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The future of Phuket and the region improves with a summit meeting

Phuket Innovates as Island's Future Debated

Tuesday, May 25, 2010
News Analysis

THE SECOND historic meeting between honorary consuls and Phuket's Thai authorities yesterday was significant because there was a vast improvement in interaction from all sides.

And there was plenty of news:

.. Tourist Police are aiming to set up call centres in Patong and Kamala so there is no competition between taxis for jobs.

.. A plan is underway to set up a tourists' drunk centre in Patong where expats who have had too much can recover. Too much swearing, though, may not ensure freedom in the morning.

.. Germany does not include Phuket as part of its current travel warning for Thailand because it recognises that the island is safe.

.. Improvements are coming in both tuk-tuks and taxis, but more discussions need to take place.

..Police voluntarily supplied statistics for expats who had been involved with the law this year in a variety of cases.

.. The number of tuk-tuks on Phuket was given as 1130 now, but that's ''unlikely to increase.'' Read: no more tuk-tuks.

The meeting was positive in every respect. More representatives from the Thai media were there than at the first meeting three months ago, which means the honorary consuls' opinions may be reported to Phuket's Thai residents for the first time - an important step in awareness across the whole island.

It's plain that there's a recognition that the opinions of the honorary consuls need to be heard. They are the ones who receive the most accurate feedback from tourists, both positive and negative. Many of the honorary consuls are Thais.

It's also plain that the people who hold the key roles on Phuket also have their own ideas about how Phuket needs to change to deal with the future.

Given the size of the task brought on by circumstances beyond Phuket's control, yesterday's meeting makes for a great start.
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Right Honorary Consoles who are Thai's, yes foreigners are really going to open up to them, man what have you been smoking are you brain dead!

Editor: Most young people who travel the world don't regard others as ''foreigners.'' Attitudes have changed. You should talk to someone under 30. You might learn something. Are you sure you don't really mean ''insecure, sad-case Westerners like me?''

Posted by Capt Canada on May 25, 2010 15:29


Alan, get a grip on yourself! I used to enjoy reading Phuketwan and readers' comments - but lately it seems to have turned into an excuse for you to insult and belittle valid comments from your readers. It is not professional at all - Simon

Editor: We don't tolerate racism or bigotry in any form.

Posted by Simon Luttrell on May 25, 2010 20:30


Dear editor Yes One World One Family that I believe in and worked on teaching others that view for years, I think that there are a lot of young people who are moving in that direction but still think of them selves as where they from. Yes I do talk to a lot of young people maybe more than you. Years ago Phuket had a lot of young people under 30 in fact it was a back packers paradise but that has all changed.Today Phuket mainly has older people. I play music in the bars and meet quite a few people but most people these days in Phuket are older than years ago. But its interesting what you said I will see when around at nights what people say.

Editor: Thanks. And how many of the Thai honorary consuls have you actually met or heard reports about? In some cases, the Thais are frequent visitors to the countries involved and have long experience in resorts. They usually speak the language involved and are just as capable of assisting expats as expat representatives.

Posted by Capt Canada on May 25, 2010 21:48


The Governor's extended tenure was to resolve the tuk tuk problem.
I bet you that he won't fulfil this mandate, that there won't be a single tuk tuk with a meter at the end of Soi Bangla prior to his departure.
In fact I'll go further, I don't even think I will see one in my lifetime.

Posted by Peter Jones on May 25, 2010 23:06


Editor, You may not " tolerate" bigotry, but at times you sure practice it.

Simon, I don't think it's Mr. Morrison but typically, Thai -Style nepotism screwing up the foreigner's business.

Editor: There's not much you get right, including the spelling of my name.

Posted by Christy S on May 26, 2010 09:14


Did you ever think that just maybe the reason I started this whole discussion was because of the Thai consoles I had met and criticism of them by others who felt they couldn't open up as they didn't trust there loyalty. As we learned in China the Chinese working at our embassy also had other loyalties, thus my comment about here in Thailand and 30 years experience locally.

Editor: Well why didn't you say so, instead of making it appear as though you were insulting all consuls because they happen to be Thai? But you'll also have to explain just what your experience in China ''at our embassy'' (which embassy?) has to do with the quality of Thai consuls in Thailand. Which embassy are you talking about? Was this experience in 1970 or last month? To me, there's no reason why the actions of staff at an embassy in China have anything to do with Thailand and Phuket's honorary consuls. Please tell us the connection. To generalise in the way you did means that you are insulting ALL the Thai consuls. My experiences with them have always been good. Please tell us which ones are a problem, so the good ones don't think you are insulting them just because they are Thai, or just because they are Asian. The problem is, Capt Canada, that for a man who claims to believe in one world, everything you've said so far makes you sound like a man with a flawed outlook.

Posted by Capt Canada on May 26, 2010 17:06


MR EDITOR Do us all a favour get some empathy and stop slagging you readers off..grow up be profesional.....

Posted by barka on May 26, 2010 22:33


Good banter you two...:)

Posted by tikitravel on May 27, 2010 03:41

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