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The suspect is arrested over the liquid-in-face incident today

Phuket Attacker Punches Woman, Throws Liquid In Face of Official

Wednesday, October 3, 2012
PHUKET: A man threw bathroom cleaner in the face of a Phuket council officer today after first punching a woman.

Police have since arrested a suspect from Chantaburi province and are questioning him about the motive for the attack.

The man walked in to the office of senior Chalong Council official Woothipong Promtawe at 9.45am today carrying a container that looked just like an iced coffee.

Refused entry by Khun Woothipong's secretary, the man punched the woman and entered.

Inside the office, he threw the liquid into the face of Khun Woothipong before fleeing.

Khun Woothipong was treated at Phuket International Hospital in Phuket City, where doctors said it was fortunate the liquid was bathroom cleaner rather than bleach or acid.

Chalong police are continuing their investigation.


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They say that drinking bathroom cleaner makes you aggressive..he needs to clean up his act & buy decaffeinated cleaner.

Posted by Anonymous on October 3, 2012 15:41


A bit out of order Anonymous... How would you like a mug full of unknown liquid chucked in your face without warning.

"Police have since arrested a suspect from Chantaburi province and are questioning him about the motive for the attack."

I haven't kept my own records for the last 20 years but I would estimate that 95% of violent crimes are perpetrated by persons out of the Province of Phuket

Whatever the numbers are, surely this sends a clear message to those in government. Especially those that grant expenditure budgets to the likes of the Local Police Force who I believe, if results are a guide, hopelessly understaffed.

Posted by innocent bystander on October 3, 2012 17:58

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