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A sign at the bungy jump, which was about to open for the public

UPDATE Phuket Bungy Horror: Two Dead, One Injured at Phuket Jump

Friday, April 18, 2014
UPDATING All Day, Every Day

THE MEN were on top of the 52-metre tower when the platform plunged to the ground. Survivor Anupong Kantawong, 37, was roped and plunged into the water. Pitakchai Wongsricha, 30, and Tossaporn Suksri, 27, were killed.

The owner produced documents on Saturday establishing that the construction was approved and legal.

Original Report

PHUKET: Two men are dead and a third seriously injured after a catastrophe at a bungy jump on Phuket tonight.

It's believed the men were involved in helping to test the bungy jump before a public opening, scheduled for tomorrow.

The bungy jump was being erected not far from the Phuket Zoo in Chalong, a southern district of Phuket, when the mishap killed and injured the three men.

Authorities are still trying to determine precisely what happened, but reports that the construction was going ahead without official approval have been proved wrong..

Local village chief Sothaya Raksasub said tonight that the men crashed to the ground about 8.30pm.

''It's difficult to know too much at present. Everybody is still shocked at this.

''I can't even recollect the name of the bungy. The sign only went up today and it was due to open tomorrow.''

Most of the bungy jumps on Phuket are seriously regulated.

Deaths on tourist attractions are not what the holiday island needs.

The injured man was taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket City, north of the bungy jump, in a serious condition. Police will be anxious to interview him at the first opportunity.

*Early reports that said the bungy jump was believed to have been being erected illegally have been proved wrong.


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I think it would be relevant to reveal exactly how seriously regulated this kind of activity is in Phuket. This would make the tourist and local users feel much safer.

Posted by Sailor on April 19, 2014 12:18


@Sailor - about as regulated as the testing of the beaches which we were promised would be made public on a regular basis, but seems to have been swept under the table. When I first lived here I used to think some people were cynical but now I have been here many years you have to be unless you are delusional.

Posted by Golf on April 19, 2014 12:34


"Most of the bungy jumps on Phuket are seriously regulated"

That's a bit like saying "You're seriously pregnant".

Posted by Smithy on April 19, 2014 14:34

Editor Comment:

Indeed, there's a difference between serious pregnancy and one that happens without any planning. And that's serious too.


Having seen pictures it appears arrayed steel cable may well be the cause of the tragic accident

Posted by Tolsti on April 19, 2014 14:42

Editor Comment:

There is no such thing as a ''tragic accident.'' The deaths are tragic. What caused the deaths is no accident. Various factors may have contributed to tragedy, but you could be right about a problem with the cable. Let's hope the investigation is thorough.


Yes seriously regulated like the one in Katu where the tourist hit the water and was caught on you tube? How quick the folks are to forget Rishi Baveja who jumped 165 feet with a bungee cord that came loose. Safety is not a word that is used often enough in Thailand. Tough to the bouncers and maybe no opening as the ghosts are already upon the Phuket Bungy Jump.

Posted by Robin on April 19, 2014 15:06


It's obvious what happened. The limit switch didn't work, so the wire snapped.

Posted by sir burr on April 19, 2014 16:46


It is true there are minimal government requirements regarding Bungy Jumping in Thailand but this is also the case in many many countries worldwide.

As one of the owners of Pattaya Bungy Jump I can assure you that safety is our very highest priority. Since opening in 1989 we have jumped over 50,000 people with a 100% safety record. Most Bungy Jumps voluntarily adhere to either the SANZ or BERSA codes of practices for safe jumping and this is certainly the case for us at Pattaya Bungy Jump.

It is my responsibility as an owner to ensure the safety of all our guests and staff. We do this by maintaining our equipment, inspecting everything and checking, checking and checking everything. I will gladly spend the time with anyone who is interested in better understanding what we do to keep everyone safe and of course all our guests are very welcome to view our operating licence, TAT Licence, Staff first aid certification and Insurance policies.

Please, lets let the authorities complete their investigation before condemning adventure sports in Thailand

Posted by Mark on April 19, 2014 17:05


I wouldn't call this a accident, bungy jumping might be regulated the contruction doubtfully isnt,the cabling arrangement looks wrongly placed & under engineered,codes of practice regulations inspections by qualified engineers occupational health & safety seem to not exist or a minor technicality to be ignored in Thailand
what Engineer? approved this for even testing you will find there will be none,earlier this week was a
backhoe going over side of cliff with driver,worksite safety is non existant,
ignoring safety doing things on the cheap,non compliant or just sub standard if they have any standards or compliance causes a rising avoidable death toll NO person should go to work one day and lose there life doing so,
condolences to family and friends.

Posted by slickmelb on April 19, 2014 17:44


Can Phuketwan can follow this ***** until finish, for your readers know the TRUE

Posted by jbaemm on April 20, 2014 01:39


latest is had a permit for a 12 metre tower (which doesnt seem appropriate for a bungy jumping activity)they ignored that and built a 52 metre tower
What? nobody noticed this extra length no follow up inspections during construction & even got to the point of testing it,did sombodies hand get crossed with silver to over look a few technicalitys, heres the result two deaths and one in casualty.

Posted by slickmelb on April 22, 2014 20:34

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