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Flashback to 2007: And only now the US report comes to light

Phuket Air Crash: US Report Blames Pilots

Friday, December 11, 2009
A US REPORT on the crash of One-Two-Go Flight OG 269 at Phuket International Airport in 2007 has been posted online by a relative of one of the 90 victims.

The report, described as being the result of an investigation by the National Transportation Safety Board, an independent US Federal Government agency, blames the crash on pilot error.

This is a similar finding to that of Thai authorities. However, only summaries of the official investigation have ever been officially released about the disaster, which occurred on September 16, 2007.

Early Thai reports placed some of the blame for the crash on an unusually strong Phuket storm, but the US report says: ''Although the weather deteriorated in the later stages of this flight, windshear was not a factor.''

Both pilots died in the crash, from which 41 people escaped alive (one victim died later.) Many of the survivors suffered burns and other serious injuries.

The pilots decided to abort the attempted landing, go around and attempt another landing, but failed to execute the manoeuvre correctly.

According to the report as posted online by a victim's relative:

..Failure to activate the TO/GA switch during the go-around resulted in the airplane's flight management system automatically retarding the throttles, since the approach slat/flap logic for landing was applied.

..Lacking power application, the airplane slowed and descended until contact with the terrain.

..The crew did not properly perform the go-around maneuver or monitor the throttles during the go-around.

..Regardless of autopilot or autothrottle use, the throttles remained available to the crew to advance power, during the entire accident sequence.

..A transfer of controls, from the copilot to the pilot, occurred at a critical point in the go-around.

The One-Two-Go airline was subsequently grounded until training and working-hour related issues were resolved to the satisfaction of Thailand's Department of Civil Aviation.

Wreckage of the aircraft was kept under a tarpaulin at one end of the runway at Phuket airport until a few weeks ago, when locals carted it away for scrap.
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Glad to hear they've finally removed the rubbish. But "locals carted it away for scrap" seems a bit lacking in information. I assume it had to be approved by someone; and I also assume that they had to be security cleared.

Any more information?

Posted by Harry Barracuda on December 22, 2009 14:11

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