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Phuket Expat Legal Workers Number 6947, With Britons Dominating

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
PHUKET: British expat residents working on Phuket outnumber all other nationalities by more than two to one, latest statistics reveal.

Male expat workers outnumber female expat workers on Phuket by more that three to one, the new figures show.

Labor Officer senior officer Puang Songnam said that Phuket currently has 6947 expats with work permits, 5201 males and 1746 females.

Of those, the vast majority are in two of Phuket's three regions, with 3599 in Muang district, 2351 in Kathu district (which takes in Patong) and 997 in Thalang district.

By nationality, the figures break down as follows:

British 1095
Philippines 440
France 432
America 408
Russia 403
Germany 361
Italy 357
Australia 338
Sweden 302
Korea 284
Other 2527

Expats working on Phuket do not reflect the nationalities of tourists with Chinese, Russians and Australians dominating travellers to Phuket.

Estimates of the number of expats living on Phuket run as high as 30,000.


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Interesting to see that by far the largest foreign workforce on Phuket is nowhere to be seen on that Top 10 list.

The Burmese.

Posted by Steve C. on February 28, 2012 13:26

Editor Comment:

Burmese, Cambodians and Laotians are ''aliien'' workers.


Are the Bumese not expats, too ?

Posted by resident on February 28, 2012 13:46


Hard to believe that the Brits outnumber all other expat nationalities.

Perhaps Brits are just more law-abiding to take the time to actually become legal?

Posted by Sir Burr on February 28, 2012 14:08


Dear Editor: how about doing an article about the new drug tests which are going on for work permits and work permit renewals? Good idea?

Posted by J on February 28, 2012 14:20

Editor Comment:

What drug tests? Am I missing out on something? There are no drug tests. I speak as someone with a work permit renewed today.


I often wonder why it is necessary for foreigners to be permitted to sell land & real estate. We cannot own land, so why should we be allowed to wheel & deal in it. Are the Thais not capable of market sales by themselves? That would account for quite a few of these numbers, as evidenced by foreign sales people in Jungeceylon.

Posted by Logic on February 28, 2012 14:23

Editor Comment:

Sure. The believability factor.


Perhaps J just looks like a suspect character Ed, had mine renewed a week ago and no drug test for me.

Posted by phuket madness on February 28, 2012 14:48


Surprising ... why so few Aussies?

Posted by johndev on February 29, 2012 07:49


why no Aussies? Too lazy to work!

Posted by johnpaul on February 29, 2012 17:10

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