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The motorcycle broke into pieces on impact in today's Phuket head-on

UPDATE Phuket Bike Rider Killed in Head-On Collision With Beer Truck is an Expat

Saturday, June 15, 2013
UPDATE Man's Identity a Mystery

THE DEAD man has been named as American Nicolas Javier Solis, 27.

POLICE are appealing for help in identifying the man, who hit the truck head first. He was bald and wore a ring on his left thumb. He was wearing a grey striped shirt and lace-up leather shoes. Anyone with information should contact Vachira Phuket Hospital on 076 361234.

Original Report

PHUKET: A Western man was killed in a head-on crash when his motorcycle collided with a beer truck in southern Phuket today.

The man's green Honda Click, heading south in Chalong at speed, crossed Viset Road and crashed into the front of the Chang truck.

The driver of the beer truck, Jakkrit Keawloy, 24, was injured and has been taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket City in a serious condition.

The motorcycle was smashed to pieces and a safety helmet crushed. It appeared the motorcycle had crossed to the wrong side of the road, into the truck's path.

The man - whose identity and nationality are unknown - died at the scene from severe head injuries.

The fatal collision occurred on a straight stretch south of the Chalong Circle, towards Rawai.

A disproprtionately high number of expats and tourists are killed and injured in motorcycle crashes on Phuket.

Local authorities, who for years issued monthly updates on the Phuket road toll, ceased releasing data in April last year.

Even the annual toll for the year 2012 on Phuket has yet to be revealed.

Most successful safety campaigns overseas are based around community efforts to reduce the numbers of dead and injured. Without the release of statistics, safety campaigns have little meaning.

The man's body has been taken to Vachira Phuket Hospital in Phuket City.

Phuketwan supports Mothers or Motorcycles (MoM), an action group that promotes the wearing of helmets by all motorcycle riders and road safety.


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Posted by LoL on June 15, 2013 12:38

Editor Comment:

Thanks, even laughing jackasses can be useful once in a while. What a pity to show no sign of compassion.


I agree, this is a terrible tradegy. I only hope 'LoL' that his familly is not reading this article, they have enough grief to contend with let alone stupid remarks which contribute absolutely nothing from somebody has shown complete disrespect, shame on you !

Posted by reader on June 15, 2013 13:38


As always, Ed, you switch the subject, like you want. And moderate, so that you can 'look good'. The subject wasn't the accidfent, the subject was the wrong 'fact', even if you have the details clear on the table. But nothing else to expect, u're already to long in Los, methinks. Your goal isn't to inform best way, your goal is, to provoke and get hits for your 'sponsors'. Didn't your doc tell you, you have to ask, before stopping the tabs?

Posted by Roflmao on June 15, 2013 14:42

Editor Comment:

You comment: Check your picture, the 'Wave' was a 'Click'!
SAnother fine piece of reporting, ED. Like always!

My response: Thanks, even laughing jackasses can be useful once in a while. What a pity to show no sign of compassion.

The make of the bike is incidental. And your attitude is, fortunately, your problem. Readers can make up their own minds.


@reader, you seem to be privy to more info that the rest of us. @Ed, here is a novel idea, why couldn't you simply have corrected the error, then, here's another novel idea, simply thank LoL. Too hard I guess.

Posted by Phuket_IOC on June 15, 2013 16:37

Editor Comment:

Lol's prime aim was not to correct the error, but to laugh about it. We did thank LoL. I suggest you continue with your reading course, Phuket_IOC. And I note your first instinct is also compassion for the rider.


Mmm, did not expect you to post my comment, my my, we are selective, However, we, your readers, were not privy to what Lol posted, but we are privy to your comment, once again all you had to say was "Lol, we have correct the error, thank you." As for compassion, well, I show/give compassion to those who need it, in this case the decease's family and friends, something you have failed to do, by you silly comments.

Posted by Phuket_IOC on June 15, 2013 18:21

Editor Comment:

We posted what LoL posted when LoL became Roflmao and proved he was a laughing stock. You continue to interfere without being asked, and to cast aspersion on other readers without grounds. Give it away, Phuket_IOC. You have nothing of value to add.


Wonder if he had a motorcycle license from home. I ride a big bike here and see so many farang riding around without a care in the world just because its a scooter, usually dressed just like a Thai, flip flops and no helmet, though it seems this guy was wearing a helmet. Proper licensing will stop a lot of the deaths, but not all.

Posted by Tim on June 15, 2013 18:33


Ed, are you using your own definition of "aspersion?" There is nothing in my comment that could be defined, by the accepted definition, as casting aspersions on any readers. As for your comment re: Roflmao, well that comment was post AFTER Lol's original comment, which all this is based on.

Posted by Phuket_IOC on June 15, 2013 19:03

Editor Comment:

Odd how you want Phuket to change but get in the way of people trying to do it. I'm just going to have to follow our Comment policy, Phuket_IOC. You abuse every touch of leniency. If you don't have anything to add, if all you can do is nit-pick and constantly waste my time, you will not be posted.


This man was my friend, a good guy who lived quietly with his girlfriend in Patong & loved her, the gym & his mates in his local bars. Please remember him as such, he did have insurance & a licence..he will be remembered fondly by us & we'll try & help all concerned over the next few days. Rest in peace.

Posted by Anonymous on June 15, 2013 19:23


Poor Guy


Posted by robert on June 15, 2013 19:29


I wonder who wrote this story.
Phuket Town is known all over the island as Phuket Town, not Phuket City and the accident didn't take place anywhere near Chalong but way into Rawai. It makes me wonder what to believe about the rest of the story.

Posted by Joe on June 15, 2013 19:31

Editor Comment:

Someone who knows what they are writing about wrote the story. The byline is there, close to the headline. Most readers can see it.

The report was filed 20 minutes after the crash.

You will read reports on other sites sooner or later.

Phuket City has a Mayor who also oversees Old Phuket Town, which must be what you are talking about.

As the article says, ''The fatal collision occurred on a straight stretch south of the Chalong Circle, towards Rawai.''

Believe what you wish to believe, Joe, Just don't bother us.


whats the license plate?
could possibly help, identifying him?

Posted by ali on June 15, 2013 20:32


Well excuse me Editor for trying to help you get your story right. Everything south of circle happens to be Rawai. So you can't be on your way to Rawai when you are already in it, can you? And what do you mean with "Joe, Just don't bother us." Why do you allow people to leave a comment if you don't want to be bothered? Well excuse me for my comments.

Posted by Joe on June 15, 2013 20:34

Editor Comment:

There are no excuses, Joe. A man is dead and all you seem to be concerned about is whether it's "Phuket Town' or 'Phuket City.' You can't even read the byline on the article. You're a ''bother''. Everything else is fine.


The man who died is called Nick. He was an American expat teaching on Phuket. He also played for a bar called Mickies in Patong on the Friday night darts league.

My condolences to his friends and family. He seemed like a really nice guy with a promising future. I hope others will learn something from this tragedy, which could have possibly been prevented.

Posted by Matt on June 15, 2013 23:26


When I went to dinner tonight, going from Patong to Karon, in Nanai Road (near the Nanai River) a motorbike driven by a Farang came up to me on my side. Thanks to the ABS and good brakes of my car I could stop in time to avoid the crash. And guess what, the blockhead did not even wear a helmet. Obviously he did not know about the basics of driving in Thailand, like driving on the left side. Whoever rented the bike to him, he should be blamed, too for not giving the minimal instructions. And yes, I doubt he got a motorbike license.

Posted by Fritz Pinguin on June 15, 2013 23:41


Now that we can all correct the article and headline, should it not read in headline, that the bike rider killed, "WAS" an expat. His soul has departed the island for good. So past tense would be good to use here. RIP Rider.

Posted by DuncanB on June 16, 2013 00:09


That blanket covered body is so graphic really drives the message home motorcyling is dangerous on Phuket perhaps graphic picture are needed if that what it takes to reduce the road toll.

Posted by slickmelb on June 16, 2013 01:22

Editor Comment:

Before going to that extreme, what would be worthwhile is for the authorities on Phuket to release the road toll figures regularly and to also prevent people hiring motorcycle without licences and experience.


Bike rental lack of control is a big part of the problem in Phuket, but if he was resident, then he possibly owned the bike, so simply a tragic accident. RIP

Posted by Logic on June 16, 2013 08:30


Quit sad story.
He was a American teacher and worked on kean school at tesco lotus chalong.

Posted by larryh on June 16, 2013 15:40


Very very sad motorbike accident on Karon BeachRoad to day about 18.00 One dead young boy
Every must be very gently when you drive in this strong wind.

Posted by Norway on June 16, 2013 18:37


@Ed I agree but for reasons unknown the authorities elect to take no action
road trauma just isnt on there agenda whatsoever or its on there agenda to avoid any rocognition or references to it.

Posted by slickmelb on June 18, 2013 20:10


RIP Nico we love and miss you in SF

Posted by SF on June 20, 2013 08:09


Nico you will be missed by all your family & friends from SF, CA. Our hearts are broken.

Posted by Anonymous on June 21, 2013 11:39


As an experienced and licensed rider in the USA, I can say from personal experience that remembering to ride on the opposite side of the road is sometimes a challenge...particularly when I make left turns. I feel really bad for this guy and my sympathies to his parents.

As a newbie here in Thailand, I don't understand why statistics have quit being reported? Also, why are all these motorbikes rented to farang without proper motorcycle endorsement on their drivers license?

Posted by Newbie on September 19, 2013 06:38

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