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Phuket Expat Found Dead: No Suspicious Signs So Far

Phuket Expat Found Dead: No Suspicious Signs So Far

Thursday, August 4, 2011
PHUKET: A Danish expat has been found dead in his Phuket bungalow. Police investigations are continuing but at this stage, there are no suspicious circumstances.

The solidly-built man, named as Claes Kjaerulf Gosvig, 42, is thought to have been a diving instructor.

On Monday, neighbors saw Mr Gosvig, who lived near the KanEang@Pier restaurant in Phuket's southern Chalong district, going for a walk then cooking about 7pm.

Today neighbors noticed his door was open, and investigated. Mr Gosvig was on his bed, dead.

A fan was still turning. An initial investigation has produced no unusual signs.

Mr Gosvig's body was taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital.
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Claes was no ordinary dive instructor, he created many dive instructors - on Phuket and Koh Tao. RIP - sorry you bowed out so young.

Posted by Jon on August 4, 2011 10:32


the beaches are going and will continue to do so due to rising sea levels plus seasonal rains documented since 2004 on phuket and else where but we must not mention it !!! get your sunbed etc on the road, pattaya has lost its beaches

Posted by random on August 4, 2011 14:12


could be dive related, decomp sickess, etc. check the boats if he went out, or if he has a shop.

Posted by JingJing on August 4, 2011 16:02


I was surprised to learn by good source that Danish-Expat-Instructor does not have a work-permit with Phuket Labor Department; so he was working illegally with different dive companies as free-lance diving Instructor.
He had previously a work-permit in Surathani but was cancelled longtime ago.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on August 4, 2011 16:37

Editor Comment:

To use someone's untimely death to pursue your agenda to clean up the dive industry is tasteless and unseemly, Whistle-Blower. What a way to mourn a man's passing.


@Editor Comment:
''To use someone's untimely death to pursue your agenda to clean up the dive industry is tasteless and unseemly, Whistle-Blower. What a way to mourn a man's passing.''

I understand your point but unfortunately, deaths, road accidents, fighting in bars with expats, arrest by police of murderers as Swedes Tommy Viktor Soderlund and Johan Sebastian Ljung, give strong evidences of thousands of foreigners working illegally in Phuket, PhangNga, Krabi, Koh Samui, Koh Tao and Pattaya.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on August 4, 2011 17:12


Unbelievably bad taste Whistle Blower.. Work permit or no work permit Claes was a nice fella and what is the point in commenting on these things on this sad day. RIP Claes

Posted by Anonymous on August 4, 2011 17:23


@Whistle-Blower: Maybe next time you have info like that from a good source, maybe just confront the person concerned with your findings in person. If you do not want to do that, but strongly believe that you or society could possibly benefit from it, then go ahead and report your finding to the authorities. But anonymously spreading unfounded and really completely irrelevant rumors on a public forum just hours after a person dies, is really even below what I expected from a sorry character like you appear to be!

Posted by Whistle-Thrower on August 4, 2011 17:24


@whistle-blower. Well we have all seen you do some odd things off this forum, and this is very low but I am sure you will find some way to justify this to yourself. His family will be reading this, I hope you are full of shame.

Posted by Whistle-Blown on August 4, 2011 18:55


WBlower, the only thing your post is "strong evidence" of is stupidity and poor character. These would be facts.

3 or 5 cases out of 100,000 is not statistically revealing. Pleases stop presenting your lack of insight. Besides your tactics being rude and distasteful your argument/cause has no foundation or supporting evidence that you (at least) are capable of presenting.

Apparently you would not be able to recognize a fact if it hit you in the face. My sincere condolences to Mr. Gosvig's friends on his unfortunate passing and to any of his friends or family that might be offended by WB's lack of judgment.

Posted by Martin on August 4, 2011 19:00



This marks a new low point when it comes to your fanatic wish to turn every thread into your pet worry about westerners working as dive instructors..Can you tell me in what way this article about this mans death has ANYTHING to do with him working as a dive instructor? Weird and extremely distasteful.

Posted by christian on August 4, 2011 19:54


I am not a grass to give names or companies to Thai Authorities to control and eventually arrest them for wrongdoing.
That is the duty of Thai Authorities such as TAT Registration Phuket, Immigration, Police or Phuket Commercial Registration Office to act according to the law.
But it is my duty as manager of a tourism company to bring to the said Thai Authorities comments and eventually the appropriate changes of what is going wrong in our dive industry and tourism through comments on forums, questions and answers during official meetings or complains through legally established tourism associations as are doing the same way those in the hotel industry (Thai Hotel Association) or tourism industry (Phuket Tourist Guide Association, and Phuket Tourist Association), and so on....
The 5 committees and commissions set-up last month by local and governmental authorities are duty bound to manage the too many wranglers roaming Phuket.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on August 4, 2011 20:00


I still remember the headline from this newspaper a few weeks ago, "Whistle-Blower Dead"... but it referred to the phone hacking scandal in the UK. Boohoo.

Posted by Horse Blower on August 4, 2011 20:30

Editor Comment:

Phuketwan is not a newspaper. We don't boast about our traffic figures on misreported murder cases.


To Whistle Blower - I don't care what your job is. It is not appropriate to be commenting on this page, especially today.
Claes was loved by many of us and you are causing further upset by your stupidity.

Editor - please delete all the comments that may cause offence to family and friends.

Posted by Anonymous on August 4, 2011 20:38

Editor Comment:

Sorry, censorship is not something we do, no-name. Whether this man had a work permit or not is trivia compared to his family's loss.


@Whistle Blower. A man dying in something completely unrelated to what you are talking about is not something you need to comment on here. Yes there are problems in the diving industry and indeed many others for foreigners working without work permits. How a young man dying is going to help you promote your case for this I fail to see so I suggest that you go back to running your dive center and avoid upsetting Claes' friends of which he had many. This is not the time or the place.

Posted by Anonymous on August 4, 2011 22:19


@ Whistle Blower.Claes was a very dear and good friend of mine and yes, he had a valid WP. Your comments here and on other forums shows me, that there is still people in this world, regardless on the topic, who wants to be a smart a**. Shame on you.

Posted by Michael on August 5, 2011 01:43


Mr Claes died, from unknown reasons; we are very sad and all my regards to the familly and the friends;
But as Whistle blows, the stress to be working without any W.P. could be a reason for this death. Let's the specialists investigate; some expats other forums (I agree) could talk about that dangerous stress...

Posted by scandalous on August 5, 2011 06:45


I don't know this man, but it is always upsetting to me when someone dies, who has only lived half of his life as he would have had so much more to enjoy and give.

I am completely horrified by the moronic comments.

Posted by Tbs on August 5, 2011 07:56


RIP Claes, you were a really good guy and fun to be around

@ whistle blower: wind your neck in mate, its usually people like you who have the most to hide from a shady past. Your posts have nothing to do with this article. I would love to meet up with you for a drink and a few minutes where we can "discuss" your statistics. Grow up!

Posted by Whistle blowers new friend on August 5, 2011 21:09


He was such a nice guy!! RIP my old friend!!!!

Snorkelmaster Peter from Denmark....

Posted by Anonymous on August 8, 2011 06:51


Whistleblower, I think you are disturbed if you think that by commenting on someone who is dead any authority can or would want to do anything about their Visa status. Clearly you are a person that likes to attempt to draw attention to yourself by whatever means without any consideration for his friends and family. Why don't you post your real name on here if you are proud of what you do. Can everyone please vote if you would like Whistleblower to post his real name? Editor I am surprised you let Whistleblower post comments like that on here under circumstances like this. Clearly if the family read this there will be distress which is of greater concern than this attention seeker. Clearly he or she has a very boring life to resort to tactics like this. I am sure Claes gave many people a great deal of pleasure whilst diving.

Posted by AdamFoundEve on August 12, 2011 12:57


please help... will be visiting phuket, phi-phi and bangkok from 26 Aug...any severe caution during this period - in terms of weather etc?

Posted by jen on August 15, 2011 13:36

Editor Comment:

Too far ahead to forecast but anyone who has been on Phuket for the past fortnight has had great weather, with a little light rain over the past couple of days.

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