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Phuket Drownings Highlight Wasted Lives

Monday, January 18, 2010
ROAD TOLL and drowning figures for 2009 confirm that deaths in the water are far out of proportion to fatalities on Phuket's roads.

A total of 153 people died on Phuket's roads, while 57 died in the water.

Given the large difference between the number of people who use the roads and the number who swim or work on water, more resources probably need to be devoted to water safety.

The Director of Phuket's Public Health office, Dr Pongsawat Rattanasang, said today that he thought Phuket's lifeguard system at popular beaches was not good enough.

The beaches have been unguarded for long periods in 2009 and remain unguarded today because of the need for officials to seek tenders for lifeguard companies.

''Equipment also should be improved,'' Dr Pongsaway said today. He said tourists came to Phuket for beach holidays, imagining that the island was a safe place to swim all year long.

''Some of the tourists also do not believe what beach guards tell them,'' he said.

The drowning figure includes the deaths of six tourists and a Thai from a dive boat capsize in March. It is believed the poor performance of rescue services on that occasion has led to a 17 million baht allocation for a Phuket sea rescue service.

On the roads, the Director of Phuket's Transport Office, Kanok Siripanichkorn, said the toll of 153 showed more work needed to be done.

''Seventy percent of fatalities involve motorcycles,'' he said. ''People should wear helmets. People should ride on the correct side of the road. People should obey red lights at traffic signals.''

Phuket is difficult driving sometimes, he said, because it combines steep hills and windnig roads and sometimes unpredictable weather.
Phuket Coma Diver Will Be Heading Home Soon
Latest After almost two months in a coma, British diver Shane Free has emerged and recovered to the point where he can leave Phuket for his home country, Britain.
Phuket Coma Diver Will Be Heading Home Soon

Phuket Honeymoon Crash Victim Aims for Home
Latest Aimee Malonzo hopes to be on a flight home from Phuket to Australia later this week. Her family will be with her, on a flight that will also carry home her husband, crash victim Michael Malonzo.
Phuket Honeymoon Crash Victim Aims for Home

Phuket Fears That Fatal Dive Could Happen Here
Latest A dive collision death off Pattaya should mean better safety education for speedboat and diveboat drivers around Phuket, says one expert, who fears uncertain conditions exist here.
Phuket Fears That Fatal Dive Could Happen Here

Phuket's Holiday Toll: Australian Tourist Killed
UPDATE An Australian has been killed in a taxi travelling from Patong to Phuket airport, latest fatality on the island's roads as the toll for the dangerous New Year period mounts
Phuket's Holiday Toll: Australian Tourist Killed

Phuket Drowning: 'Where's Max? Where's Max?'
New Year Tragedy A young boy who survived the tragedy that killed a friend at a Phuket beach asks: 'Where's Max? Where's Max?' The island should be asking, 'Where are the lifesavers?'
Phuket Drowning: 'Where's Max? Where's Max?'

Phuket Beach Holiday Tragedy: Young Boy Drowns
Photo Album Phuketwan knows these photos will shock. But a young boy's death by drowning on a New Year's Day holiday is a shocking thing, especially on a beach holiday island.
Phuket Beach Holiday Tragedy: Young Boy Drowns


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