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Phuket FC's Next Goal: Ending Ban on Beer That May Cost a Sponsor

Phuket FC's Next Goal: Ending Ban on Beer That May Cost a Sponsor

Wednesday, April 9, 2014
PHUKET: The island's Phuket Football Club fears it may lose sponsors Thai Beverage because of a ban on alcohol sales in and around the team's Phuket City home ground.

Sales of beer and other alcoholic drinks are prohibited within a 100-metre cordon around the ground - a recognition that sport and drink don't mix.

Thai Beverage, makers of Chang beer, sponsor Phuket FC. Club.

Manager Priyawit Acariyachai, US-educated son of resort owner and club chairman Pamuke Acariyachai, says he fears the sponsors will give up on the club because of the ban.

""I am very worried,'' he said. The club has had an astonishing streak with three wins in a row taking the team to second place on the Division One ladder.

An injection of new players, a good coach and young, vital management appear to have turned the corner for Phuket FC after two seasons struggling for promotion to Premier League.

Whether the drink ban will cost them fans is an issue for Khun Priyawit, who believes some Phuket FC supporters have already decided not to come to games because of the ban.

''Not only Thais but also fans from other parts of the world come to our games,'' Khun Priyawit said.

The new regulation banning alcohol in a 100-metre radius of the Surakul Stadium in Maeluan Road was adopted by the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation on March 26.

It affects not only the stadium but also a small shop nearby that fans have turned into a gathering place.

It's believed a series of ugly incidents at the stadium led first to a ban on the sale of bottles, and now a ban on beer in plastic cups. However, it has been some time since the last incident.

Talks are planned between Phuket FC and the administrative organisation to try to have the ban reversed.

It's unlikely that genuine fans - especially families - will stop attending games just because they cannot get a drink. Phuket's weekend 3-1 victory over Bangkok FC attracted about 3000 people.


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We, the fans, said from day 1 of the ban that Chang would cancel the sponsorship. The first game they had 5 or 6 stalls selling both beer and water, after that they had none. They sponsor us to make money from the game.
With regards to fans. last weekends numbers were far less than the games before, but it's not because of the beer ban, because people are still drinking. If you attended a game then you would know.

Posted by phuket madness on April 9, 2014 10:21

Editor Comment:

Not very smart, phuket madness. In revealing that information, you will probably cause officials from the administrative organisation to be at the next game, which could lead to the drinkers and Phuket FC being fined.


Shhss don't tell anyone. In Patong there are prostitutes, illegal drugs, late night drinking and gambling. Pirate videos, trainers, dildo's, porn films. In fact it's the same everywhere in Thailand. Keep it under your hat or we're all screwed. Get real ED. Typical Thai, avoid the real issues with ill conceived persecution.

Posted by gee on April 9, 2014 11:28

Editor Comment:

Laughable as usual, gee. Your ability to guess at people's nationality from what they type is remarkable . . . and unremarkably wrong.


My point is the maladaptive coping mechanism, avoidance inherent in Thai culture. Thailand has a history of 'shooting itself in the foot.' Self sabotage. There's no reason to ban alcohol at Surikul, no recorded violence, no arrests. Same with Songkran, people die on the roads because of inept law enforcement. Thai solution, ban alcohol.

Posted by gee on April 9, 2014 11:54

Editor Comment:

You'd have to be kidding. Drinking at sports events is a global issue, not one specific to Thais or Thailand. Most sporting organisations this century have imposed very strict controls and the result has been that women and children can now go to venues that were once the domain of hooligans. Need a drink, gee? Can't go to a two-hour sporting event without one? I'd say those who can't have a problem. Bigotry, though, is much more difficult to regulate.


My point exactly, avoidance. Well done.

Posted by gee on April 9, 2014 12:13

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