for just Phuket and the Thais on the island, unless they read the English news, are not aware of all the drownings.

I work in a hotel and found this to be the case. I inform them as much as possible but otherwise they would not know. It is a constant ongoing effort by me, informing them of every incident and the importance of informing our guests.

A red flag might not mean anything to people who don't know.

Posted by VFaye on August 7, 2010 20:40


Good on you VFAYE for thinking about the Danger to the people. Perhaps a notice board might help in the Hotels, what's
happening on the beaches around the hotels. Or everyone that arrives is given a leaflet about the dangers of the beaches.

Posted by monica on August 8, 2010 17:32


I happened to be there at the time of the rescue. Although I commend the number of lifeguards and their successful rescue - I was surprised; at the lack of urgency and efficiency in the transporting of the last two. We have come a long way in having lifeguards to begin, now, hopefully we can get them well trained.

Posted by Tiff on August 8, 2010 21:43

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