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Children at play on Phuket in the unhealthy haze conditions yesterday

'People of Phuket' Urge Indonesia President to Clear Poisonous Grey Skies

Friday, October 9, 2015
PHUKET: Former Rassada mayor Sutin Liensakul headed a group of Phuket residents who presented an open letter to the President of Indonesia today to Phuket Vice Governor Prajiad Aksornthammakul.

A Letter to the President of the Republic of Indonesia

October 9, 2015

President Joko Widono,
Dear Mr President,

We are writing to you and your administration regarding the severe haze situation in Phuket island, southern Thailand. The haze situation now on our island has developed into hazardous level. The clear blue sky became poisonous grey.

The haze has severely affected our people's health conditions and we can see the growing number of illness among people, mostly in the elderly, in respiratory infections. Many flights were delayed due to the very bad visibility, causing thousands of passengers and tourists to miss their international connections to flights.

But at the worst, many of us could not have a normal happy life.Children have to keep out of the classroom, while many outdoor activities have been cancelled.

Phuket island has regularly been affected by haze from Indonesia but this is the worst ever haze situation. It seemed the annual burning over the logging plots became traditional in Indonesia, which always was always considered a domestic issue for a very long time. Since you are incapable ofr keeping smoke in your territory, the haze problem became an international issue, which you and your administration need to focus and set as an urgent priority.

We must inform you that your haze problem has been such a threat to the global environment and mankind. Ignoring this haze problem would have been unavoidably framed you committing crime to your own people and to your neighbors.

Thailand and Indonesia always enjoy a strong, positive relationship. Towards AEC which is on the way in a few months ahead, we are holding hands to strengthen our partnership to collaborate in many aspects for providing a better life for our people.

Do not let the smoke destroy our solid and long term trust.

You must put more effort, people and resources to extinguish the fire, to reduce the smoke and to show the world and your friends like Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand that you have put all possible efforts and resources to make the situation better.

Show the world your commitment to solve the haze problem.

Show your people you are the hero they can really rely on.

Show your friends, you are the friend indeed.

We stand ready to support in any way we can and hope this letter triggers your attention at some point.


The People of Phuket island, Thailand.


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Mmkey, all true.

Now let me ask what do the "People of Phuket" suggest should be done to cut down the decades long problem of haze in and around Chiang Mai, caused by the exact same activities as in Indonesia ?

My point being - lead by example. It's quite difficult to demand others not to do what you are doing yourself.

Posted by Herbert on October 9, 2015 13:08

Editor Comment:

Er, Phuket is not affected by burning off in Chiang Mai, Herbert. Do you really expect people to react to circumstances that do not affect their lives directly? Have you complained to Putin about those Russian strikes inside Syria yet? Keep it real, please.


What leads you to believe I do not approve of the Russian airstrikes in Syria ?

You are comparing apples with oranges. Totally different scenario halfway across the world vs identical problem in the country of the complaining party.

In addition, flights from Phuket to Chiang Mai have been directly affected by the haze there countless times. Though naturally not the same as the haze in Phuket, it's not like it's happening on the moon either.

I most certainly don't expect Phuket people or even Thais in general to look in the mirror before pointing their fingers at others. I will hand you that.

Posted by Herbert on October 9, 2015 14:42

Editor Comment:

It would be extremely rare for anyone in London to give a toss about haze in Birmingham, Herbert, Or for people in Melbourne to speak out a problem in Sydney. You appear to have minimal understanding of human nature.


@ Herbert. The yearly unhealthy ChiangMai haze period is around the corner.( I myself was once on a flight that returned because Chiangmai Airport did close operations due to haze).
Let's hope the letter of people of Phuket to the Indonesian president is a good example to follow later by the people of ChiangMai, to write a letter to the thai Prime Minister.

Posted by Kurt on October 10, 2015 08:04


I support Herbert
We should all lead by example

Posted by Paul on October 10, 2015 10:35

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