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Dylan Burnklan, 18, whose arrest has led police to pursue an expat dealer

Phuket Police Pursue Expat Drugs Kingpin

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
POLICE are pursuing an expat drugs kingpin who lives in Chalong after an alleged teenage drug dealer was arrested by chance at a checkpoint in the area last night.

Dylan Burnklan, 18, whose Thai mother and German father are both dead, allegedly told police he regularly bought yah ice and yah ba from the Chalong dealer and onsold it to bar girls in Karon, tourists enjoying Phuket's nightlife, and other young people with expat-Thai parents who could afford the drugs.

Police at the checkpoint arrested Khun Dylan about 8pm as he rode a motorcycle along Soi Kotanod Moo 10, allegedly finding yah ba worth 500 baht and two grams of yah ice worth 3000 baht in his possession.

The young man is said to have told police he had bought the drugs from the expat in Chalong many times. Police were given the expat's name and an address, but the man was not at home and has not returned.

Police are endeavoring to make sure the expat cannot leave the Phuket, keeping a watch at the airport and at the main Tachatchai checkpoint leading off the island.

Another man was arrested at the same Chalong checkpoint last night for having an illegal weapon inside his Toyota pickup. Police named the accused as Somboon Jantaraket, 34, from Surin province.

Police Colonel Vichit Intharasorn, the new chief of Chalong police station, was handling both investigations.
Phuket's Lifeguard System Dead on the Sand
UPDATE The leader of the Phuket Provincial Administrative Organisation will abandon lifeguard tendering and introduce a workable system for Phuket as soon as possible.
Phuket's Lifeguard System Dead on the Sand

Phuket Property Pioneer Set to Play New Game
Breaking News Phuket property publisher and ideas man Duncan Worthington is moving on, deciding on a change of direction to the golf course at the tender age of 34.
Phuket Property Pioneer Set to Play New Game

Phuket to Get Weather, Tsunami Radar System
Latest A 200 million baht radar system for the Andaman coast should alleviate concerns about the adequacy of weather warnings at sea. It may also help in a future tsunami.
Phuket to Get Weather, Tsunami Radar System

Young Sisters Drown in Patong Canal
Latest One sister went to the rescue of the other, but both drowned in a tragedy that highlights the need for swimming lessons to save lives.
Young Sisters Drown in Patong Canal

Phuket Reds Head Out: Ambassador Urges Peace
Latest Phuket's red shirt supporters are in the process of joining demonstrators from around Thailand in Bangkok for a mass protest that the British Ambassador hopes will remain peaceful.
Phuket Reds Head Out: Ambassador Urges Peace

Phuket's Fab Feb Pushes Air Numbers Sky High
Latest For some, the Immigration delay at Phuket airport may be longer than the flight but the number of arrivals and departures keeps right on rising, a good sign for Phuket's future.
Phuket's Fab Feb Pushes Air Numbers Sky High


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Not very nice of you to post the snitch's photo!
Could endanger his life for sure.

Posted by VFaye on March 10, 2010 16:05


Since he was busted in possession, with intent to deliver (admitted), dealing drugs (admitted), his name is given along with his history, I doubt that the picture makes his situation any better or worse.

Posted by YaThinkDoctor? on March 10, 2010 16:44


ya. And bet his first name is LEE

Posted by jim on March 10, 2010 20:14


Um, Isn't it possible to leave an boat?

Posted by Just a Thought on March 11, 2010 08:48


If everyone knows who it is (as seems the case) then I would suspect he has already left. Maybe they should check the bus station.

Posted by LongGone on March 11, 2010 11:43


Seems silly for the police to release this info to the public. Now all the expat has to do is get rid of his supplies, and let the cops come knocking. No supplies, no evidence, no jail.... They should have released this info after the arrest. Now the guy has plenty of time to clean himself up.

Posted by Chris on March 11, 2010 13:19


You know, if the police were smart, they wouldn't have publicized the fact that they're looking for the island's biggest drug kingpin who lives in Chalong. After they went public with the info, I'm sure he left on the nearest motorboat and is now sweating it out in a new luxury villa in Krabi until the heat dies down.

Posted by Al Pacino on March 12, 2010 13:41


Hillarious! I'm currently watching The Sopranos (again!) - but to browse Phuketwan and in particular reading the comments is TopClass entertainment, and it's hard to keep my attention on Tony, Carm, Mead, AJ and all the mob scumbags! Phuketwan rocks, yehaah!

Posted by BOM on March 25, 2010 02:40

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