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Machines take over the beach: Patong last week, but not this week

Phuket Jet-Skis Banned From All Beaches But May Return When Games End

Friday, November 14, 2014
PHUKET: Jet-skis have been banned from Patong beach and other Phuket beaches and will not be operating again until after the Asian Beach Games end, Phuketwan has learned.

Registered jet-ski and parasail operators have accepted an order from Phuket authorities to suspend their businesses until the Games conclude on November 24.

There's even the possibility that greater limits could be placed on the operating hours of the jet-skis.

The President of the Jet-Ski Association of Patong, Nucha Petchvimol, confirmed tonight that jet-ski operators and parasailers had been ordered to suspend operations during the Games.

''There will be a three-day jet-ski competition on at Patong from November 17-19,'' he said. ''Those are the only jet-skis people should see off Phuket until later in the month.''

People who have seen Patong without sunbeds, umbrellas and now jet-skis say the beach is delightful and wish that it could stay that way.

According to victims who have contacted Phuketwan, jet-ski scams that have damaged Phuket's reputation continue almost every time there is a crash.

Removing the jet-skis would remove the problem and make a clear statement about Phuket's commitment to environmental tourism and a balance with nature.

In a local newspaper poll, 80 percent of those who have voted so far say that jet-skis have no placer on Phuket's beaches.


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May return???...dont get your hopes up

Posted by sky on November 14, 2014 22:26

Editor Comment:

The jet-skis have been ordered off the beaches. Someone in authority will have to give them permission to return.


The news obviously hasn't percolated down to Kamala - there were 5 jestskis at sea and 6 parked up on the beach at 4 pm today. Words, not action yet again as we slide back towards the abyss.

Posted by m on November 14, 2014 23:28

Editor Comment:

Kamala appears to need more enforcement than other beaches. It's likely to happen.


"There's even the possibility that greater limits could be placed on the operating hours of the jet-skis. "

I would change the "even the" to the word "no"

I still believe they are protected by the powers that be, so as your article says, they will be back.

Posted by Tbs on November 15, 2014 00:08


Just think of the poor jet ski owners with tears in their eyes knowing they can't even extort 'Out of water time' over this.

Posted by Syd on November 15, 2014 00:10


15:49 and 15:52 brought to Northern Patyong appr. around Haad Patong Rd. arrival of Lord of Jetskis:

albeit authorties claime dthey they eligible for arrtival only betwen 9am and 10am.
I guess they forgot to mention that 9am was by Fiji time.

This all was just beneth of Asian Beach games facilities.

Many participants - in unforms - gazed at this pity a**holes with disbelief, disgrace and disdain.

Posted by Sue on November 15, 2014 03:21


Who believes seriously in that they will hold to the ban?
I call high penalties for any disregard of the ban, or even banned forever.
Until now it was all just promises, sadly everything has become worse. For me, I just do not go on Patong beach.

Posted by steve on November 15, 2014 06:44


This part confuses me: "According to victims who have contacted Phuketwan, jet-ski scams that have damaged Phuket's reputation continue almost every time there is a crash. "

I did not think any crash was necessary for the scam to commence. I'm not sure about Phuket, but I have seen the scam happen many times in other places in Thailand, where there was no collision with anything.

Posted by fw on November 15, 2014 07:19

Editor Comment:

Scams without crashes are seldom reported on Phuket, although there was one case recently allegedly involving pre-existing damage and no crash. The ones we hear about usually involve problems with insurance not being sufficient to cover costs, and ''time out of the water'' for repairs.


"The jet-skis have been ordered off the beaches. Someone in authority will have to give them permission to return"

That's just the problem around here ED...there is no central authority whose decision is truly honored...Everything is just jibberish...just look at you have printed in another article..and now Surin..Its all a joke...The big question has always been.."Who is in charge here?"...Certainly nobody who holds any kind of gov't position

Posted by sky on November 15, 2014 12:30

Editor Comment:

Why is it ''all a joke?'' The beaches have been remade and will stay remade if that's what the military wants. The joke is that the people who once said ''It will never happen'' now can't believe their eyes and long for the past to return. That's what doomsaying does for you, I guess.



Posted by James on November 15, 2014 13:16

Editor Comment:



@sky I would say the only clear authority/ responsibility is the Marine Office that controls the coastal waters. And it is they who are giving permission (currently taken away and possibly might return) to the jet-skis. Now, when the jet-skis set foot or fibre on the beach it is no longer a Marine Office probelm so much as some local officialdom which is a very grey area...

One day I do believe the NCPO/ Govt/ BKK authority will pull rank and reign in the Marine Office on Phuket and create sense of the jet-ski mess and ban them. That is the only sensible conclusion but it is just taking a very long time to get there.

Posted by Duncan on November 15, 2014 13:34


Jet skis are banned but not banned so they are not banned that much and all are still in place : "Hunter" and other trashy crap at Patong beach.

Pics will follow

Posted by Sue on November 15, 2014 14:43


They were at Bang Tao yesterday, right on front of Laguna

Posted by MediaWatcher on November 15, 2014 15:30


Ed..The beaches haven't been remade...just a few vendors and beach chairs were removed..but the few things that are the most dangerous and annoying ..jet skis and para gliders..remain lingering around....

Posted by sky on November 15, 2014 16:30

Editor Comment:

''A few vendors have beach chairs were removed?'' Try thousands, sky. Thousands. You seem to think change will come at a click of your fingers. Get real, please. Predicting that the sky is falling doesn't help.


This shows that it is accepted that the jet ski's and para gliders are an unnecessary nuisance when the rest of the world is watching. If this were not the case then they would be allowed to operate during the Asian Beach Games

Posted by Paul on November 15, 2014 20:04


good joke, at least in Kamala

Posted by joap on November 16, 2014 22:36


Which Thai Authority had the power to ban jet sky and parasail business during Asian Beach games? The jet sky people gracious 'accepted' the order. And which Authority will allow the jet skies to be back atall beaches after the games? Many locals ( ex vendors), expats and tourists would like to know. Who is that Authority?

Posted by Kurt on November 19, 2014 11:27


So calm and quiet at Kata now :) no gasoline smell and exhaust and car driving on the beach fantastic and a hope it`t stay like this.

Posted by Bjorn ronningen on November 19, 2014 14:14

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