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Passport to happiness: Phuket takes a turn for the better

Phuket Doomsayers Crushed as Dreams Come True for a Bright Phuket Future

Sunday, August 11, 2013
THE BIG CLEANUP Brave Enough to Change

PHUKET: The doomsayers of Phuket must be wondering where to hide. It's been a remarkable week with one surprising event after another proving that, yes, Phuket can change.

The doomsayers supported Phuket's tuk-tuk and taxi drivers by saying ''nothing will ever happen.'' Their no-hope outlook was always foolishly negative. Now it looks just plain foolish.

In the past week, here's what has happened:

On Monday Phuket Vice Governor Jamleran Tipayapongtada told local council bosses that construction must be cleared from the shorefront at Surin beach with 30 days or the bosses will face a probe by the Department of Special Investigation.

A special tourist court is coming to Phuket to speed cases involving crimes against tourists - and it's even possible there could be double penalties.

On Tuesday it was revealed that the Tourism Authority of Thailand will not be promoting Phuket and several other major destinations in 2014. This will allow Phuket time to sort its infrastructure problems, water pollution and traffic congestion.

By Friday Phuket's makeover had begun with the announcement of the opening of two Crime Crisis Centres, the arrest of some illegal taxis, and a declaration by the DSI that 11 individuals and organisations were already being probed.

Later that day, the chief of Airports of Thailand said that all contracts for taxis and limos would end, and that AoT would even give up its 36m baht income from airport rents to improve Phuket.

Bangkok-style taxi queues are coming to end the chaos at the airport. The ''kidnap cabs'' that take tourists to shops for commission seem certain to disappear, too.

Phuket's taxi drivers have begun going to seminars teaching them about tourism and service. Jet-ski operators will go to seminars as well.

By Saturday Thailand's Chief Police Commissioner, General Adul Saengsingkaew, was promising Phuket another 700 officers, extra vehicles, new technology and larger police stations as well as officers who are ''honest, just and kind.'' Immigration officials are all going to smile, too.

AFTER A WEEK like that, the only ones not smiling are likely to be the doomsayers. For them, this must have been the worst week ever.

No more cause for pessimism, only blue skies and sunshine on the horizon. How odd their world must be today.

And all it took, it seems, was Bangkok intervention. The people with the power and the money finally realised that Phuket needed to change, that Phuket had to change.

And change it will. Not in a week or a year, but over several years.

Yet to come is the transport revolution, and the social revolution that must come with the transport revolution.

People on Phuket must be helped to abandon motorcycles and catch buses instead. Growing up to be a taxi driver should not be the ambition of every Phuket boy.

Much more still has to be achieved. But the revival of Phuket began this week, and everyone except the doomsayers should be overjoyed.

Some of Phuketwan's wish list of items appear to be coming true. We think there's now real hope for the rest:

Phuketwan's Wish List

Crime Provide an extra 500 police for Phuket based on its actual population. Take up the Australian ambassador's suggestion of obliterating all illegal weapons and make the island a no-guns, no-knives zone.

Corruption Start a well-promoted public campaign to end corruption on the island and prosecute any official caught taking bribes. Investigate all allegations about Immigration officers and police. Create a corruption-free Phuket model for other provinces.

Transport Require all tuk-tuk and taxi drivers to register again and to meet international standards of service before being given new licences. Reduce their numbers by 10 percent a year for three years, offering alternative training. Introduce a call centre and abolish double-payment for journeys passengers don't make.

Sustainability Begin an investigation into what's required to keep Phuket a natural and appealing destination and set limits on development and tourist numbers based on the results of that investigation. Save the reefs and the beaches. Create a Phuket Beach Authority.


Comments have been disabled for this article.


You're being a bit premature.
So far it's been mostly talk and very little action.
Not only do the authorities have to get rid of a myriad of problems, but, they have to continue enforcement so that the problems don't come back.

I would love to be surprised, but, until then, I'll stay a "doomsayer" that has never been wrong so far.......

Posted by sir burr on August 11, 2013 15:41

Editor Comment:

You've never been on the right side, either. Cheerleading for the tuk-tuks and taxis (''nothing is going to change'') is not logical or honorable.

These are Bangkok promises, not Phuket promises.


I agree with Sir alittle bit..after all, the past has shown us many times that no real action has ever taken place in light of all the talking...However, it does "appear" that this latest effort by the DSI is looking like all the changes that the doomsayers have been waiting for are finally about to fall into place....some, all??...who knows...but its looking better...of course, time will tell

Posted by sky on August 11, 2013 16:04


Doomsayers or just realists? The trouble is Ed that so many promises have been made in the past without effective implementation.

I honestly doubt anyone is feeling glum at the good news but at this point we are still looking at plans which we all hope for the good of Phuket and Thailand's tourist industry will be effectively implemented.

The so-called doomsayers are of course the ones that have continuously campaigned for change and without them you wouldn't have much of a website.

You might consider backing off and giving your readers a chance to express their views openly without you attacking them at every conceivable opportunity.

I now await your venomous reply.

Posted by Graham on August 11, 2013 16:06

Editor Comment:

''Doomsayers or just realists?'' Doomsayers have never campaigned for change. That would require effort. They're far too lazy for that.
If we were all doomsayers, nobody would have pushed for change. Nobody would have pressed for action. Fortunately, there are people smarter than the doomsayers, real realists who realised change was not only needed but also inevitable.
To sit back and say ''nothing is going to change'' is only for the unthinkers.
Readers who know what they are talking about are always welcome. Gratuitous insulters are not.


I don't believe for one minute that the people behind the problems are just going to crawl into a hole and not fight back in some way, been in Thailand too long - that's not how it works.
My fear is that things could get nasty. Traditional yellow shirt area's are not going to take kindly to interference from Bangkok.
Just my thoughts for what it's worth.Time will tell.

Posted by G Horne on August 11, 2013 16:16

Editor Comment:

Nothing political about corruption.


Had you ever considered that the "doomsayers" as you call them have had a POSITIVE effect ... The "doomsayers" have been provided with an enormous amount of world-wide press coverage ... Take your blinkers off and think about it [but not for too long] ... Now you "must be wondering where to hide"
As this is another contentious comment [like numerous others of this nature] it is unlikely it will see the light of day on PW and will eventually be voiced elsewhere

Posted by Amazed in Thailand on August 11, 2013 16:24

Editor Comment:

The doomsayers did nothing of the kind. We did that. The honorary consuls did that. The ambassadors did that. The Minister for Tourism and Sport did that.

Your comments are appearing irregularly because they're full of needless insults. You will never be posted again if you are unable, as appears to be the case, to write about issues without silly slurs or descending into gibberish. Add value or quit.


I agree with Sir Burr. This article only shows plans and warnings and propaganda really. On the street i see timeshare/lories/child labour/illegal taxis/2000 bahts taxi fare from the airport was what my friend was quoted at the airport counter/ jet ski operators driving ATV around patong (against the law). I was in surin yesterday, no signs of changes.
Changes will come but to claim is already happening is indeed premature.

Posted by danny on August 11, 2013 16:40

Editor Comment:

Only doomsayers predict no change will come, then expect it to happen overnight, danny. But we have the promise from the chief commissioner that 700 extra police are locked into the October budget. The illegal taxi drivers are being arrested, The airport reforms are on the way, according to the chairman of the AoT. The taxi drivers are going to seminars. That's a pretty good start. It's a good week for people who believe change is inevitable.


Well give it 2-3 months and we see who is right and wrong ?

Posted by Miki on August 11, 2013 17:02

Editor Comment:

The doomsayers are always wrong, Miki, because in saying what they say (''nothing is going to change'') they add their support to the tuk-tuk drivers and the taxi drivers. The mindless utterance also defies logic, because change is inevitable.


Ed, do you know if the DSI, Honorary Consuls etc read PW and other Phuket English language publications? it would be helpful for them in keeping up to date with people's view of Phuket?

Posted by Fiesty Farang on August 11, 2013 17:04

Editor Comment:

As an outlet covering the key issues relating to tourism on Phuket, PW articles are widely circulated. Ambassadors follow us on Twitter and Phuketwan's coverage is read at the Foreign Ministry and the Interior Ministry, and likely at the Ministry of Tourism and Sport. We probably have readers at ISOC and the DSI as well, perhaps for different reasons.
If you are trying to assess Phuketwan's influence, check this:
Bright tourism future for Phuket, Thailand

or here:

All within a couple of hours of PW publishing the article.
As you know, when there is grim news, PW is also the first choice of many readers for information.


Obviously there's nothing political about corruption but it won't stop them making it so.

Posted by G Horne on August 11, 2013 17:05


All talk so far, Mr Editor. And why are you so intent on slagging off "the doomsayers" as you call them? They've always been right so far!
I'll believe Phuket's changing when i see something happening. When i see ******* arrested, or violent tuk-tuk drivers locked up and their vehicles confiscated, when illegal intrusions on beachfront are cleared....and so on and on.
All i've seen so far is a late-night checkpoint in Nanai Road.

Posted by jimbo on August 11, 2013 17:07

Editor Comment:

You're a Disbeliever, then. At least you admit the potential for change. Doomsayers aren't that smart. I don't support Doomsayers because they're on the wrong side. What they say provides comfort to the corrupt, to the extortionists, to the rip-off merchants. Some of them may even be paid to do it. Doomsayers have corrupted minds. In a war, they'd be up on treason charges and blindfolded at dawn.


So far what do have, two new offices, more police, Where? and a list of wrong doers. The wrongdoers have been given a warning to remove buildings or we will probe you? Hang that shivers me timbers in my boots.
The list of named persons etc, are still out there, the black taxis are still there, it's all still there in your face.
Why if these guys are so powerful, what is wrong with arrest and incarcerate the names on the list immediately. . . orange jumpsuits and chains so that when all people see this on Thai TV and read about it, across the country, then belief can come. Maybe they're only booing in the wind like normal and don't have much hard evidence to convict anybody, so they did not do their homework. Their bark should actually be a bite now. Out of the way little Chihuahua's, the Pitbulls are still playing.

Posted by Robin on August 11, 2013 17:10

Editor Comment:

Disbelief seems to be widespread. Realists know change when they see it.


I would rather be a glass half filled person than a glass half empty. I really want this to work because of my love for Phuket and it's people.
Phuket can be the major South East Asian family tourist area if only the authorities can follow through.
Fingers, toes and everything else crossed hoping it works.

Posted by Arthur on August 11, 2013 17:35

Editor Comment:

That makes you a Half-Full Believer, Arthur. That's an appropriate reaction to the week's events.


@ Robin - Thailand is a democracy not a dictatorship. The 11 names have been accused and one will have charges of fraud within 30 days, according to PW. Your suggestion about putting people in jail without evidence and a trial is far more frightening than the current situation. Where would your suggestion stop, an ex-girlfriend who makes a story up about you and the Police come and put you, or me, or anybody in jail. Come on this is a democracy, Robin.

Posted by Fiesty Farang on August 11, 2013 17:36


Except it's all just Thalk Thalk THalk
DSI site email form is in Thai only, and the e mail address on the site bounces back is invalid.

Posted by EB48 on August 11, 2013 18:21

Editor Comment:

Are you a Doomsayer, EB48, on the basis of a form in Thailand being in Thai? Did you read somewhere that the DSI was providing a form in English?


Somebody believes, others wants to see more than talk before they are convinced. All of us really want to see changes, but after a decade or more here skepticism develops. But apparently this site is the only one that covers the activities of DSI, which I suppose both believers and disbelievers appreciate.

Posted by Sherlock on August 11, 2013 18:23

Editor Comment:

Others will cover the story eventually, Sherlock, when it suits them. Some of them won't even bother to use their own reporters. They'll take it from outside sources.


I have book marked this page to reserve comment for 3 months. Actions speak louder than words. I look forward to real change, not empty promises.

Posted by Mister Ree on August 11, 2013 18:58


What's the point of this article? Do you want all the doomsayers to kiss your feet now, Ed? I believe that you are way too soon by saying that there will only be blue sky from now on. You must be naive to think that. But, I believe one thing, and that is that this article is written, so you can blow some steam of to the ones that are skeptical. If I ever live a month in Phuket without hearing one complaint about all the corruption, maffia practices, murders, bribes, breaking laws, etc, I will personally come to kneel in front of you, and treat you as some sort of a god.

Posted by Charles on August 11, 2013 19:10

Editor Comment:

The point about the article, Charles, is that it was perhaps one of the most important weeks in Phuket's recent history. We measure weeks in ticks and crosses and this week there were quite a few ticks, Charles. I guess you were busy doing what you usually do to notice. Several big decisions were announced. The loss of face to be suffered by the chairman of AoT, by the Director of the DSI and by the Chief Commissioner of Police if this is all make-believe would be considerable. The Ambassadors from Europe and China will be geeing them along. But stick with your sceptical stupor if you wish.


I agree that this is a watershed moment. Tourism is now the country's largest business. Yet the industry and the destinations have suffered from complete neglect and lack of planning from inception. It is Thailand's natural/indigenous attributes and private investment that are the main drivers of success in tourism. Unless the authorities step up with serious support and investment, Thailand will become the dumping ground for the dregs of global mass budget tourism.

Posted by Yojimbo on August 11, 2013 20:01


Interesting developments indeed and the fact that some resort to suing the DSI tells me they have no "influential (enough) people" to call anymore.

If all this talk will lead to real action remains to be seen. I've seen all too many times window dressing "crackdowns" just to appease the pesky, complaining foreigners to declare change has taken place.

When I can catch a metered taxi from Chalong to Airport or v.v. and pay the actual metered fare, I'm ready to celebrate.

Posted by ThaiMike on August 11, 2013 20:19


The key poit which may push DSI to be active to crackdown illegal activities in Phuket is that they may receivebounty to all seized properties, money and so on such as police receive 30% of all fined drivers or the Custom Department on illegal imported goods and on fines.

Posted by Whistle-Blower on August 11, 2013 20:50


The "dream" has for sure not come true..YET. So far nothing has actually happened, I do hope the things mentioned WILL happen though. I'm cautiously positive, but so far no "dream" has come true at all.

Posted by christian on August 11, 2013 20:52

Editor Comment:

The dream is that a start will be made, christian, and that's what happened this week.


Sorry but I must be a doomsayer, 6 months ago there was a huge investigation with many staff sent from Bangkok to sort out lands grabbing. A new era was upon us. The man causing a stir was soon replaced. All quiet now. This job of cleaning up Phuket is surely a poisoned chalice. Lets see what happens in 6 months then hand out the name calling. On another point why do we have to get off our motorbikes, surely getting people out of cars would stop the congestion. Better training, which at present is non-exsistant, for all drivers/riders would help attend many safety issues. Driving a car is a choice many cannot afford, but a motorcycle gives a freedom that relying on a bus does not and I for one would not give up that freedom for a bus

Posted by Dave on August 11, 2013 22:00

Editor Comment:

Most of the people who are killed or maimed on Phuket's roads are motorcycle riders. Not many people in cars get wet in bad weather. With fewer motorcycles, Phuket's hospitals would be able to cope.


Yes, it was an good week for those that want positive change. By far, the most important action was the naming of names. That was a first. Unfortunately, until people see arrests, actual convictions and the genuine enforcement of the existing laws, people will be hesitant to believe that real change is underway. There are hundreds of millions of baht at risk for the cartels and they will not just give up. The lack of initial co-operation from the AoT in respect to the illegal taxis and the transportation mess at the airport was telling. Encroachment on protected areas does not occur without the complicity of local government officials. The absence of parking regulation enforcement on Patong's main thoroughfares speaks to the Mayor of Patong's priorities when it comes to the tuktuks vs. the good of Patong. I will jump on the bandwagon when the big fish are caught.

Posted by ryan on August 11, 2013 23:38


here is another doomsayer. The ed, mister know it all, 2 years in Thailand, is peeing his pants because now it will change... he thi ks. Like Einstein already said: there is no limit to human stupidity.

Posted by Godfried on August 12, 2013 04:07

Editor Comment:

Einstein was certainly right there, Godfried. Common characteristics of Doomstayers are: (1) They take everything personally (2) They think that the longer they stay on Phuket, the more intelligent they become.


Guess I must be a pessimist as I need to see change before I believe it is happening, so far we have seen very little, except for Ed beating his chest and a few names being mentioned by the DSI, the proof of action is when people, especially at higher levels, are charged and convict, with a bit more than a slap on the hand. I don't mind being a pessimist, as philosophers say pessimists create thinking, thinking creates change, optimists simple do NOTHING but wait. Three cheers to the pessimists.

Posted by lonewolf on August 12, 2013 07:00


All the people claiming that so far lots of talk and nothing has been done, look around you. Far, far less tutuk's around and a lot of the black plate taxi's have disappeared from the taxi stands.

So yes, something is happening for sure, let's just hope it keeps up.

Posted by stevenl on August 12, 2013 07:14


Steveni, don't be so naive, change needs to be long term, not one day, not one week, not one month. You, along with many others, including our esteem Ed, have been here long enough to know that when any action is proposed then illegal businesses go "quiet" for a short period then come back. Please, before commenting use a little grey matter, if your cultural background does not know what that means, it means brains.

Posted by lonewolf on August 12, 2013 08:26


@ Godfried on August 12, 2013 04:07: is that true? Is Ed only 2 year in Phuket? Hahahaha, and he thinks he has the knowledge of a veteran. Well, we know he IS a veteran, but not in the Phuket experience.

Posted by Charles on August 12, 2013 09:58

Editor Comment:

We posted Godfried's comment in the belief that only a fool would take anything he wrote seriously.


Wow lonewolf, you really are a pessimist.

Life really is much better if you have confidence and look optimistic at the future in stead of with dark glasses.

And the present developments, give reason, good reason, to be optimistic.

Posted by stevenl on August 12, 2013 10:00


@ Fiesty Farang, " Your suggestion about putting people in jail without evidence and a trial is far more frightening than the current situation."
Old bean, help for your interpretation is at hand. No I did not say put people in jail without evidence, what I did say was that the DSI has a list of names and businesses at present. Sh-- there is a revelation. Only now are they going to start investigations, then have a committee setup to check dictionaries for the correct use of words, check and set up another committee to see if the dictionaries are legal.
Then they will go about gathering evidence against said persons on the list etc.
This should have been done BEFORE they came here with grandiose reformation ideas and then, with the evidence to convict in hand . . . warrents of arrest, arrested the persons then and there. Snap snap finger pointing, big smiles and all.
But there is a certain way here and it is called, take action slowly, we don't like laws.

Posted by Robin on August 12, 2013 10:28


Steveni, you should read my other comment.. "philosophers say pessimists create thinking, thinking creates change, optimists simple do NOTHING but wait. Three cheers to the pessimists." I say no more, except optimists are none thinkers, they only wait and then claim victory as their own. There are many words to describe this action, but I will refrain from using them. ED, this is directed solely at Steveni, if you comment it would only be for your own gratification.

Posted by lonewolf on August 12, 2013 11:08

Editor Comment:

We don't take instructions from readers, lonewolf, especially the confused ones.


I have just driven thru Karon , and the MAJORITY of tuk tuk stands , which take up so much of the prescribed parking areas BTW , have at least one civilian car ( without green and white plates ) parked amongst them , with a 'Taxi' sign sitting in plain sight on the roof.
I want to believe , but if this defiance is evident even while the DSI is swarming Phuket , then I dont know what to be confident about. Rather than write a reply , I urge readers to go out right now , and see for themselves.

Posted by Chob on August 12, 2013 11:47


"On Monday Phuket Vice Governor Jamleran Tipayapongtada told local council bosses that construction must be cleared from the shorefront at Surin beach with 30 days or the bosses will face a PROBE by the Department of Special Investigation. "
Surely the Vice Governor would generate a lot less cynicism and sound a good deal more determined to the offenders by substituting "face having their buildings demolished and their trading licenses revoked" ,for the word " PROBE " ??

Posted by Chob on August 12, 2013 11:58


@ lonewolf

"A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.''

That is from Winston Churchill, in your thinking somebody who waits and then claims victory as his own. Unlike you I can and will name the people I quote from.

But there is no point in a discussion about this, good luck with your half empty life.

Posted by stevenl on August 12, 2013 12:21


I'm off to the immigration office tomorrow to renew my annual stamp. I'll let you know if I spot a smiling immigration officers after I've handed back empty, the envelopes they love pushing over the table.

Posted by Adrian on August 12, 2013 13:43


I think the Ed has put the car among the pigeons on this one!

Posted by Fiesty Farang on August 12, 2013 13:46


Sorry Ed, but it seems you are mixing realistic with idealistic when you describe yourself a real realist!

Posted by Harald on August 12, 2013 13:52

Editor Comment:

What I said was: ''Fortunately, there are people smarter than the doomsayers, real realists who realised change was not only needed but also inevitable.''

Was I included? Only if you think so.


Steveni, before quoting one persons views, we have enough of that from Ed, then I suggest first you look up the definitions of pessimist and optimist. The concept is typically extended to include the attitude of hope for future conditions unfolding as optimal as well. Note especially the word HOPE.

Posted by lonewolf on August 12, 2013 14:08


Where can I get me one of them Phuket Passports?

Posted by Big Bernie on August 12, 2013 14:25

Editor Comment:

Send us 10,000 baht, Big Bernie.

Actually, you might have to wait for the next Kathu Street Festival in 2014.


How many times have we heard the same song but with a different tune. The greed and crime destroyed phuket's reputation as a dream destination years ago shallow promises and lie's to protect Phuket's image.Dream on.

Posted by William Dale on August 12, 2013 18:31


The Editor has noble sentiments. so lets check back on this in six months time. Looking at the situation historically though both in Phuket and elsewhere in Thailand promises such as these are made by people who either do not survive long enough to see them through or were paying the usual lip service. I take it the Ambos meeting is still not going ahead.

Posted by Andrew D on August 12, 2013 18:48

Editor Comment:

With so many people in Patong with noble sentiments right now, there's probably no need to wait six months. With just a little ballot rigging, an election this week would prove everybody had a pure conscience. And I'm just talking about the expat residents. The locals? Problems? What problems?
Phuket's governor is planning to meet the honorary consuls in two groups, the Thais first, and the expat envoys the following day, later this month. What could be fairer?


I will not like it in Phuket anymore, if they are not inventing a time machine and bring the status quo of Phuket from 1990 or at least 2000 back and keep it that way. Since than everything has gone for me downhill and no implemented new restrictions, or enforced ones, will bring anything from that what I miss, back!
On the other hand, I would not be surprised, if the situation on Mahe the main Seychelles Island did not change much since my visit there 1993/94 !

If the, to me well known Business developer in Surin Beach, has really to back down now with him beach facility? He surfed around a lot of trouble until now. Let us see.

Posted by Alfred on August 12, 2013 19:09


I'm with you Ed; Rome wasn't built in a day. It is going to take time for the effects to show.

What is important is that someone high in authority is taking obvious interest for the first time in my memory & I have been here for 18 years.

If that transcribes into positive actions & results, we shall all be the beneficiaries.

If that happens, it might leave the PW short of controversial & newsworthy items.

Posted by Logic on August 12, 2013 19:14

Editor Comment:

Yes. There would be no point in us filling space with pointless stuff. That's already being done, often.


Yes I find myself in the 'lets see what happens' camp. I think it is not only premature but also a tad immature to write an article saying 'I told you so'. Action, results, improvement. I personally think that the fact the DSI is calling for those abusing their positions to stop, rather than going in and making arrests, is the first sign of a lack of intent on their part. When Thai authorities decide to take action on other matters, they are usually decisive and sometimes brutally heavy-handed. But perhaps they have considered the consequences of this, and don't want to make negative headlines. So lets just see what happens, Mr. Editor.

Posted by geoff on August 12, 2013 21:05

Editor Comment:

Like so many other sad individuals, geoff, you seem to have problems saying what you think without throwing a few unwarranted insults my way. That's not just ''a tad immature,'' it's downright childish. Try striving for intellectual honesty, not a chupa-chup.


Interesting use of the words "sad" and "childish" from Mr Moderator
No further comment needed

Posted by Amazed in Thailand on August 13, 2013 09:26

Editor Comment:

You're right, Amazed in Thailand. No further comment needed. Goodbye.


I think the damage has been done and you can't fix a sinking boat. The tourist horror stories, fly-on-the-wall documentaries and bad press have all relegated Phuket to a cheap charlie tourist destination

Posted by Damien on August 13, 2013 09:58

Editor Comment:

Of course you can fix a sinking boat.


Its sinking ED, too much water on board now. Time to find a new boat

Posted by Damien on August 13, 2013 10:13

Editor Comment:

Your comments are not well-informed, Damien, just guesswork. There's no value in making them. Unless you have some experience or new information, you are wasting our time.


What part of "I intend to continue in the same vain until such time as you are replaced ... Read them and post or hit the delete key ... up to you!" and "You really are a sad case Mr Moderator" didn't you understand?

Posted by Amazed in Thailand on August 13, 2013 10:43

Editor Comment:

Readers must wonder what I have to put up with, and why I sometimes seem abrupt. The only reason this is being posted is to show them, Amazed in Thailand, what I have to put up with. I am telling you now: no more responses from you will be read, let alone posted.


Ed you virtually invite such responses with your constantly rude retorts.

Posted by eddy on August 13, 2013 11:13

Editor Comment:

We don't invite any comments at all, eddy. We supply accurate information. We welcome value-added comments. Ill-informed opinions are not wanted. Petty point-scorers and those who have nothing of value to say will be treated as they deserve to be treated.


With reference to your reply relating to Amazed in Thailand you have made a rod for your own back Editor
"abrupt" is not a realistic description of your responses to many of your readers
Treat your readers as pond life and you expose yourself to reactions
One word I have leant during my many years in Thailand is respect

Posted by Concerned Regular Reader on August 13, 2013 13:29

Editor Comment:

Indeed. Readers who show respect for the truth will earn my enduring admiration. Those who lie, apply guesswork, display bigotry or racism or attempt conversations that serve no useful purpose will be treated with as they deserve to be treated: without respect.


Why Crime Prevention Center at the airport was opened but doesn't operate? Why even information desk doesn't know what "DSI" means? They understood me only when I asked about 'big police from Bangkok"! Why I saw a lot of illegal Russian and Korean guides and 'wild' taxi drivers same before?

Posted by Stranger on August 15, 2013 12:41


I just came back form airport and trust me this is exactly the same zoo. The lady on the desk was unaware of any change and i saw some taxi drivers looking at me and my sister very strangly no need to understand the language to feel unconfortable and unsafe.

Posted by Lisa on August 22, 2013 15:27

Editor Comment:

Decades of inactivity are not going to suddenly bring overnight change, Lisa. But this is Phuket's best chance. Stay tuned.


I've just returned today to my business near Phuket airport.

On my arrival, I searched in vain to locate the new DSI office that apparently is located on the ground floor near to the arrivals section.

well, if there is an office there to report crimes, I think someone has stolen said office!

I then tried to get a taxi meter for the short ride to my hotel, some 5 minutes away. The latest deal - wait for it - 500 baht plus another 100 baht 'on the meter'.

It occurs to me that the DSI could achieve great results by merely walking 20 metres from their hidden office and observing the scams that continue at the airport.

Posted by Simon Luttrell on August 22, 2013 18:15


OK, 3 months in as promised - any chance of an update on the results so far of the DSI presence on the island - it seems to have gone very quiet on that score?

Posted by Mister Ree on November 19, 2013 19:33

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