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Phuket Island 'Deprived of Electricity for 12 Governors'

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
PHUKET: Residents and interest groups told Phuket Governor Tri Augkaradacha today that the small, beautiful island of Maprao, off Phuket's east coast, had been seeking a mains electricity supply ''for 12 governors''.

At Provincial Hall in Phuket City, Phukwetwan was also told that some residents suffered skin rashes and irritation because water for washing was filtered through buried garbage.

Maprao is home to traditional Muslim villagers and also to the Village, Coconut Island, one of Phuket's showcase property developments, where the monthly bill for power runs to five million baht, the meeting heard.

In the June Village News, development owner Chris Gordon wrote: ''We were promised mainland power over two years ago and it still has not arrived, but we are now confident that by the end of this year it will be on its way.''

Today it was Maprao village chief Yunhob Pethdee who told Governor Tri that the traditional owners had been seeking to have power connected for 12 governors so far.

He said there were 800 people living in homes on Koh Maprao, making up 180 families. Fuel to run a generator cost each family 120 baht a day, he said.

Having an underground cable supply connected to the island from Phuket would cost 46 million baht, he had been told.

The doctor at the community island clinic, Dr Nirutt Ruengdeth, told Phuketwan after the meeting that some residents suffered respiratory complaints because they breathed in the fumes from mosquito repellants.

They could not afford the fuel to supply generators to electric fans that would blow the fumes away, he said.

Even more of a health issue was buried garbage, he said. Groundwater that the villagers used to wash in permeated through the garbage first, he said.

Governor Tri told the deputation of seven that he would try to alert the national government to the importance of giving the island electricity.


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46 million for 180 families is a lot of money, are they supposed to pay other than the few thousand a meter cost or what is the plan there ? A general thing that I have noticed is that when there seem to be a local problem it is right away being transferred to the central government encroachment of land, corruption, repair of hill road to Patong and now this power cable just to mention a few of the latest ones, this leads to the question what does the local government do and is it necessary at all ?

Posted by Bjarne on June 12, 2012 14:07


"Even more of a health issue was buried garbage, he said. Groundwater that the villagers used to wash in permeated through the garbage first, he said."

Ther are 180 families and one resort. Who is burying the garbage?? These people are surely not craxxing on their own doorstep, and expecting someone else to handle the problems arising?

Posted by stu on June 12, 2012 14:14


If the 180 families continue to pay 120 baht / day, the resort should pay for it and charge the families. You can't run a power line to every island around Phuket.

Posted by GiantFan on June 12, 2012 15:20


you clearly did not live between some locals in a more rural area. But maybe you remember the youtube video with the excavator on a "pristine Phuket beach" burying a weddings garbage into the same beach where it happened. Nothing happened to them. Nothing. Quite common is to burn stuff, be it wooden or plastic or just let it rot on the unoccupied place next to their house. Also pretty common is it to run the laundry / dish wash water with all its cheap detergents into the own back yard next to their fresh water well. Ground water quality is not improving by this behavior, even so a lot of rain is helping to lessen the effect. You really never see the littered places? You must be living on the golf courses.

Sometimes you think really nobody cares for proper garbage disposal. Be it small or big. But to be fair, their are some good examples of communities who (start to) care. Only feels like lonely raindrops in the desert.

Posted by Lena on June 12, 2012 20:24

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