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Yaowarat Road in Phuket City, home for trendy new bars

Phuket City's New Nightlife No Fun for Residents

Wednesday, December 16, 2009
PHUKET CITY has a night life district after years when nothing much used to happen after dinner. But that is not good news for everyone.

About 100 residents who live in Thalang Road have complained in writing about six bars, just around the corner in Yaowarat Road, and a handful of the residents met with Governor Wichai Praisa-ngob at Provincial Hall today.

The bars, according to the residents, have caused parking problems, kept people awake with loud music and door-slamming, and created a nuisance with vomit and urine in the street.

About 20 people from the bars were at today's meeting.

The governor said he had also been told of residents' cars being scratched with a bottle top or a key. There was also an incident when a gun was fired into the air, he said.

The residents, a quiet, long-established group with homes in the old Sino-Portuguese part of old Phuket Town, had threatened to create a mob to have the governor removed if nothing changed, the governor said.

''I don't get paid any money from the bars,'' Khun Wichai said.

The residents had also threatened to throw human faeces into the bars if nothing changed, he said.

''Don't worry, I told them not to do that,'' he told the bar owners.

It had been suggested that parking might be found at the Monkolnimit temple, nearby . . . although the governor wondered whether the monks wanted to be awoken by people heading home late at night, vomiting and peeing.

The governor suggested that signs should be erected saying ''Residents Parking Only'' and, jokingly, ''Only Soi Dogs Pee Here.''

Some elderly residents had also said they had to put up with the smell of smoking, and the governor told the bar owners they needed to be more responsible.

A closing time before midnight was recommended.

The governor said he would go incognito to check out the bars, wearing sunglasses so he could not be recognised

Most of the bar owners were not from Phuket. Khun Wichai generously offered to transport their bar furniture back to their home towns if the complaints continue.

The bars, becoming increasingly popular, are Suk-kho, Rom D, Sanacham Yaowarat, 66 and Siam.
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May Phuket Governor come to Soi Ao Chalong Pier (Between Hayek and Chalong Pier) where dozens of girly bars with hundreds of upcounty ladies are making a lot of noise late in the night without mentioning all problems that those local Thai residents are living in Thalang Road.

Chalong Police Station does not want to help on Residents' complaints.
Phuket Governor, please come once to look by yourself and you will see Thai girls dancing on tables in the street and calling all foreigners for a fun ride late at night.

Posted by Chalong Resident on December 16, 2009 19:25


just get a few tuk tuk drivers from patong round they will shift them and your cars if they can't park.

Posted by billydale on December 17, 2009 03:33


Just in case it wasnt typical enough the complainers "had threatened to create a mob to have the governor removed if nothing changed" !! Is it not possible to simply have laws, and apply them ?!?!

I did have to smile at "Some elderly residents had also said they had to put up with the smell of smoking" I mean really, have they anything else they could complain about.

Posted by LivinLOS on December 17, 2009 07:44


Noise is a big issue in Thailand and is not take seriously enough.

Thai people are usually too shy to do anything about it -- which suggest the problem at this location is horrendous.

Posted by Philip on December 17, 2009 09:02


I frequent these bars quite often and believe me Philip the noise at this location is most definitely not horrendous. All the bars were made to put in glass windows and doors several months ago to stop excessive noise which has massively reduced noise pollution.

In the past many people hung around outside these bars and it was because of this that this area became so popular. The crowd attracting a crowd theory certainly applied.

However, since the doors/windows went in the place is nowhere near as busy as it used to be.

Furthermore, they have always been very stringent at closing at midnight. The small bands all stop playing and everything is shut down within 10-15 minutes after midnight.

I think these residents may be worried about what will happen when Thalang Road is finally finished. It would make the perfect place to pedestrianise at the weekend with eateries, music and shopping outside on the street. Now the power lines are down I have to say it looks fantastic and could/should become a real vibrant area.

However, the locals living there have kicked off and it may be their wish to stop this kind of activity happening. It would be such a shame to waste all that money on taking down the power cables and never using this street to its full potential.

Anyway, we shall see what the future holds.

Posted by emubob on December 17, 2009 13:46

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