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Phuket expat, teacher Louise Warren, injured in a Patong motorcycle crash

Phuket Expat in Coma After Patong Motorcycle Crash

Sunday, May 17, 2015
Today's Updating Special Report

PHUKET: An Australian expat, Louise Warren, is in a coma in the intensive care unit at Vachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket City after a motorcycle crash in Patong.

It's believed she was alone on the bike when it crashed on the road behind Jungceylon shopping mall on Friday evening.

Her family has been notified. It is believed Ms Warren taught at Patong Language School.

An unusually high proportion of expats and tourists are involved in crashes on Phuket, mostly involving motorcycles.


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tourists simply shoukd not drive bikes, ano budget and route their trips to use alternative methods of transportation , incl. by foot, or buy cheaper room and bdg in tuktuks etc.

whoever comes to Phuket, my string advise NO bikes in whatever form, incl. as a passenger, incl. on motorbike taxi

it is fun to ride until 1st injury
it seems that like half of those who came 1st here and and stat more than 2wk on a bike, can be easily recognized by bruises or bondages

Posted by Sue on May 17, 2015 16:58


From all of your past and present students and friends, we are all praying for you Louise, all In shock right now and can only hope you are getting the very best in medical care and our thoughts also with your family at this time

Posted by Rob on May 17, 2015 17:38


@sue, did you read the report ? She is not a tourist, but an expat teacher working in Phuket. Usually they are on budget too and ride motorbikes. But did she wear a helmet ? The report doesn't elaborate

Posted by Werni on May 17, 2015 19:39


Sue, Louise has lived and worked in Patong for quite a few years now, not some newbie on the Island or novice on a bike, and as of yet, nobody knows the actual circumstances of her accident. Can we try and put the assumptions/advice/personal opinions lecture bits to one side for now and consider Instead Louise's serious condition and her family and friends emotions first and foremost thanks

Posted by Rob on May 17, 2015 20:05


Of course we can Rob. As a teacher I will assume she had a helmet on and it wasn't her fault.

And that's precisely why I (also a teacher - special needs) stopped riding motorcycles on Phuket years ago.

My wife is from Phuket, and I am there 4 months a year normally, so I know how dangerous it is there for motorbikes, and so did Louise.

We'll all hope for the best for her, and moreover - hope more expats are proactive and shun the motorbikes that rule the island.

I bought a truck instead.

Posted by farang888 on May 17, 2015 23:40



yes, I have read -

first, the article is silent whether she arrived to Thailand 1 months ago and immediately took a working appointment - have met many such people, actually they are on Thai bdg, and yes, are squeezed to move around on bikes

second, my statement was quite general


whatever driving proficiency you exhibit while driving in Thailand, incl. of bike, one day someone will crash into you, so it is better, in general take a strategy to drive less, and of to drive, then to chose safer vehicle.
Moreover driving a bike expose you to material extra criminal risk,as often reported by media.
Ridiculously low salaries for EN expat teachers in Thailand,within the well know a ridiculous education system, of course, is one of factors, why they can't afford cars out of their regular employment income.

For sure, let's hope for soonest and full recovery for Louise!

Posted by Sue on May 18, 2015 01:21


If taxis and tuk tuks were not such a rip off less people would be on bikes.Expat teachers are often not paid that much that they can hire a car.

Posted by shadowcat on May 18, 2015 04:56


unfortunately their a bike accidents all over the world it doesnt help when their a lot of untrained riders sharing the road with you.we have a long running road campaign in aus look left look right look bike.i believe unlike aus that its inexperienced riders (unlicensed) in a unfamiliar country that causes alot of these mishaps and i hope and pray that this young lady makes a full recovery

Posted by marty on May 18, 2015 05:07


"Expat teachers are often not paid that much that they can hire a car."

They should buy a car anyway - and go into debt - that is if personal health and mitigating potential disaster is priority ONE, as opposed to saving money.
Did you know that in North America, the average person dies with 75% of their money left?

Money is given too high of a priority in this materialistic world - even by me.

Guilty as charged!

Posted by farang888 on May 18, 2015 06:35


Ed, once again why was my comment not published?

Posted by Feisty Farang on May 19, 2015 09:45

Editor Comment:

Comments have to add value, FF. Correct spelling would also help: ''This is an Sean problem.''

I suggest you talk to Sean. He will also tell you that crazy ideas based on bigotry won't get posted here.


I thought everyone died with 100% of their money left.

Posted by Manowar on May 19, 2015 10:12


May this beautiful intelligent young woman make a full recovery. She has so much to offer to this life. It's not her time!

How dare any of you Judge as to what truly occurred. It's tragic whatever happened and it's no fault of her own.

Posted by Anonymous on May 20, 2015 09:15


I hope Louise makes a full recovery.....

So so sad what happened.... Her family must be so distraught....

Posted by Robert on May 20, 2015 11:46


Louise is 32 years old!

and DEAR SUE; Louise was not a tourist she has been working here for three years, earning a far lot less than the many jobs she has been offered in Australia (even after the cost of living is considered). She realized soon after arriving here that she had what it takes to make a difference in peoples lives and therefore made the decision to stay.

Also, Louise was a very careful rider and a very good rider, I know, I am the person who taught her to ride AND have ridden with her many times, mostly in Australia but also here in Phuket.

She remains in a critical condition and we are still hoping and praying for a miracle. They do happen! If love is all it takes to heal, she'd be back to 100% full health already.

Without prejudice:
The insurance company involved is pushing to have her flown back to Australia, which is ironic because they did not want her transferred to Bangkok Hospital Phuket when it was first suggested, it is my opinion that it could only be because Bangkok hospital would cost them a lot more money than Vachira and moving her to Australia will save them a significant amount of dollars. Profit before people! Shame on you CoverMore, SHAME ON YOU.

Thank you to the loving, caring people of the Phuket community for your support and the Phuket Wan for following this story. The family has been overwhelmed by the generosity, emotional support and kind words here in these comments.

If anyone I've ever known can come through this it's Louise.

Please keep praying for her.

One of her friends in Australia has set up a collection site for anyone wanting to contribute to expenses which will not be covered by her travel insurance, at looking closely I'm estimating these expenses are going to be well IN EXCESS OF AUD$10000 (nearly $10000 has been raised already & $6000 of that was raised in just 8 hours). The site is:

Posted by Sam on May 29, 2015 03:16


Dear Sam,

the situation in Thaioand is such, that whatever good ruder you are, driving a motorbike represents very significant hazard, that stems from conduct of other drivers and participants in road traffic, poor design of traffic solutions and also poor maintenance and signage of roads, thus driving or riding motorbikes should be avoided at all cost. And yes, foreign English teachers in Thailand are generally poorly paid,, so they are unable to hire a car from their teachers salaries, unless they use other funds - but that is what they had to do.

I find it highly disturbing that the insurance company acts without regard of a patient who is in so vulnerable condition. Let's hope that reasonable solution will be found for providing proper treatment for Louise.

Let's hope that the next message you'll post will be about Louise already recovering well!

Posted by Sue on May 29, 2015 06:52


Dear Sam, can you let Gordon and Annette know we are so thinking of them and especially Louise. Please keep the updates coming. Love and Hugs from Stephen and Karen Brigden

Posted by Karen Brigden on May 31, 2015 14:30


Can anyone give us here in Western Australia an update on Louise Warren please? Much obliged.

Posted by Karen Brigden on June 4, 2015 10:17

Editor Comment:

We are told there has been no change in Louise's condition, Karen.


Hi Karen Brigden

I have not kept an eye on this page but was just told of you message on here, I am hopeful that you see this message and can contact the editor of this online newspaper and give them permission to forward you contact details to me.
For anyone else concerned, Louise is back in Perth now and has been moved from ICU to the trauma ward. She is in isolation and is now graded as in serious but stable condition. She is NOT allowed visitors at this time.

Again, thank you to all who have shared their love and concern.

Posted by Sam on June 18, 2015 00:52

Editor Comment:

That is great news, Sam. If you are seeking inspiration, look up the articles relating to Monica Vearer and her son, Shane Free, on Phuketwan.

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