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Governor Nisit speaks at the Phuket beaches ''summit'' on Thursday

Phuket Jet-Ski Extortionist Will be Banned for Life, Says Governor

Thursday, February 12, 2015
PHUKET: The jet-ski hire company involved in the extortion of Chinese tourists on Phuket this week will be closed down and its owner banned from the industry, Phuket Governor Nisit Jansomwong said today.

He was speaking at the Royal Thai Navy Base at Cape Panwa, on Phuket's east coast, at a meeting with top Navy officers, key Phuket mayors and about 40 members of the Phuket media.

Governor Nisit was told that the Phuket Marine Office 5 chief, Phuripat Theerakulpisut, had suggested that as punishment, two of the company's four jet-skis would be deregistered for one month, and that the owner would be fined 10,000 baht.

The governor said it was his intention to make sure that the company was closed down and its owner banned from the industry.

Just as Phuket's governor has no direct control over the police and many other departments, he has no direct control over Phuket Marine Office 5, which is responsible for regulating the international holiday island's jet-skis.

However, the governor does have enormous influence and it would be a surprise if his judgement on the matter did not prevail.

Chinese tourist Zhang Cheng, 27, made a complaint to Cherng Talay police and the Phuket Damrungtam ombudsman's office after jet-ski owner Ae Yotharak and two other men demanded 200,000 baht in compensation when two jet-skis collided.

The jet-ski operators held the rest of the party of six on the beach at Bang Tao while Zhang Cheng was sent to find compensation.

He eventually handed over more than 90,000 baht, although another jet-ski owner suggested the damage could be fixed for about 20,000 baht.

Khun Ae later refunded 40,000 baht, leaving him still well ahead on the scam.

It later emerged that the jet-skis were not insured. Although jet-ski insurance is not comprehensive and for this reason scams and rip-offs still take place at Patong beach especially, all of Phuket's 286 registered jet-skis are required to have insurance.

For Khun Ae to rent uninsured jet-skis was a clear breach of the understanding that operators are obliged to obey the regulations, or suffer the consequences.

Most of the punishments for breaches of regulations by jet-ski owners have been slight.

If Khun Ae loses his livelihood, as the governor insists, the punishment will send a clear message to other jet-ski operators about continuing scams and extortion.

Khun Phuripat is believed to have been in Trang province for the past few days.


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Well said Governor. I just hope his "advice" is followed through as Marine Office 5 has a poor reputation as far as enforcement is concerned.
Keep on their case, PW. These gangsters need to be shown the door.

Posted by jimbo34 on February 12, 2015 14:02


If the governors request goes through, it will indeed be progress. This should have been done years ago.
Maybe, finally, we have a governor with some chutzpah.

Posted by s on February 12, 2015 14:41


One assumes the business owner will sell the business to a family member or friend and carry on as normal. Why not take away the jetskis and enforce their sale or destroy them? Then the business is really over.... at least until he buys more.

Posted by Amazing Thailand on February 12, 2015 15:10


10,000 Bath it`only 4 hours rent 1 day it`s nothing if we speak bath for 1 day for 1 jet-ski then we can talk pain fore this as.....

Posted by Bjorn Ronningen on February 12, 2015 15:15


The jet-ski operators held the rest of the party of six on the beach at Bang Tao ... That is considered kidnapping in most countries right?

Posted by James Bond on February 12, 2015 15:26


"However, the governor does have enormous influence and it would be a surprise if his judgement on the matter did not prevail" - can you be a little bit more specific?

Posted by Feisty Farang on February 12, 2015 15:35

Editor Comment:

No. Most readers don't need a nanny.


No way! Phuripats all about the jet ski guys whatever they get up to, if he does what the governor wants I'll eat my hat. There will surely be some compromise in this request.

Posted by Chalongian on February 12, 2015 15:40


Someone is going to 'lose face.' And the merry go round of ineptitude continues.

Posted by gee on February 12, 2015 16:23


Thank you Governor for your action
Safety should be first all times and as
good host Thai authorities should put priority to the protection of their (guests). Governor Jansomwong takes today a clear and good stance.
Tourists needs to be protected and not be victims of greed and criminal behavior.
The tourists who are after all the foundation of filling the local rice bowl should get more priority in the mindset of the authorities when they "rule" about consumers/tourist Intrest. Currently Safety and environment are set completely aside for the deep pockets and benefits of a handful "happy few". By allowing the Jet_Ski's in an unresponsbile way controlling what should be at first a relaxing beach and sea/swimmers paradise commerce get out of control and greed takes over. Far most tourist avoid the use of dangerous, stinky and polluting jetski's. Still the jetski's are in full control and are allowed and DO race like maniacs (and this with most unexperienced, unlicensed and sometimes intoxiated riders). They ride where kids play, swimmers float and snorkelers enjoy the sea. As long as you allow the jet_ski's to master the beach another "pest" will stay. Scamming and extortion is like a disease destroying Phuket's tourism industry. A few Wealthy "masterminds" are making extreme profits over the back of poor and goodwilling Thais, Expats and foreign workers. All living here and trying to make an income and also all contributing their way to local society. Once Greed (jet_ski's, para_sailors, tuk_tuk's) has destroyed the rice_bowl. It will backfire on all Phuket Citizens. When tourist gone. NO bussines, no household will not be sucked into the downward spiral. Business will lose but the average house hold will feel and be hurt by the downfall. A Phuket crises will come. Hotels will get lower occupancy rates and will have to lower the rooms rates to survive. Restaurants the same. Real estate yes everything will follow. Authorities can forget quality tourism plans. We'll get price buyers and less spending. This hurts massage salons, clothing industry. Yes Family markets and 7/11 ' s will be winners.
My love for Phuket is slowly disappearing. I got hope again on May 22nd 2013. But for obvious reasons I start losing my convince again Where the government promised changes I know see it shifted only to new deep pockets.
How can an officer keep his position in the way he is judging and "punishing" Scamming and criminal activities. How many more scams, incidents and accidents he will allow before he takes proper action. What is the gain from Marne 5 to keep allowing the jet_ski's in the way they are dominating and endangering the life of many innocents now? How many "incidents" we have had since his idle vow to take action after the next one? How many more have to occur? Marine 5 reactions are often weird soften and their punishments way to weak to impress the cullprits. Don't allow the wrong ones to safeguard the "Rice bowl" , Phuket Governor Nisit Jansomwong will be my HERO of this week. Thank you Governor you give me some hope again. I hope preventing or limiting the space and areas for the JetSki's will be a next one.

Posted by phuketgreed on February 12, 2015 16:39


Another English website tells it the other way around it publish that Marine 5 gave the final decision and that the jetski owner only get a punishment for 1 month. I hope Phuketwan is right and the governor stays my hero with his clear stance...

Posted by phuketgreed on February 12, 2015 17:04

Editor Comment:

Our information is from the governor today.


Good One the governor for sending a proper message

Posted by Michael on February 12, 2015 17:15


Ha Ha is this joke for publicity !!!!
banned for live ???? that means in thailand tomorrow his wife brother or sun will make the same business
with any cost or payments the easy way !!!!!

Posted by d on February 12, 2015 17:28


Does governors, who are appointed by Interior Ministry, have an authority to order Marine Department Marine Office 5 local branches what administrative orders to issue? I do doubt so.

Marine Department is under Ministry of Transport , so theoretically if can direct MD, but I don't hierarchical structure details, and most like even the Ministry can't request to act in certain way against particular private persons, as this authorities lies with MD and its branches.

There is no anymore , already for a few years, a statute devoted to administrative procedure at agency level, so it makes things only more complicated who can do what , including who can appeal Khun Phuripat the latest decision in question , and on what grounds.

Posted by Sue on February 12, 2015 17:35


I believe when I see

Posted by Johnboy on February 12, 2015 18:14


Steals 60k profit and get a 10,000 baht fine.


Posted by Tbs on February 12, 2015 20:52


i'm worried he will cry and be reduced to slap on he wrist

Posted by slickmelb on February 12, 2015 21:03


The Phuket Marine 5 office should checked and controled as well.

Posted by jean-paul patrick on February 13, 2015 13:00


banned for life this time, or from now on?

Posted by mike on February 13, 2015 23:18


For keeping person at bay the Penal Code provides for the following:

"Section 310 Whoever, detains or confines the other person, or by any other means whatever, deprives such person of the liberty of person, shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding three years or fined not exceeding six thousand Baht, or both."

Posted by Sue on February 19, 2015 00:52

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