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The Thai Pavilion at the international expo in Korea earlier this year

Phuket Aquarium Gains Expo Pavilion

Sunday, September 30, 2012
PHUKET: Elements of the Thailand Pavilion at an international exposition are being shipped to Phuket where they will be incorporated into the Phuket Aquarium.

The Thailand Pavilion at the International Exposition Yeosu Korea 2012 proved to be popular during the three months the expo was open. It closed in August.

The objective of the expo was to promote the sustainability of world marine resources on the theme: ''The Living Ocean and Coast.''

Now the dismantled pavilion is coming by sea to Phuket for incorporation into the aquarium on Phuket's east coast at Cape Panwa, aquarium director Tanet Mannoi said today.

''We expect it to arrive in October and the public should get to see it about the end of the year,'' he said.

The pavilion used a mermaid and a mythical Thai sea dragon to take visitors through the delights of the pavilion featuring ''sustainability of the sea and how to maintain its natural beauty and bio-diversity amid the tides of global change.''

Visitors undertook ''journeys through spectacular seascapes showcasing the richness of Thailand's marine resources, and informing them of the development potential of Thai seas for tourism, fishing and food supplies.

''Also to be highlighted are Thailand's on-going efforts to conserve the seas and coastal ecology.''


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"Also to be highlighted are Thailand's on-going efforts to conserve the seas and coastal ecology."

Certainly not evidenced by local fishermen or trawlers, and the flow of efluent into the sea.

The only efforts I have witnessed here are conducted or organised by foreigners such as this weekend's ocean clean up.

Posted by innocent bystander on September 30, 2012 22:15

Editor Comment:

Don't kid yourself. Developments owned and run by foreigners are also responsible for destructive runoff and for leading blue pipes directly into the ocean. Plenty of Thais also see the merit in cleanups. Once the sun goes down and the back-patting ends, the other 364 days of the year are what matters. The Phuket Marine Biological Centre does its best with a low budget.


I went there last week and didn't venture past the ticket booth.

Because, as a 'Farang' (foreigner) I was required to pay 100% more for my ticket than a Thai visitor. The Thai fees were written in Thai so foreigners do not realise they are being discriminated against.

Even foreigner children have to pay more than Thai children.

So I had a polite discussion with the lady manager.
She stated, predictably, there was nothing she could do about the discrimination as it was a decision by The Board.


This is a widespread practice throughout all of Thailand and it's about time Teddy and Trixy Tourist did something about it. Thais themselves won't change the status quo as they see no moral issues with the discrimination. So just do a U-turn whenever you see such discrimination; money talks here.

Oh, and if The Board is still reading this; put your 'Complaints Form' near the ticket booth rather than hidden away near your lousy souvenirs shop.

Posted by DAVID on October 9, 2012 21:59

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