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Phuket Expat Woman Robbed at Gunpoint While Jogging

Saturday, August 31, 2013
PHUKET: A Canadian woman has told police she was robbed by armed men on motorcycles in southern Phuket while out exercising with friends about 4pm today.

Two men on one motorcycle and a single rider on another bike were involved, Arazo Mehrpoor, 28, told police.

One man produced a gun before taking a purse containing 900 baht in cash and an IPod, officers were told.

Ms Mehrpoor was out jogging with two female friends not far from Phuket's lone wind-powered turbine on a headland south of Nai Harn beach.

A number of similar robberies with guns or knives produced by robbers has raised concerns in recent weeks in Cherng Talay and Mai Khao, as well as southern Phuket.


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Poor Woman, not a nice experience for sure..

Posted by robert on September 1, 2013 13:07


A couple of weeks ago my friend was robbed at knife point (12" machete) by two Thai thugs on a bike. He reported it to the police, but it never made the news.

Do you want his phone number? The Gazette wasn't interested.

Posted by Buster on September 1, 2013 14:29

Editor Comment:

Two weeks ago makes a follow-up difficult without name, date, time, police station, officer in charge, Buster.


This is bad news & shows a trend heading in the wrong direction in terms of bad publicity for Phuket. Armed robbery in broad daylight for what is indeed a pittance.

Posted by Logic on September 1, 2013 14:40

Editor Comment:

Half a week's wages for some, Logic.


3-4 times a week I go with my MTB around Nai Harn lake and the surround roads. Around 5-6 pm sometimes come gnags of young boys driving motorbike at crazy speed with modufy engine. No helmets, 2-3 for motorbikes. Seats, talking, smoking- Never see in 5 years one policeman stop them and check what are they doing, what they smoke, why dont wear helment, why go so fast eith motorbike close to the people use bicycle and jogging. Instaed every days at the intersection with soy Saiyuan, at 9 am when tourists coming form Kata go to the beach, Police makes a check point and fine everybodies without helmets and driving license: 90% farangs. Good job!!

Posted by dave on September 1, 2013 19:50


I thought cameras were set up around the lake after previous problems I know not exactly the lake but the bike would have had to have passed there

Posted by michael on September 2, 2013 16:51

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