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The beach party at Patong warms up last night and will be on again tonight

Phuket Beach Party Draws 2000 - and Critics

Friday, February 19, 2010
A BEACH party in Patong attracted about 2000 people last night but organisers are hoping for a bigger turnout tonight, the second of two events in a row.

The rapidly increasing number of noisy beach parties in Patong has polarized the local expat community into those for and against music late at night on the beach.

One vendor in the beach road, Rattana Rungsawat, 41, told Phuketwan that the noise last night was so loud she could not hear customers who stopped at her souvenir shop.

At a second souvenir shop, Soowanee Angsuwattananon said: ''It is very loud. This is for young, single people.

''Those tourists who come as a family group are not interested in beach parties. We have more tourists now, but they don't come for the beach parties.

''I wish the organisers put the same effort into a concert for real Thai culture, not this kind of show. It creates the wrong impression for Phuket.''

Tourists Shanae, 19, and Corly, 20, both from Australia, said they had paid 600 baht each for tickets to the beach party on both nights.

They arrived on Phuket last Sunday for the first time. ''We went to a club but it was very quiet, so we thought we'd try the beach party,'' Shanae said.

Organiser Sami Karranto said there were 2000 people at the party by 11pm. ''Last night was not so good,'' he added, ''Maybe tonight will be bigger and better.''

Tickets have been discounted to 1000 baht for groups of three people.
Phuket 'Kick Gang' Robs Italian Expat, Thai Woman
Latest Police believe a gang struck twice in quick kick succession, booting motorcycles from beneath an Italian expat resident and a young Thai woman in robbery raids.
Phuket 'Kick Gang' Robs Italian Expat, Thai Woman

Planet Phuket: Time to Halt Beach Party Noise Pollution
News Analysis Call it music or call it noise, the number of beach parties being held on Phuket is growing too fast. It's another sign that the island lacks a capable decision-maker with a vision for all of Phuket.
Planet Phuket: Time to Halt Beach Party Noise Pollution

Phuket to Become 'Innovation Paradise' for IT
Latest To break the ''monopoly'' of tourism, property and associated investment on Phuket, the Board of Investment proposes to make 2011 the year for ''Innovation Paradise'' in new technology
Phuket to Become 'Innovation Paradise' for IT

Phuket Coma Diver Shane Talks, Takes First Steps
Latest Phuket diver Shane Free, who was badly injured after a motorcycle crash, is on the road to recovery at home in Britain. His mother wanted Phuket people to know how well he is doing.
Phuket Coma Diver Shane Talks, Takes First Steps

Phuket Roulette: Holiday Russians Still in a Spin
Latest Efforts were being made to resolve a protest by a group of budget tourists from Moscow who were accommodated in Phuket City but claimed they had been promised a ''beach resort.''
Phuket Roulette: Holiday Russians Still in a Spin

Phuket Beach Swim Trauma Strikes Four Sisters
UPDATE Four sisters struggled in the sea off a Phuket beach with no lifeguards and one of the girls now lies in a coma and will be fortunate to survive,
Phuket Beach Swim Trauma Strikes Four Sisters


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"Tourists Shanae, 19, and Corly, 20, both from Australia, said they had paid 600 baht each for tickets to the beach party on both nights"

Nice earner for the touts seeing as the ticket price is 400 baht at the entrance.

Posted by Ivan on February 19, 2010 18:47


So 600 thb per person wow they are making a lot of money, I guess now that they have started they will never stop even from all of the complaint's, like the people who are running the beach party would care when they have made 1200000thb just on entry fees.

Posted by Jamie on February 19, 2010 18:54


Jamie - i think you've missed the point of what running a business is about. Making money, paying your overheads and what's left is profit.

That being said - excessive profit is unacceptable.
Ok, Friday night, they dropped the entry fee so it was free.

HOWEVER - 150baht for ONE small drink or 300 baht for a bucket which contained THREE shots of spirits is excessive.
To put it in a UK perspective, 150baht for half a pint is 6 pounds a pint. Which is way more expensive than anywhere in the UK i would suggest.
That is just greedy, plain and simple.

Also, the queues for the drinks were excessively long. You had to queue a long time for drink tickets and then queue again for the drink.

They appeared to have 2 bar staff serving drinks. Not very well planned at all.

I'd say there were more than 2k people there sat night and the issue of noise polution - IS at the bottom of Soi Bangla. I think it's a bit much for people to want to live in the centre of Patong and then complain of noise pollution. They should move to the east side of the island if they want peace and quiet.

Posted by Mr Mark on February 20, 2010 17:51


Mr Mark - what do you expect? Its the same all over Patong and most of Phuket...they charge prices the same or higher than the UK but provide none of the service. But, hey they get away with it so why not?

Posted by Bobby Brown on February 21, 2010 08:58


It would be nice if business people started considering other ways to generate income other than resorting to the lowest common denominators - drugs, alcohol and sex. Phuket still has some cultural charm and natural beauty. Why can't business people come up with unique ways to create income from that?

Posted by Dave Williams on February 24, 2010 08:03


Dave, they do. Really. Look for the pretty good hospitals, dentists and beauty clinics, the golf courses, the water parks, the marinas, the shopping centers, the planned convention center (ok, deep corrupt), the muay thai centers, the joga centers, the exquisite food choices, the spas etc etc. And this beach parties can be fun also without drugs and alcohol. If just the speakers are noise optimized...

Posted by Lena on February 24, 2010 23:39

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