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Lee Aldhouse surrenders his chunky watch outside a Phuket cell last night

Phuket Justice Brings a Pillow But No Blanket for Regained Fugitive

Sunday, December 2, 2012
PHUKET: Lee Aldhouse, a fugitive regained, was allowed to sleep on the floor of a Phuket police cell last night with a pillow, but no blanket.

It will be the same again tonight at the insistence of a Thai official whose duty it is to determine the concessions made to the British murder suspect in the interests of future justice.

Although the international treaty between Britain and Thailand is 101 years old, Lee Aaron Aldhouse, aka ''Pitbull'', is the first British person to be extradited to Thailand.

However, says Aldhouse's flight companion, Intranee Sumawong, who is also Executive Director of International Affairs at the Attorney General's Department, the floodgates have opened.

''More than 20 people have been extradited back to Britain since Mr Aldhouse was apprehended,'' she told Phuketwan last night.

''We expect that, with this case as a role model, there will be many other exchanges with other nations now, too.''

It's what can be done with a pillow, but no blanket, and an otherwise bare police cell.

Wanted for the murder of former Marine Dashawn Longfellow on Phuket in 2010, an almost lackadasical approach to Aldhouse's apprehension on Phuket saw him eventually held at Heathrow airport in Britain.

Some police on Phuket looked at it this way: If the British man really did kill the American on Phuket, is it really justice for Thailand to have to pay to keep him in prison?

Others thought differently, including an expat police volunteer who reached a Phuket City bus station just an hour after Aldhouse had departed, and Khun Intranee.

She led the legal fight to bring Aldhouse back, and was on the flights that brought him to Thailand and Phuket last night.

Doing the deal, she says, was all about transparency.

''We went in with an open mind and made sure that we had nothing to hide from the British authorities,'' she said.

Aldhouse and his family were most in fear of him being physically and verbally abused, she said. But some of that fear eased when the handcuffs came off Aldhouse on the flight from London.

''He is calmer now and accepts our assurances that there is no intention to cause him harm,'' Khun Intranee said.

''His family had read all the books written by British people who have spent time in Thai jails.''

Phuket Prison is a ''white'' jail with no illegal drugs, mobile telephones or weapons, according to authorities.

Prisoners there are fed three meals a day. While it's overcrowded, expat prisoners Phuketwan has spoken to say they have no complaints.

Aldhouse will spend another night in a police cell at Chalong, deprived of a blanket for security reasons, then appear in Phuket Provincial Court on Monday.

Unless his interview with police late last night went badly, he will plead guilty and throw himself at the mercy of the Phuket court.

Aldhouse's appearance said a lot last night. He was pale from more than two years in British jails, and perhaps heavier because of the comparative comfort of life in a non-tropical environment.

With Aldhouse's human rights no longer an issue, the next critical moment will come when he is sentenced.

If he is given less than 15 years, he will remain in Phuket Prison. If he is given more than 15 years, he will be transferred to a prison with tougher security elsewhere in Thailand.

For all its hardships, Phuket Prison is a relatively peaceful, unthreatening place. It's the other, tougher prisons in Thailand that have become the topics for books written by former prisoners.

British embassy officials are likely to be present when Aldhouse makes his historic court appearance on Phuket on Monday.

What happens next to the muscular young former kick boxer will be up to a Thai judge.

Khun Intranee said last night she was ''very grateful'' to Britain for trusting Thailand's justice system, for the first time in more than a century.


Comments have been disabled for this article.


This nasty piece of work should not be referred to as ''pitbull" in your news glamorises him, he's proud of that!!!that was his ring fighting nickname only, and as he is now just a soon to be convicted murderer,i'm sure that his given name will suffice....

Posted by davidj949 on December 2, 2012 11:58

Editor Comment:

How censorious of you, davidj949. Why imagine others will think the way you think? Nothing glamorous about a pitbull. We will ignore you as usual.


I agree with "davidj949" and find nothing in his post that warrants the Ed reply. If you as editor decide to post something in the comment section then thats your seal of approval and thats as far as your opinion as Editor should go. You are an "Editor" not a "Commentator"
We all know what a piece of work this Aldhouse character is and i just hope for Thailand and the victim's family sake that he will be delt with harshly...when he has had a fair trial of course. Lets hope justice prevails.

Posted by tom on December 2, 2012 13:12


Phuket Wan can't win. If full details are included in a story they get criticized. If something is left out they get flak, also. In my opinion including all names and details is doing the job right. This is a good report.

Posted by Day on December 2, 2012 13:12


All other details aside, this is a groundbreaking achievement for the Thai judicial system. Truly historic. Khun Intranee should be commended and celebrated as a true hero. Someone who did the impossible when faced with substantial negative opposition from her peers. Amazing work Khun Intranee!

Posted by fakename on December 2, 2012 14:52


You confirm again and again what a pathetic wee piece of crap you are are a fool! You are the one that needs to be ignored.. Nutter!!

Posted by davidj949 on December 2, 2012 15:04

Editor Comment:

Not only do you try to tell us what to write, davidj949, but you choose to insult me when we tell you we don't take orders from anyone. True to form yet again, davidj949.


Some police on Phuket looked at it this way: If the British man really did kill the American on Phuket, is it really justice for Thailand to have to pay to keep him in prison?

Ed- Possibly - but you just made up that bit didn't you. Come on, now.....

Posted by stu on December 2, 2012 15:42


I supported "davidj949" in his previous post because i felt it was related to the article and qualified as a comment as such, however his latest comment is way outta order and is exactly why an Editor should exclude the comment completely. This is for comments on news articles...not personal tirates.

As with "Day" I felt the article was good and well written. Hopefully future articles will refer to Aldhouse as "convicted murderer" when the trial is over. As the article mentioned hopefully people who commit crimes in Thailand and abscond will now face justice in a Thai prison now that the "precident" has been set. If you cant do the time don't do the crime.

Posted by Tom on December 2, 2012 17:50

Editor Comment:

We choose to defend ourselves against unwarranted criticism, Tom. 949 wanted us to leave out a small but essential piece of information. Now you think we should have left out 949's insulting response. We will choose what to publish, not you or 949. The comment space is there for readers to add information or ideas, not for attempts at petty point-scoring.


Your move Tom....i only responded in kind to our dear Ed who sees fit to insult his respondants in every post that he doen't happen to agree with on the day....Look back at his history of bad mouthing a huge percentage of people who dare comment or criticize....How do you feel have also been bad mouthed...He is out of control and has been for a long time..Morison has serious issues and should not be allowed to insult people as he does...Time he was shut down....

Posted by davidj949 on December 2, 2012 19:16

Editor Comment:

There you go, 949, making another mindless personal attack because debating principles is too hard for you. There is a simple solution, and it's probably time to implement it. From now on, you are banned from reading Phuketwan.


Despite some of the vitriolic comments above I prefer Aldhouse to be judged in court, not on the web.

Posted by Mister Ree on December 2, 2012 21:05


How can you trust any court that does not implement a jury system?
Shame on the English courts. He should have been locked up in England for his crime after a fair trial with the Thais supplying the evidence for the prosecution.

Posted by Peter Tudders on December 2, 2012 22:07


i havent seen any "christian" comment like:maybe he is sorry for what he did!, Maybe he wish things would be different........ don t get me wrong, he killed someone for some stupid reason but hey?! why do i feel like like there is a mob of "netizen" who are ready to lynch him???
PS: i am trying to be objective here, and yes, I feel very sorry for the victim and his family

Posted by enzo on December 2, 2012 23:40


Not much is being said about the victim being an American citizen and it's effect on the willingness of the British to extradite this "dog".

The crime was committed in Thailand and thus the venue for the trial is in Thailand but I wonder what the outcome had been if the victim had been, say, Nigerian or whatever other non-ally nation to US or Thailand.

Personally I'm glad to read he is feeling some of the fear he instilled in so many of the victims of his violent life. A fitting end for any bully who thinks they can have their way by means of brutal force.

The times when cave men ruled are long gone.

Posted by Andrew on December 2, 2012 23:44


Well said Peter Tudders

Posted by Scunner on December 2, 2012 23:55

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