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The body of the man is carried off after the shooting on Phuket today

Phuket Gunman Shoots Plot Owner in Front of Wife in Land Dispute

Thursday, January 9, 2014
PHUKET: A woman witnessed her husband's murder by gunmen in a dispute over a plot of Phuket land this afternoon.

Sangwan Norsatokker, 45, told police that two men arrived at the plot of land about 1pm at Soi 10 Korkaew, in a white Fortuner. The plot is about three kilometres off Thepkasattri Road.

As the men talked to her husband, Echa Yala, 49, she heard her husband say: ''What happened today?'' Then one man went to the Fortuner, which had Bangkok plates, and brought back a gun.

The man shot her husband once in the head, then shot him twice more as he lay on the ground. The men walked without hurrying to the vehicle and drove off.

She said that a few days ago, three men - including a policeman in uniform and another in plain clothes - came to the plot of land to talk. Two days later, the men came to talk again.

She said her husband always maintained in conversations that the land belonged to him. She has told police the Bangkok number of the vehicle, which she remembered.

Her husband's body was taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket City.


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And I'm sure that Ed still will say that there is no mafia in Phuket.

Posted by Charles on January 9, 2014 17:05

Editor Comment:

Do you really believe every killing around the world is perpetrated by the mafia, Charles?


You are an old man that gets a buzz out of insulting people. You insulted the Thai Navy and will soon be in jail and hopefully the end of you getting off on insulting people.

Posted by Fiesty Farang on January 9, 2014 18:42

Editor Comment:

I wouldn't let you make those kinds of unwarranted cracks about anybody, FF, let alone when they're about me and they're not true. I don't think anyone will be surprised when I say, Goodbye.


agree with ED Charles...what makes you think this is a "mafia" thing...can you elaborate?

Posted by sky on January 9, 2014 18:52


@fiesty farang - you are another quality human being in the world i see - i always find it interesting that you seem to genuinely detest the Editor but you certainly have no problem reading his publication everyday and commenting - might i suggest that if you dislike him so much you should find some other site to read and stay away.

Posted by Ciaran on January 9, 2014 19:47


This story sounds like more to it. I have three wild guesses already. But guesswork it is, so I wait for the facts to transpire. One of this most interesting crimes on Phuket.

RIP Khun Echa.

Style is puzzling, that the shooter went back to the car to get his gun. And that they don't care the wife sees them in full, even though not in haste and really hardened wet work, if you kill one, why let one live? Mmh. Some people thinking of being unfindable, untouchable or too scary to pursue. Or just insane, but not likely, as they were two. Then there is always the question of what has really happened. But that would be a little bit boring.

Posted by Lena on January 10, 2014 04:04


Fiesty Farang, making a joke about someone going to jail is in really poor taste. I agree with Ciaran, why do you keep reading if you hate the editor so much?

Posted by Pete on January 10, 2014 11:37

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