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Police check the dead driver at the wheel of her car after the killing

Phuket Execution Stops Traffic as One Shot Kills Woman in Car

Friday, January 18, 2013
PHUKET: A professional killer most likely carried out the one-shot murder of a businesswoman in a busy road on Phuket tonight.

The 43-year-old woman was killed in Chao Fa Road West, near the intersection with Kwang Road, as she approached Central Festival Phuket from Chalong Circle about 8.08pm.

A man in a black Mitsubishi four-wheel drive pulled alongside the woman's white Chevrolet.

The killer - probably in a passenger seat - fired one shot through the window, hitting her in the head as she talked on a mobile telephone, killing her instantly.

The killer's vehicle was driven off towards Central, leaving chaos behind as the victim's car veered into the kerb and knocked over a light pole. The victim had a seat belt on.

Traffic was held up and a crowd probably numbering hundreds gathered as first paramedics then police investigators descended on the grisly execution scene.

Forensic crews were still searching for clues tonight.

The vehicle had Phuket plates but the owner was recorded as being from Nonthaburi province, across the river from Bangkok.

The woman, wearing a blue polo top and white jeans, slumped at the wheel. The crowd continued to look on as her body was removed from the vehicle.

It is believed the woman lived in Yaowarat Road, Phuket City, and had a business connection with an energy drink manufacturer.


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Gee wizz and they have been warning us for years, do not use your mobile phone while driving. If this lady was a bit more aware of her surroundings and not busy chatting on the phone, she may have been able to out manoeuvre the killer or killers in the pick-up. Hang I am never going into business agin in Thailand, just too damn dangerous.

Posted by Robin on January 18, 2013 22:45


One of the busiest intersections in Phuket, hundreds of wittnessess and surely a lot of CCTV cameras.

One would think chances of getting caught are very high. Not a very professional hitman if you ask me, unless he is somehow overly confident he is untouchable.

Either way, hardly befitting the image of a balmy paradise island and another reason to stay away from any type of investment or business here.

Posted by Andrew on January 19, 2013 08:42

Editor Comment:

Murders happen everywhere, Andrew, especially in business. Why would you imagine enmity disappears just because the sun is shining? Police can control many things, but not human emotions. Give up on the ''murders shouldn't happen in paradise'' shtick, please.


Not in the energy drink business, not from Nonthaburi, not yaowarat rd not a black Mitsubishi. You "news" ghouls have a helluva record.

Posted by Mango on January 20, 2013 22:38

Editor Comment:

If you don't want your news fast - and inevitably with minor flaws while investigators sort out the facts - stick with your nursery rhymes, please. Real life is strictly for grownups. You can always go out once a year, mango, and buy a history book. And by the way, you're the ghoul.

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