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UPDATE Stabbed Italian on Hong Kong Corruption Hit List

Friday, July 4, 2014
UPDATING All Day, Every Day

ITALIAN journalist Antonio Papaleo, 44, now has police protection at a Phuket hospital because of death threats made against him in a money-laundering investigation in Hong Kong. The stabbing, which cost Mr Papaleo his spleen, is not related.

Original Report

PHUKET: A gang of bag-snatchers who attacked and stabbed an Italian and a Russian in a night of terror on Phuket have been arrested, police have revealed.

The Italian, believed to be a journalist on holiday on the Thai island, was stabbed about 3am on Wednesday morning when the gang saw him walking on the road behind Club Med in Phuket's west coast Kata district.

The youths made off with his bag after stabbing the Italian.

One hour later in Patak Road Karon, the same group attacked and stabbed a Russian woman and made off with her bag, Phuketwan has learned.

Police arrested the six youths yesterday near the lagoon in Karon and Thailand's Deputy Commissioner of Police is fliyng from Bangkok to Phuket where he is due to give a media conference about the attacks later today.

Two more youths are being sought. All are under age.

It is believed the Italian man is being treated in a Phuket hospital while the Russian woman was treated and allowed to go home.

According to police, the youth who did the stabbing told officers he needed the money to put his sister and brother through school.

Bag snatchings continue on Phuket because of the high number of youths who have access to motorcycles.

Locals and tourists fall victim, with the murder of Australian travel agent Michelle Smith in Kata Noi in 2012 - not far from the scene of Wednesday's attacks - being the worst case involving a visitor.

After Mrs Smith's murder, police in Patong introduced a Patong Safety Zone concept designed to make the welfare of all citizens a community objective.

Crimes on Phuket's holiday west coast have been reduced but not obliterated.


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Wonder if was part of the same group who witnessed the drowning of one of their friends a couple of days ago? Seems there's something about teenagers hanging around Karon that time of night, perhaps it's time to bring in a curfew for them.

Posted by phuket madness on July 4, 2014 14:04


Could you find out in which schools the brother and sister are studying and the parents situation.
Thank you for help.

Posted by Anonymous on July 4, 2014 14:29


So sad to see this type of behaviour continuing.

The army are making the right moves to stamp it out, but a long way to go. I suppose if school was so important they could just sell their motorbikes....

Posted by Amazing Thailand on July 4, 2014 14:36


Aahhh Phuket...The pefect "10"...People are safer in Harlem, NYC...!

Posted by Ted on July 4, 2014 14:44


Perhaps the 4th to the end paragraph shoud read "... access to motorcycles and yaba"?

Posted by juswunderin on July 4, 2014 15:11


Just a few months ago there was a case in this area where a Thai tourist was cut through his throat from behind. Also there are regular meeting-ups of youngsters at the end of Kata beach almost every night. All this, just minutes from Karon police station away... well, Chao Fa East road is also famous for the gangs of youth ruling the road in the night with the Chalong police station just right there... and yes, if youths are not allowed to ride motorcycles, this would solve many of this issues right away.

Posted by Jakub P. on July 4, 2014 17:11


Actually Ted...not sure when the last time you were in Harlem..but that place has come a long way, many parts of it now are refurbished and that section of NY has a very positive vibe now..I was just there in March and have learned that many people are moving into the many newer affordable condos..It has changed!...In any case..I think there are very few cities or tourists towns around these days that are 100% crime free...It's a sad incident, but unfortunately it does happen on occassion

Posted by sky on July 4, 2014 17:29


Police can't check the road in the night.. already very tired to check driving license and farangs without helmets in the morning, after 10 o'clock obviously.. if not rain.. So heavy work!!

Posted by dave on July 4, 2014 21:13


wonder what he will write about when gets home wont be something to attract quality tourists, if possible never walk around with a visible type shoulder bag its the common denominator in nearly every slash attack, good catch
by the police, its sickening the logic is their heinous crime was motivated by a good cause in their minds, might be a bad idea to demolish the old prison based on examples like this need all the cells they can get.

Posted by slickmelb on July 4, 2014 21:18


the youth problem in thailand is huge and there are many youth gangs in thailand. because police, parents, the society had nothing for them. so they have there own lifestyle and are forgotten kids. no future, no real chance for a good job and a country who is divided by colours. over years nobody did something for them and now they do what they want. drugs, crimes, party and so on. i think now the military understands that they have to do something more and this case will make headlines so it will be a strong answer. i hope they bring the thai youths back on track and give them a future and that thai parents give them back the thai culture.

Posted by mike on July 4, 2014 21:39

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