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Lifeguards bring back the man cut by the propeller at Karon beach today

Phuket Longtail Boat Slices Swimmer With Propeller: Lifeguards Rescue Victim

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
PHUKET: A swimmer in the water off a Phuket beach today was struck and badly hurt by the propeller of a longtail boat, lifeguards said.

''The European man was about 60 metres off Karon beach about 10am when the propeller cut him in the neck,'' a lifeguard spokesperson said. ''Fortunately, the lifeguards saw what happened.''

Phuket lifeguards borrowed a jet-ski and rode out to rescue the injured man. The longtail boat kept going.

The man was taken to Patong Hospital and later transferred to Bangkok Hospital Phuket in Phuket City.

All of Phuket's lifeguards walk off Phuket's 13 most popular beaches tomorrow in a dispute over payment and a tendering process.

In previous years, Phuket's beaches have been without lifeguards for as long as seven weeks.


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If this would have happened in a couple days, good chance this would have been reported as a fatality (or maybe just a misunderstanding between the long tail bone head and the stupid farang that should have been watching where he was swimming). This place is just getting to be too much.

Posted by Ed Sanders on March 26, 2015 00:17


This is an issue allover the island. I go snorkelling off paradise beach some days and i am well aware of the long tail boats coming and going but for people who don't know i can see hazards. Foreign people don't always understand the local signs too..

Posted by sateeb on March 26, 2015 02:52


Just another day in "paradise"

I hope the swimmer makes a full and speedy recovery.

You really do take your life in your hands in phuket these days

Posted by Discover Thainess on March 26, 2015 03:10


upon returning to shore the lifeguard was charged 60,000b for damage to the jetski, and was arrested for not having a license

Posted by Anonymous on March 26, 2015 04:43


It is resposnibility of Marine Office 5, local department, namely of {huket, to issue "laws" - administrative orders - to regulate naviagtion of smalla boats, incl.jet -ski, as well as hire business of jet ski - roghts/responsibilities of all actors involved - owners, operators, hirers, passengers, swimmers, persons at the shore etc., as there country's laws do not regulate it at all, and dele??ate to MO5 local office to act.
To my klnowledge there is no a single adminsitrative order in this respect in Phuket.
All the talk that is reminsicent of say jet ski regulation - that they area llegdely linked to a single beach, or not allowed to another beach etc. - it doens't exist , and just hot air in media - for non-scurpulious readers or interviewers " to say what they want to hear".
It is actually omission on a part of state to act, as teh state failed to regulate the area.

Posted by Sue on March 26, 2015 06:38


upon returning to shore the lifeguard was charged 60,000b for damage to the jetski, and was arrested for not having a license

Anonymous, From where here did you gain this knowledge ?

Posted by Paul on March 26, 2015 08:48


Life is cheap in Phuket as shown in yet another example here where money is more important than the safety of in many cases the main financial income of the island, tourists. Of course there should be lifeguards all year!

Posted by Welcome To Phuket on March 26, 2015 10:29


Lucky European man that there were still life guards who initiated a good rescue action! Compliments for these underpaid Guards!
I still ask the question: Who on Phuket is responsible for safety and clean beaches, even when there are no life guards? Anyone? Sue?

And after bus/lorry/truck accidents, drivers run away.
Now the long tail boat kept going!
How to feel about that behavior?

Posted by Kurt on March 26, 2015 10:29

Editor Comment:

Your efforts to stir a reaction are unhelpful, Kurt. Marine Office 5 is responsible for safety at sea, the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation pays for the lifeguards, and councils keep the beaches clean.


@ Paul- I guess you don't do sarcasm!

Posted by Mister Ree on March 26, 2015 11:00

Editor Comment:

Sarcasm doesn't work in print. It's the reason why some publications need to head articles with the words SATIRE at times. Most people expect commenters to stick with the facts.


@ Sue, your posting about responsibilities of Marine Office 5 is quite clear. I guess that is the problem on Phuket. I never can trap Marine office 5 on pro active responsibility. If something happens , than you hear 4-5 days later that they didn't know. This long tail boat accident probably by now not even known by Marine office 5. ( As we didn't read in Phuket press that Marine Office 5 feels sorry for the victim and is investigating the accident now). It is a farang, what should they bother? After hospital time farang going home to his country, never come back. ( Smooth and easy for Marine Office 5). Indeed, foreigners life is cheap on Phuket.

Posted by Kurt on March 26, 2015 13:07


@ Kurt not just foreigner's life but all life, including human.

Posted by Tong Ting or is that Ting Tong on March 26, 2015 14:09


@ mr Editor, thank you for your clear answer. Please, do not play "stir reaction game with me". ok?
Almost weekly there is a parasail, jet ski, or long tail boat accident. Sometimes even were all these machines by thai law not supposed to be!
It are always the tourists who get hospitalized. Correct?
PhuketWan should direct its energy on Marine Office 5, because mostly they never heard of the accidents, right? Mr Editor, I not stir, I notice.
Marine Office 5 is NOT keeping up with safety at sea! Right?
The provincial organization has her beach guards portfolio not under control, if it would, than there would be beach guards after tomorrow. Right?
Councils keep beaches clean? Please, show me a clean beach. Right?

Facts: accidents at off the beaches ( hospitalizing tourists weekly), no beach guards, no clean beaches, it all speaks for itselves.

Posted by Kurt on March 26, 2015 14:52

Editor Comment:

You are stirring, Kurt, and wasting my time and other readers' time. Most of your comments add nothing. I wish you would hold off until you work through everything that's been said before and find something original to say. At present you are settling for telling us everything that's been said before.


the tendering process simply needs to be completed before the previous contract runs out.. it's not rocket science.. are they afraid that if the current contract is not renewed that the lifeguards might not give their best for the remainder of the contract?? rather that than no lifeguards at all..

Posted by another steve on March 26, 2015 16:08

Editor Comment:

The problem with the tendering process is that there is no incentive to remain a lifeguard if your job might disappear each year. As we've said, their role is as important and police and firefighters and those essential jobs are not put our for tender each year.

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