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Ausadakorn ''Pord'' Sidorkbaow, in a YouTube promotional video

Phuket Business Leader Named as Wanted 'Mr Big' in Hunt for Journo's Killers

Saturday, January 21, 2012
PHUKET: Police today named a Phuket businessman - the deputy director of the Phuket Chamber of Commerce - as the ''Mr Big'' they want to interview over the assassination-murder of a Phuket journalist.

He is Ausadakorn ''Pord'' Sidorkbaow, 48, who heads Phuket's KPP Cable TV service. Arrest warrants have now been issued for Khun Ausadakorn and a man previously known only as ''Khun Boy'' - Somkon Deepan, 48.

Phuket Police Commander Major General Chonsit Wadhnawarangkun told the media at Phuket City Police Station today that Khun Boy and Khun Ausadakorn were friends.

Police have previously said that they believe Khun Boy paid 50,000 baht to the gunman Sanya Klinchoom, 36, and his motorcycle rider, Noppadol Plaisi, 43, to murder Phuket journalist Wisut ''Ae'' Tangwittayaporn as he drove his Honda Jazz along Phuket's main road on January 12.

Motorcycle rider Khun Noppadol took part in a reenactment of the crime this week. He and the alleged killer, Khun Sanya, both come from Cha-Am, where Khun Noppadol surrendered to police soon after he heard they were going to arrest him.

Today's briefing by Major General Chonsit indicates that police believe Khun Ae's death was not linked to coastal property speculation on Phuket, although it does not settle claims that some of the property speculation involved corruption, as Khun Ae claimed.

As a journalist and red activist who was confrontational in his approach, Khun Ae won the respect of other journalists but alienated some of his subjects - among them police believe, Khun Ausadakorn, who would not have liked what he read about himself in Khun Ae's publication, 'Inside Phuket.'

Khun Ae criticised the business ethics of Ausadakorn and accused him of being a womaniser in a column that appeared in December.

Khun Ae's cremation on Friday attracted senior representatives from the red movement in Bangkok including the chairwoman of the National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship, Thida Thavornseth, who said the murder would trigger government action against corruption on Phuket.


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It's encouraging to see that the bigwig [allegedly] behind the assassination is being pursued.

Out of respect to Khun Ae and his courageous work everyone should do their utmost to bring the culprits to justice.

Having met this [alleged] "Mr Big" on a couple of occasions I can only wonder at the fact that so many times the criminals behind acts like this seem to be "respectable businessmen" on the surface.

Speaks volumes for the morals or rather lack thereof in this society.

Posted by Steve C. on January 21, 2012 14:35

Editor Comment:

It actually does nothing of the kind, Steve C. All it shows is that in this society, as in every other society in the world, there are individuals who will resort to murder.


I would not say, they "act" behind the mask of respectable businessmen, but it speaks volumes, that businessmen in Thailand actually think about to and do settle scores like this. As it is not a isolated incident. And that is not common in every other society in the world. Really not. Here business and criminal activities are interwoven a lot more. Thanks to corruption on nearly every level.

Posted by Lena on January 21, 2012 19:00

Editor Comment:

It is not common in Thai society, either. Most people here are no less horrified by murder than you are. To say that such murders are an indicator of an entire society's morals is fantasy.


Yet you seem more resigned than horrified judging by the insight and tone of your article. It (money killing/politics) is a puppet show with the big guys pulling the strings....Pretty obvious ED your last 2 retorts on this thread leave me to believe you should have another week off from retorting to comments

Posted by smik on January 21, 2012 19:48

Editor Comment:

We report the facts without bias or assumptions. How you interpret those facts is your affair. In reality, It's a needless murder, not a puppet show. The police believe they know who was responsible. We will wait for a trial and conviction. Build your own make-believe world if you wish, but leave me out of it.


You're talking about him like he's been convicted of this crime. innocent until proven guilty!

Posted by poppops on January 21, 2012 22:53


2 weeks smik

Posted by Scunner on January 23, 2012 00:29


I agree with Lena, I think that Phuketwan should find a professional editor not someone that think he knows absolutely everything. Please have another week off from retorting to comments

Posted by Jamie s on January 23, 2012 06:28

Editor Comment:

Lena didn't say that. See? I'm here to save you making a fool of yourself.

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