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The media throng surrounds officials outside Phuket airport today

DSI Lists Patong Mayor, Phuket Target 11

Friday, August 9, 2013
PHUKET: The Justice Ministry's Department of Special investigation today opened the campaign to clean up Phuket with a list of 11 names and organisations.

DSI Chief Major General Tharit Pengprasert told the media on Phuket that he wanted to ''send a message'' about rip-offs and abuses of tourists.

Addressing all of Phuket amid a day of dramatic developments, he said: ''All illegal businesses must stop.

''Within 30 days, we will lay charges of fraud against one of the people on this list,'' The 11 stood accused of ''abuses,'' he added.

''Stop what you are doing'' was the message, he said. The 11 named were the people who were responsible for some of Phuket's problems, he said.

Without making specific allegations, Major General Tharit provided the media with the list.

In mentioning the Phuket taxi stands, he said the people who headed those stands would be the ones that DSI investigators would pursue.

The DSI's Phuket Investigations List

..San Jalernjid

..Thammawat Wongjalernyot

..Siwa Singyong

..Pian Keesin

..Prab Keesin

..Southern Business Association

..Limosine Call Center Ltd.

..Taxi stand in front of Jungceylon, Patong

..Taxi stand front of the Avista Phuket Resort and Spa, Kata

..Taxi stand front of the Dalar resort Bangtao Beach, Bang Tao

..Taxi stand at Baan Bang Duk, Sarku, Mai Khao

Pian Keesin is the Mayor of Patong and Prab Keesin is his son. Less is known about some of the other names on the list.

Phuketwan makes no assumptions of guilt and notes that this is a DSI list of people under investigation.

The opening of the Crime Crisis Centre at Phuket International Airport today was followed by a visit to Phuket City Police Station, where PM Yingluck Shinawatra is expected to formally launch the campaign and open a second Crime Crisis Centre shortly.

The DSI and other officials then moved to the Phuket Land Transport Department offices in Phuket City.

The leaders of some taxi ranks have been called there tolday to submit documents verifying the status of rank vehicles and drivers.

All 186 taxi ranks throughout Phuket are being required to produce documentation legitimising the vehicles operating at the ranks.

Illegal taxi drivers found operating from next week will be arrested.

The combined investigation aims to reduce scams, rip-offs and - judging by the DSI chief's statement today - strike a blow at possible organised crime on Phuket.

Complaints by tourists about scams and rip-offs by tuk-tuks, taxis, motorcycle hirers and jet-ski operators have led to an investigation of more serious allegations.

Thailand's top cop, Chief Commissioner General Adul Saengsingkaew, flies to Phuket by helicopter today to reinforce the message that ''the Big Cleanup'' is underway.

He will be in Patong's Soi Bangla tonight and meets with all of Phuket's police leaders on Saturday.


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Wow. naming names from the off. This is going to get interesting.

Posted by FrankieV on August 9, 2013 15:18


There are two names that are on the list that definitely need to be there. may just make an optimist out of me.

Posted by Sir Burr on August 9, 2013 15:28


Wait and see but for the moment: wow.

Posted by stevenl on August 9, 2013 15:47


There are 2 names on the list that I know and 2 I don't. No assumptions as to what they are doing. The rest are taxi issues. Does it REALLY take the DSI to sort out the taxi issue. Surely this can be sorted out locally by the Governor. Isn't he embarrassed that the big guys from BKK have had to come down to sort out a local issue. Isn't that kinda like getting the FBI in to sort out a New York hot dog stand turf problem? I think it is plain to see that Bangkok's hand has been forced by pressure from foreign Consuls. It is a step in the right direction for sure and I applaud it - but really - shouldn't the DSI be dealing with land grabs, tax evasion and fraud in the judiciary and police to name but a few of the bigger fish they should be frying. The Governor should resign.

Posted by Mr Man on August 9, 2013 16:07

Editor Comment:

Look for our exclusive interview with the Governor, coming up next.


The Mayor.... About time!

Posted by Sean on August 9, 2013 16:26


PhuketWan...good report as this is beginning to look like the real deal..I hate to get too optomistic...but calling out the mayor and his son who everyone knows head the tuk tuks is going to be real interesting to see where all this goes...Its about time!

Posted by sky on August 9, 2013 16:45


So glad to see the mayor and his son on this list.
I join the others in saying "wow". This is a really promising start. Lets all hope that this is followed through.
Interview with The Governor? Glad he's deemed things are hotting up enough for him to actually be present on the island.

Posted by jimbo on August 9, 2013 16:58


Yehaa here we go.

Posted by Nicke on August 9, 2013 17:19


"Surely this can be sorted out locally by the Governor."
No, it can not, because all locals, and that includes police, mayors and other officials, are too entrenched with the locals.

Posted by stevenl on August 9, 2013 17:19


There information has not been updated as the dalar resort is already closed for months and the road in front inpraticable, that stand has gone already a few months ago

Posted by Eric on August 9, 2013 18:10


... The Governor should resign.

Agree 100%

Posted by Simon Luttrell on August 9, 2013 18:39


Sounds all good but I will remain cautiously optimistic.

Posted by NomadJoe on August 9, 2013 20:10


That is like Boardwalk Boulevard Season 3.

Posted by Lena on August 9, 2013 20:55


Maybe they will investigate electoral fraud as well - a certain person on the list has been mayor for a number of terms longer than allowed under Thai law if memory serves me right.

Posted by Mister Ree on August 10, 2013 09:35

Editor Comment:

There have been electoral challenges over the years but none have been upheld.

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