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Motorcycles remain the mainstay of Phuket ''public transport''

PHUKET 10/10: Phuket on Two Wings and Four Wheels

Saturday, March 17, 2012
PHUKET: Phuket continues to attract tourists in record numbers, and Phuket's popularity is creating its own concerns. How can Phuket improve its appeal for tourists?

By increasing ease of access from the air and improving Phuket's public transport.

8. Winning Hearts in the Air . . .

PHUKET airport is being enlarged and expanded but Phuket's popularity is growing even faster. With 8.4 million passengers in 2011 through an airport built for 6.5 million and a record one million-plus arrivals and departures on Phuket in January alone, the airport enlargement to cope with 12.5 million passengers in mid-2015 may not be enough. The airport is Phuket's most important piece of infrastructure. There has been no inkling yet as to what the plan might be beyond mid-2015. Phuket and the Andaman's tourism future relies on that vision.

9. And on the Ground

WHETHER it's entirely accurate or not, we are still struck by the consultants who were allegedly asked to draw up a public transport plan for Phuket and who came back saying: ''There's no need for public transport on Phuket. Everyone on Phuket uses their own motorcycles.'' Phuket has one recent public transport success story. The pink bus service that operates using traditional seung taews to crisscross Phuket City on the east coast, provides safe, low-cost transport for travellers in that part of the island. Developing equally successful solutions for all of Phuket is the objective now. Getting around by tuk-tuks or taxis on Phuket can be hideously expensive, yet fares and standards matching those of Bangkok are what tourists demand and deserve. A major rethink is required. It's a shame the issue has been left for so long.

Nine down, one final important point to make soon in Phuketwan's PHUKET 10/10 series.


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With the price of petrol hitting new heights at 40 baht plus per litre, how are people who are on the minimum wage supposed to fill their motorbike?
1 day's wage for 5 litres... Of course public transport is needed.

Posted by Tbs on March 17, 2012 13:35


Tighten your belts folks. The long term prognosis for bench priced crude is upwards, which affects not only the cost at the pumps, but as a roll on effect, pushes up the price of food & all commodities transported by road. Phuket being an outpost island feels this more than other parts of the country. If Israel starts a war with Iran, & the US jumps in, it will get significantly worse.

Posted by Logic on March 17, 2012 22:30

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