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Women adorn today's Phuket Vegetarian Festival parade

Phuket Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Thursday, October 14, 2010
Ladies on Parade: Photo Album Above

PHUKET during the Vegetarian Festival is fast becoming the place for real-life proof of that well-known saying: ''Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.''

We now know, after practicing abstinence for a whole week (as of course all of Phuket does at this time of the year) precisely what was in the heart and mind of one of the great abstainers of all time, Mahatma Ghandi.

Readers will remember that the great Ghandi periodically slept in a chaste, narrow bed with two of his most adorable female followers, just to prove he could take it or leave it.

Sex, that is. There, we said it.

We now know, after a week of abstinence making the heart grow fonder, precisely what Ghandi was thinking at the time, and we hope he got more sleep than we've been getting lately.

All good things must come to an end, though, and Phuket's Vegetarian Festival has just two days to run.

Only two more days!

Women turned out today in abundance during the Jui Tui temple parade through Phuket City and Phuket Town, wearing gorgeous costumes, and in some cases every bit as pierced as their male warrior counterparts.

Yet again, there were some interesting impalings. Warriors often choose items that have some relevance to their working lives or past-times: a model ship-builder will wear a barque, a ceiling fan installer will take a large model for a spin. A guy who loves singing birds will hang a cage from his lips.

Advertising appears to be becoming more prominent, too, with flags and banners sometimes promoting various goods. It may be a while yet, though, before Madison Avenue goes ape over this idea.

Two days to go. Tomorrow three temples join the parade, with two more temples joining in on Saturday.

On Saturday night, leading up to midnight, the whole festival climaxes with a bang. We are talking, of course, about the fireworks and the fun in Phuket Town.

Abstainers a go-go!
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There are also some interesting impalings to be found on Soi Bangla. And abstinence waivers are readily available if a donation is made to the proper cashier.

Posted by Treelover on October 16, 2010 16:10


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