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Air Asia opens a store on the beach road in  Patong earlier this year

Phuket Boost as Air Asia Plans More Flights

Sunday, August 16, 2009
PHUKET will be an international hub for Air Asia by the end of the year, the CEO of Thai Air Asia, Tossapon Bijleveld, said in Phuket on Friday.

While other, older airlines were struggling, Air Asia passengers increased by 20 percent in the first half of 2009, he told a business conference at Royal Phuket City Hotel in Phuket City.

Seventy percent of customers were expats, Khun Tossapon added. As many as 85 percent of bookings were now made online.

''That's our big advantage,'' he said. ''We don't have high costs so we can offer better value in the price of tickets.''

New aircraft were on order, and the additions to the fleet would give Air Asia the opportunity to fly direct from Phuket to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam, Guangzhao in China, and Bali and Medan in Indonesia.

He would also like to fly daily direct from Phuket to Chinag Mai, to open up travel between the north and south in Thailand.

In terms of marketing, he said that Air Asia had become well known in Europe through its association with the Manchester United football club.

The airline's relationship with sporting clubs would be expanded to the US, Australia and Japan.

Takeup rates for the internet throughout Asia showed Korea and Japan among the highest level, above 70 percent, with the takeup rate of 20 percent in Thailand and just 10 percent in Indonesia indicating plenty of room for expansion.

Air Asia is offering a 750 baht promotion for people to go from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to visit the cute baby panda, and the ticket can be used to gain discounts at resorts, too.

That's typical of where the Malaysian based airline is leading the industry, with Air Asia especially keen to become the airline for travel from one part of South East Asia to another.

''Phuket can have tourism but you need airline support to make sure the routes are open to bring them in,'' he said. ''Packaged promotions will give visitors financial advantages.

''Once we open up Phuket to the large population centres in the region, improvements in growth should be seen rapidly.''

Although the Internet is vital to Air Asia's business, the airline opened an office in Patong earlier this year and plans to open another in Phuket City later this year.

CHARTER flights were coming as usual this green season, Somboon Jirayus, president of the Phuket Tourist Association, told the conference, using the term ''green'' rather than ''summer.''

The popular Australian discount airline,Virgin Blue, will fly to Phuket twice a week from April next year, he said. Virgin Blue flies the Perth-Bali route up to five times a day.

Phuket Economy: Flight Numbers Looking UP
Economy Phuket flight numbers are UP for the first time since July last year, an indication that the economic bottom has been scraped. There is only one way to go now . . .
Phuket Economy: Flight Numbers Looking UP

Phuket and Asean: No Decision Yet, PM is Quoted
Latest Phuket may yet upset Cha Am and Hua Hin by winning back the Asean summit set for October. That's the implication of the latest reports quoting the Prime Minister.
Phuket and Asean: No Decision Yet, PM is Quoted

Two Shot Dead: Riddle of Bodies in Andaman Park
Photo Album Do you know these people? The bodies of a Western man and a Thai woman, both shot dead, have been found in a beautiful Phang Nga national park north of Phuket.
Two Shot Dead: Riddle of Bodies in Andaman Park

Phuket Drownings Rile Fans of World's No.4 Beach
Latest Karon rates No. 4 on a world list of ''Top 10 Beach Holidays for Families'' but it's also right up there when it comes to drownings, too. A critic lashes Phuket's lifeguard system.
Phuket Drownings Rile Fans of World's No.4 Beach

Phuket Andaman Tsunami Practice: August 21
Latest An undersea earthquake at night rekindles concerns about resorts' preparedness for a second tsunami. A large practice drill is scheduled for Phuket.
Phuket Andaman Tsunami Practice: August 21

Phuket Governor's Road Trip: Wheels Set in Motion
Latest A Phuket road project begins not with a bulldozer but with a birthday as the island's governor sets the wheels turning on one of two controversial new routes.
Phuket Governor's Road Trip: Wheels Set in Motion

Jet-skis Action: Governor Orders Photo Gallery
Latest Phuket appears to be following Bangkok airport in cleaning up its tourist scams and ripoffs with the Governor of Phuket ordering photos and fingerprints for all jetski operators.
Jet-skis Action: Governor Orders Photo Gallery


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Green Season? So we'll next have naive tourists dying in the jungle?

Fess up to the "Summer Season" drownings.

Posted by Aghast on August 26, 2009 08:43


air asia ... best asia air service

Posted by qaiser on November 22, 2012 12:32


Air Asia, worst service in Asia -- late most every flight, utterly asinine extra baggage policy and rude staff to boot.

Posted by Barry on November 22, 2012 15:53

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